40 cheap, hidden gems on Amazon that work as well as expensive products

Before you pony up for that investment buy, check out these wallet-friendly options.

40 cheap, hidden gems on Amazon that work as well as expensive products
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It’s easy to have brand-name blinders on when shopping. But with some sleuthing, you’ll find there are actually so many budget-friendly options that perform just as well as — if not better than — their more expensive counterparts. As a shopping professional, I’ve gathered some of the best products that work wonders, all without the high price tags that accompany advertising hype. So save your hard-earned money and opt for these cheaper alternatives that work like a charm — but won’t drain your bank account.


This cult-favorite cleaning paste that does the job of so many products

This cult-favorite cleaning paste packs a serious punch in a tiny pink tub. It might feel strange to rely on one formula to clean, but you can use this multitasking wonder on pretty much any surface (really) to remove dirt, grease, stains, and more. It even tackles tough messes like permanent marker and paint, while replacing so many other cleaning products that take up space under the sink.


These genius drain clog removers that save time & money

Say goodbye to clunky and expensive liquid clog dissolvers and grab this three-pack of drain clog removers that are priced cheaper than your favorite fancy latte. Instead of using harsh ingredients to remove clogs, these thin and flexible tools have barbs that easily grip hair and other clogging debris for fast removal.


This super simple phone stand that gets sky-high ratings

Who knew something as simple as a cell phone stand could quickly become a big part of your daily routine? (Well, aside from the 78,000 Amazon reviewers who have given this stand by Lamicall a five-star rating.) This stand is crafted with quality aluminum alloy for durability, and is complete with rubber nonslip pads on the bottom, so your phone stays secure. Thread your charging cord through the slot in back, and your phone will have its own safe, clean resting place whenever it’s not in your face.


This deeply hydrating cream that rivals even the best foot treatments

Dry, cracked feet will thank you for this cream that boasts a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 75,000 reviews. This rich formula adds a protective layer to the skin, increasing hydration and helping to prevent further drying out. Plus, it’s non-greasy and unscented, making it a great choice for sensitive skin.


A 20-pack of magic cleaning pads that clean like... well, magic

If you regularly use brand-name cleaning pads at home, you know they are incredibly effective... and can be expensive. Not these. The STK cleaning sponges come in a pack of 20 for a fraction of the price, but with the same impressive cleaning power. Instead of using harsh cleansers, these budget-friendly sponges just need a bit of water to activate and will easily tackle any built-up dirt, debris, or grime for a sparkling finish.


This portable Bluetooth speaker with really great reviews

It turns out you don’t have to spend a lot of money for great audio — just check out the Anker Soundcore speaker, which has earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after 96,000 reviews. Besides the impressive 24-hour play time, this powerful speaker boasts a 66-foot Bluetooth range and IPX5 water resistance rating. And since it’s shock resistant and measures just 6.5 by 2 inches, it’s perfect for on-the-go listening.


This cast iron pan that’s a bargain heirloom piece

At an incredible price and with even better ratings, this preseasoned cast iron pan is perfect for cooking up restaurant-quality eggs, omelets, cutlets, casseroles and more, thanks to its even heat distribution and smooth, nonstick coating. Plus, while some cookware requires a serious investment, this one rings up at a wallet-friendly price. The best part? It’s likely to stand up to decades of use.

  • Available sizes: 3


This cold brew maker that doesn’t have a gourmet price tag

Make the perfect batch of cold brew at home with this easy-to-use cold brew maker. Slowly brew up to 4 cups of your favorite coffee by simply adding your desired amount of grounds to the filter, pouring in water, and letting it sit for 12 to 24 hours in the fridge. With a silicone seal and a snug cap, the pitcher keeps your java fresh and flavorful, and ready to enjoy when you need the caffeine most.

  • Available sizes: 2


These reusable mop pads that save cash in the long run

Keep your hands clean and your floors even cleaner with these reusable mop pads. An eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative to disposable pads, these microfiber options pick up dirt, dust, and debris with ease and are a cinch clean — just throw them in the washing machine, and reuse the next time you mop. Looking ahead, they’re a much cheaper option than re-upping on single-use pads.


This skin-balancing facial toner that reviewers swear by

If you haven’t yet tried this perennial-favorite facial toner, now is the time. Super popular and budget friendly, this toner works to balance oil, improve texture, and hydrate and soothe your skin. It’s formulated without alcohol, and promises noticeable results in just one week. Need more convincing? It’s earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after more than 100,000 reviews on Amazon.


A hydrating body butter that leaves your skin soft, silky & smelling good

Skin-care products don’t have to break the bank to be effective. This fan-favorite body butter moisturizes the skin with plant-based ingredients like sunflower oil, pansy extract, and shea and cocoa seed butters. This 5-ounce tub of Skin Food by Weleda melts into your skin for ultimate nourishment without leaving a greasy feel behind. It’s also free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.


This key finder that lets you keep tabs on 4 items... not just 1

Losing your keys is the absolute worst, but thanks to this item finder device, it can be a problem of the past. Priced very reasonably, this set includes four color-coded finders you can attach to your keys — or anything else you might frequently misplace. When you need help locating an item, just push the coordinating button on the remote and listen for the beeps. This cost-effective buy is a great way to keep tabs on multiple items — not just one.


This 3-pack of cutting boards with incredible reviews

The cooking tools you use matter, which is why the impressive number of good ratings for these cutting boards is all you really need to know when shopping for this kitchen essential. Each cutting board is complete with innovative features including nonslip handles and juice grooves to catch any messy liquid runoff. The three sizes are the perfect addition to your kitchen, and priced together, the set is a worthy bargain.

  • Available colors: 6


This water flosser that doesn’t require a huge financial investment

Does anyone actually enjoy flossing? With this cordless water flosser, you just might start. It takes the manual labor out of flossing your teeth with it’s easy-to use design, 360-degree rotating nozzle, and four cleaning modes. It can remove up to 99.99% of left-behind food and plaque, especially from places a standard toothbrush can’t reach. A full charge with the USB cable will last you up to 21 days, so you’ll have a consistently clean smile with little effort.


This budget-friendly knife set that actually gets amazing ratings

Every home kitchen needs quality, reliable cutting tools — but not every set has to break the bank. Check out this stainless steel knife set complete with its own sharpener and a space-saving storage stand. Aside from having great reviews and an even better price point, this set is also available in an impressive 19 selections that include a variety of colors and pieces, depending on your kitchen’s needs.


These wireless earbuds with impressive sound at an impressive price

These wireless earbuds have over 250,000 reviews, and are literally a fraction of the cost of the popular brand-name ones. Utilizing Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these earbuds can continuously play for over 10 hours from one charge, and up to 45 hours when using the included charging case. Plus, thanks to their inline touch controls, you can easily tap to pause, fast forward, rewind, adjust the volume, and more.

  • Available colors: 6


These multitasking blackout curtains that also insulate your space

Block out unwanted sunshine and lower your utility bill with these highly rated and cheaper-than-most blackout curtains. These curtains can block out 99.9% of sunlight and UV rays, giving you privacy and control while also providing a thermal-insulated barrier to cold and hot temperatures that can creep in — that means more efficient energy use. Not to mention, they add a great finishing touch to your space.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 6


An electric chopper that doesn’t cost as much as a food processor

Chopping, mincing, grinding, and mixing can all get a bit messy in the kitchen — not to mention time consuming. Thankfully, this electric food chopper speeds up meal prep. With durable stainless steel blades, this dishwasher-safe gadget can chop and combine up to 3 cups of ingredients, making cooking and meal prepping a breeze. Not to mention, it’s priced way lower than most food processors.


An editor-favorite eyebrow serum that provides results without breaking the bank

Luxury name-brand serums are costly, but thanks to this eyebrow serum, you can say hello to thicker brows in as little as two to four weeks — without spending a lot. Utilizing ginseng, water lily, blue lotus, and other natural ingredients, this shopping editor-approved serum boosts rapid growth with just a few swipes in the morning and evening.


These wool balls that replace your dryer sheets & lower your energy bill

Say goodbye to disposable dryer sheets and hello to these eco-friendly and reusable wool dryer balls. They come in a pack of six (plus a handy little carrying case, too) and function as a fabric softener — but without the synthetic ingredients or fragrance. They’ll also reduce wrinkles and speed up drying time by separating your laundery as it tumbles — so you’ll save on energy costs, too.


A portable, handheld steamer that’s a bestseller on Amazon

This lightweight, portable clothes steamer will leave your clothes looking like they just came back from the dry cleaner, but at a much cheaper price. Handheld and safe to use on most fabrics, this gadget releases wrinkles without the need to haul out an ironing board, too. Just load it up with water, wait a couple minutes for it to heat up, then powerfully steam your clothes in seconds.


These wooden spoons that won’t scratch your cookware

Whether you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly way to upgrade your kitchen tools or are starting from scratch, this seven-piece wooden utensil set is an instant add-to-cart. With each piece crafted from natural bamboo, this set includes two spatulas, a mixing spoon, slotted spoon, cooking spoon, forked spoon, and kitchen tongs. Plus, the natural, matching aesthetic is an easy way to tie any kitchen together, without spending a lot on name-brand utensils.


This toilet bidet for the fanciest bathroom experience on a budget

If you thought bidets were only for the rich and famous, think again. This budget-friendly bidet adds an instant upgrade to your toilet with its cleansing and soothing water spray feature. It’s a cinch to install, and utilizes a control dial for pressure and nozzle adjustment, so you can get the perfect angle and spritz. Plus, it will save your wallet (and plumbing) from wet wipes and excessive toilet paper.


These reusable coffee pods that work with your Keurig

Ditch the single-use (and expensive) disposable coffee cups for a more eco-friendly option with these reusable coffee pods. Just add your preferred amount of ground coffee beans or tea to one of the four included cups, and your beverage will brew through the stainless steel mesh filter. When you’re finished, just toss them in the dishwasher — then pat yourself on the back for reducing your waste.


This handheld frother that’s cheaper than a full espresso machine

Foam up your milk or instantly blend protein drinks with this handheld mini milk frother. This small but powerful battery-operated mixer can create frothy foam from your liquid base in just 15 seconds. It has an ergonomic silicone handle and even comes complete with a stainless steel stand for easy storage.

  • Available colors: 8


A fabric shaver that will instantly give your clothes new life

Pilling, fuzzy fabric has officially met its match in this fabric shaver by Conair that safely and effectively removes unsightly signs of wear, friction, and lint. It has three different depth settings depending on the fabric type you’re working with, and instantly shaves away the damage — improving both the look and longevity of your clothes. Plus, it makes cleanup a breeze, thanks to its detachable lint catcher.


These hair towels that come in a budget-friendly 4-pack

If you’re looking for a way to save time in the morning, check out these microfiber Turbie Twist hair towels. Not only do they help your hair to dry more quickly thanks to their lightweight yet incredibly absorbent fabric, but they reduce hair frizz and damage, too. Plus, they come in a four-pack — that costs about the same price as one towel from a name brand.


This neck strain-reducing laptop stand with excellent ratings

For those of us that sit behind screens all day, having proper posture while working is everything. This laptop stand gets consistently fantastic ratings, and is an easy way to prevent neck, shoulder, and back strain by elevating your machine to the ideal eye level — preventing hunching and hovering. Plus, it’s made with thickened aluminum alloy, so it’s sturdy and secure while still being lightweight.

  • Available colors: 10


A bike mount that keeps your phone secure while cycling

Whether you’re mountain biking through tough terrain or are causally cycling through the city, you know that using your cell phone while on a bike can be dicey at best. But what if you need it for navigation? This handlebar phone mount is a cheap and fantastic solution. It securely keeps your smartphone safe and sound with a snug-fitting grip and heavy-duty silicone net.


This multicolor smart light bulb that’s endlessly customizable

With everything being “smart” these days, it can be easy to drain your money for the best in high-tech home items. Fortunately, this smart light bulb rings up at a budget price but gets consistently solid reviews. With impressive features including auto-adjust, real-time energy monitoring, scheduling, and an array of different colors, it really does it all. Control it from the phone app or use your smart home assistant for voice activation.


This infuser water bottle that saves you on seltzer buys

Looking to increase your water intake or trying to cut back on buying flavored beverages? This 32-ounce bottle by Brimma lets you infuse your water with your favorite fruits and herbs to give it a bit more flavor, without spending a lot of cash. Just add berries, fruit, mint, or other herbs to the interior filter, add water, and let it steep for as long as you like. Then, flick open the flip-top lid and sip to your heart’s content while you also save on buying expensive infused waters.


This water bottle scrubber that costs less than fizzy cleaning tablets

Staying hydrated is so important, but so is staying hygienic — and that means cleaning your water bottle often. This highly rated water bottle scrubbing brush gets down deep to the bottom of your trusty bottle, gently removing any buildup or residue that shouldn’t be there — and it’s much cheaper than one-use fizzy tablet cleaners. It’s something anyone with a reusable water bottle needs, because properly cleaning your water bottles without this tool is pretty much impossible anyway.


A universal power station that meets all your charging needs

If you’re tired of having cords, wires, and charging blocks everywhere you turn, check out this charging dock that keeps your space and valuable electronics neat, organized, and fully charged. It comes with five cables for charging both Apple and Android products, and features four smart USB ports that deliver an optimized charging current for each device. Plus, it has LED indicators to tell you when the batteries are back up to 100%.


This rainfall showerhead that upgrades your bathroom on a budget

Step up your shower game with this luxury showerhead that creates the sensation of standing in a relaxing rainfall. Unlike most fixtures, it’s easy on the wallet, and comes in upmarket finishes like matte black and oil-rubbed bronze. With an easy, no-tool installation, it affixes to any standard shower arm, meaning you’re just minutes away from a luxe bathroom at a super reasonable price.

  • Available styles: 29


This detangling brush that feels luxe & expensive — but isn’t

If you’re struggling with detangling and managing your hair, or are looking to upgrade your styling game, you’ll love this reasonably priced hairbrush that feels like it should be way more expensive than it is. Created with flexible nylon pins that are widely spaced to avoid snags, it gently detangles all hair types while wet and will help to shape hair while blow drying with heat.


A snap-on strainer that costs less than the price of lunch

Clunky, hard-to-store colanders have met their match in this clip-on strainer. About a quarter of the size of your usual strainer, it’s made with flexible, bendable silicone, and easily snaps onto a pot of any size, so you can drain excess liquid without having to juggle multiple items. The best part? It’s a budget-friendly buy.


This microwaveable popcorn popper that saves you money on one-use bags

Freshly popped popcorn isn’t only for the movie theater — and you don’t have to rely on one-use bags, either. This budget-friendly microwave popcorn popper is super easy to use — just pour in kernels, season them how you like, and microwave. It can hold up to an impressive 15 cups of freshly popped popcorn, and is made with silicone instead of glass for more durability. As an added bonus, it collapses flat for compact storage.

  • Available colors: 20


This ergonomic seat cushion that keeps you comfy while you work

As a whole, we spend, like, way too much time seated in front of a screen. To lessen the toll on your body, this memory foam seat cushion attaches to any seat to provide soft support to help you maintain proper posture. The cushiony, contoured insert helps evenly distribute pressure and helps align your spine — working to prevent strain and muscle fatigue. Plus, the price is right.


These nonstick kitchen tongs that have earned a cult following

Even the most basic of home cooks needs a reliable pair of kitchen tongs on hand — and this wallet-friendly set has managed to earn a 4.7-star overall rating after 15,000 Amazon reviews. These nonstick kitchen tongs are crafted from stainless steel with scalloped silicone heads, making them gentle on nonstick cookware. Plus, the ring pulls lock them into place for compact storage. Flip and transfer food, then toss ‘em in the dishwasher for added convenience.


This stand-up broom & dustpan set that makes sweeping a little less annoying

Sweeping up the floors isn’t fun, but you can at least make it a tad more convenient with this budget-conscious broom and dustpan set that clips together for upright storage. With a longer handle than traditional dustpans (no more bending and hunching to sweep) and a built-in scraper to clean bristles, the dense and durable broom clicks into the dustpan, so they’re always together while also saving space.

  • Available colors: 6