Gardeners swear by these cheap ways to make your backyard so much better with almost no effort

Plus, a bunch of aesthetic outdoor finds.

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Making your backyard look lush, whimsical, and professionally crafted doesn’t have to require a ton of effort. This list of professional gardeners is here to spill all of the easy (and super low-effort) tricks to enhance every piece of your outdoor space. There are tips for pest control, impressive greenery, styling furniture, and more. Plus, it has all of the budget-friendly gardening-helping tools and gadgets to make this refresh even easier.


Use this rechargeable mosquito repeller to keep your space bug-free

Power on this rechargeable mosquito repeller to keep pests away without the need for messy Deet-based sprays or lotions. The lithium-ion battery runs for over 5 hours on a single charge, and each refill of mosquito repellant offers 12 hours of long-lasting protection. Benjamin McMilian, a senior biologist and entomologist at Thermacell, explains that this mosquito repeller “provides a 20-foot zone of advanced mosquito protection. It would take 11 citronella candles to cover the same amount of space, making this the perfect device to protect gardeners from mosquitos as they tend to their grounds."


Add soil around plants with less mess with these mini soil scoops

With a semi-pointed tip, these soil scoops can efficiently dig into the soil and pick up seedlings and plants. The funnel design limits spillage, something that Aileen Carroll, the nursery manager at Van Windens appreciates. She likes to use the scoops "for sneaking dirt in between tightly packed plants on planting day without getting soil on the leaves or flowers." And the scoops can be used beyond the garden — they also work well for picking up pet food and ice.


Tackle messy repotting & yard work with this waterproof tarp

Use this waterproof tarp to haul leaves, cover equipment, or spread it out as a backyard camping floor. It features four durable nylon handles for easy transport and the PE-coated and tear-resistant fabric can stand up to all sorts of weather. It’s great for hauling and covering, but the tarp is handy for small gardening jobs as well. Carroll says, "[These tarps] allow me to pot up plants on a porch without making a mess."


Clean up loose soil after planting with this beaver tail brush

Whether you want to clean up dirt with a dustpan or get the perfect finish on concrete and other masonry, this beaver tail brush can deliver. The brush measures 13.5 inches long and features horsehair fiber bristles attached to a hardwood handle. And it’s the perfect tool for cleaning up after transplanting plants. Carroll says she likes to use it “for cleaning up and making sure there is no soil clinging to the rim or sides of pots."


Take on any gardening task with this Japanese weeding knife

This stainless steel weeding knife is the ultimate outdoor multitasker. It’s serrated and straight-edge blades can be used for pruning, weeding, or digging, and the measurement markings help you to plan planting depth. It also won’t take up a ton of space next to your other supplies, and it comes with a handy cover. Carroll says, "It often takes people a while to start using this garden tool after they are gifted it... but once they do WOW is it their favorite thing."


Use this clever little dibber tool for more precise planting

This tapered beechwood dibber tool might look unassuming, but Carroll says that it’s "a great tool for sneaking small plants into already full beds [and] pots without severing roots." The dibber features a ergonomic handle and soft-oiled finish to make the grip comfortable. And the tool is compact and lightweight, so you can take it along wherever you want to plant seeds, bulbs, or seedlings.


Apply pesticides & fertilizers with minimal waste with this hose sprayer

Use this hose-end sprayer to avoid skin contact and apply pesticide and fertilizer formulas evenly. Carroll explains, "Liquid fertilizers and pesticides can be applied easily with this tool. This style of sprayer makes it so that you do not waste any product by accidentally mixing up too much (which is a common problem with traditional pump sprayers.)” It features three modes: cone, stream, and fan. Use one of the three depending on what you’re applying to your garden. Plus, the sprayer connects to hoses quickly, so you won’t slow down your gardening process.


Keep tabs on your garden hose with this game-changing neon version

There’s nothing quite as handy as a garden hose, and this durable version features SwivelGrip technology, which allows the hose and grip to rotate independently. AKA — it’s easy to add attachments and coil it up for storage. "I bring a hose to many of my job sites. Hard to trip over this neon hose! It doesn't kink up either,” says Carroll. And if you’re feeling thirsty on the job, this hose features an inner tube designed to be drinking water-safe.


Gently water plants or clean muddy sidewalks with this clever hose attachment

Use this multi-function hose attachment to water plants and seedlings with a gentle shower or clean surfaces with a strong jet. Carroll says, "Instead of a trigger pull, this sprayer has a slide bar meaning you don't have to continually squeeze it to keep water coming out. [It has] two spray functions, shower and stream, the only two you really need!” At under $20, this nozzle is an inexpensive way to keep your home and garden looking good. Plus, the clever design helps out your hands while you water.


Get rid of unwanted plants without kneeling with this expert-chosen weeding tool

Remove pesky weeds like dandelions and thistles without bending over or using pesticides with this stand-up weeding tool. Kenny Kwiatkowski, lawn care expert and creator of the Grasshole System, calls it “indispensable.” He says, “This tool revolutionizes the way we address weed removal, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or backbreaking work.” The tool’s 39-inch long ergonomic handle, reinforced foot platform, and four serrated stainless steel blades help you to grab the weeds. Plus, the easy ejection mechanism releases the plant effortlessly.


Water your lawn more efficiently with this light & flexible hose

For a garden hose that checks all the boxes, Kwiatkowski recommends this leakproof option that comes with its own spray nozzle. "The significance of efficient watering practices cannot be overstated, and this hose delivers on all fronts,” he says. “It's lightweight, flexible, and durable, reducing effort and time spent watering. Most importantly, it facilitates precise watering helping to avoid over or under-watering, which can be detrimental to lawn health.” The hose is easy to maneuver, can accommodate up to 200 psi of water pressure, and has a 360-degree swivel fitting that prevents kinks and tangles. Plus, it’s finished off with handy leakproof features.


Save time on watering with this easy drip irrigation tubing kit

Whether you have a busy schedule or a large garden to tend to, this set of durable PVC drip irrigation tubing and connectors can make watering your plants easier. “I am a big fan of drip irrigation,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “Especially when you have a ton of plants or if you don’t have the time to water your plants by hand every day, drip lines can be truly invaluable. Once you set these up, you can allow your plants to get the water they need without having to water them yourself.” This easy-to-use drip tubing kit is suitable for all weather conditions. Plus, you can cut and connect it to most 0.25-inch drip irrigation parts, depending on what your watering setup is.


Incorporate climbing plants into your space with these easy-to-use clips

“One tip I have for making your patio space or yard look excellent is to incorporate climbing plants,” says Yamaguchi. To make it easier to create that climbing plant look, grab these wall clips to add privacy and create stunning ivy-covered walls. The pack includes 60 clips and 72 adhesive stickers, and they’re simple to use (no tools required). Simply open them and wrap them around the vines of your favorite greenery. “Ivy is one of the easiest plants to care for and to get climbing along a flat, vertical surface,” he says. “You may have to train the plant a bit, especially at the beginning, but after a little while, it will climb well and spread out on its own.”


Enhance your plants & landscaping with these seriously easy solar lights

Ryan Farley, CEO of LawnStarter, says, "I have found that bringing some light into gardens and landscaping can really help boost not only the appearance of your plants and hardscaping, but also the safety and your overall enjoyment of the space.” These solar lights have a classic shape and are waterproof, so they can stand up to the elements. Simply stick them wherever you could use some aesthetic lighting around your lawn, paths, or greenery, and they’re pretty much zero-effort.


Add some whimsy to greenery with these swaying garden lights

If you’re looking for something with a bit more whimsy to follow Farley’s lighting advice, these flexible garden lights are the solar light option. These warm-white bulbs sit atop flexible iron wires that sway in the wind and resemble fireflies. The lights are waterproof and heat-resistant, and they automatically turn on at dusk and off at sunrise, making them efficient and simple to use.


Add a greenery wall with this timeless (& easy) trellis

Mike Falahee, a landscaping expert president of Marygrove, says, “When I think of home gardens I think of blooming flowers, full of robust blooms and green leaves everywhere. While it is common to see bushes and plants, it is also unique to see vertical flowers get some exposure and create a wall effect.” He specifically loves this easy-to-use trellis because of its “sturdy construction” and “rust-free protection.” Simply stick it in the ground and start training your favorite greenery to create an instant wall of plants. Plus, the sleek matte black finish is finished off with a weatherproof coating.


Create the climbing plant look in a small space

This compact garden trellis is a budget-friendly (and small outdoor space-friendly) option to try out Falahee’s climbing plant trick. It comes with three decoration options for the top to fit your outdoor style, and you won’t need any tools for setup. It’s also complete with a rustproof finish to make this budget-friendly trellis long-lasting.


Reach for this kneeler & stool for comfier gardening chores

Dan Bailey, the president of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care, says, “One Amazon product that has made it easier to garden is a kneeler and a seat. I often help my mom in the garden, but I also use it at my own house. My knees aren't the greatest, so the kneeler comes in handy.” This garden kneeler is extra handy because you can also flip it over and use it as a stool to sit on. It comes with plenty of comfy foam padding, pockets on the side for tools, and digging gloves to complete your gardening set. Plus, when you’re using it as a kneeler, it has built-in handles for standing up.


Quickly apply fertilizer & more with this easy-to-use spreader

Bailey also loves this hand-powered spreader for your yard. “It helps evenly distribute feed, seed, and other products for the garden,” he says. Simply hold it, spin the handle on the side, and evenly scatter whatever your lawn or garden needs all over your outdoor space. It works with fertilizer, weed-preventing products, ice melt, and more. This easy-to-use gadget even has an armrest on the back, so it’s comfy to use.


Utilize this lawn & garden tool bag that stands up by itself

Robert Silver, a seasoned master gardener and a plant expert, loves this budget-friendly gardening bag because it “has a multi-compartment tote, which helps mitigate repeated journeys in the garden. Its solid design makes it an essential tool for any gardening activity.” It comes with eight pockets surrounding the bag so you can grab your tools as you need them. It also has a large compartment to pack in larger lawn tools (like large plant clippers). It’s also designed to stand up by itself on your lawn and is finished off with a nonslip handle.

  • Available colors: 6


Quickly build raised beds with these durable brackets

Silver also says, “Elevated garden beds are a great method to enhance drainage and soil quality, but they can be labor-intensive to assemble.” Instead, he speeds the process up with these “corner connectors, which simplify the operation.” Their sold steel design comes with a rustproof finish, so you can water your raised garden without any rust worries. They make your garden beds extra durable at the corners and are designed to prevent splitting. They also come with the screws you’ll need for extra easy garden bed setup.


Build a functional raised bed surprisingly quickly

If building from scratch isn’t your thing, this raised garden bed is the one to grab. It’s compact enough to fit in small outdoor spaces and it even has built-in drainage holes to help out your plants on watering day. Underneath, there’s also a small shelf to store your watering supplies for this bed.


Upgrade your garden hose nozzle to this game-changing copper option

Silver also advises that a “copper hose nozzle is recommended for efficient watering.” Why? “With various spray patterns, it ensures precise water distribution and durability, making it a good investment for any gardener and plant expert.” This one is a budget-friendly watering upgrade that also has a super high-pressure design. Even with the high pressure, it’s actually lightweight enough to carry around the entire garden or lawn without getting tired. It also has a buckle, so you can create a continuous spray without pressing on the handle the entire time.


Stick this battery-free moisture meter in the soil before watering greenery

Silver also highly recommends grabbing a moisture meter because it “helps in controlling overwatering or dryness.” He even calls it an “essential piece of equipment for gardeners.” It’s surprisingly budget-friendly — especially because its easy-to-read water gauge will save you from repurchasing wilted plants. Simply stick the built-in stake in the dirt around hard-to-care-for plants. Its battery-free design will let you know if the soil is dry, moist, or damp.


Pull on these protective gloves before getting to work

Silver also says gardening gloves, like this pair, come in handy because they “protect workers' hands from soil and thorns because they are made from solid and breathable material. They provide superior accuracy and grip, ensuring comfort and security when doing demanding gardening activities.” This budget-friendly pair is not only breathable and grippy, but it also absorbs moisture to keep your hands perfectly cool. They have reinforced details on the ends to protect fingers and a secure wrist design to prevent dirt from getting in.

  • Available sizes: Small — 2X-Large


Plant a colorful mix of flowers that come back year after year

While it might be fun going to the nursery for a new selection every spring and summer, Diane Kuthy, the Founder and Lead Gardening Expert at How to Grow Everything, is a big fan of choosing perennials for easy maintenance. “This is by far my favorite trick,” says Kuthy. “Perennial flowers are flowers that come back year after year. They don't require much (if any) pruning or maintenance, yet they add a ton of value and ambiance to your property. Perennial flowers include super popular varieties such as peonies, ranunculus, tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts, and a wide variety of other flowers.”

This mix of seeds includes both annuals and perennials and is bound to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. With well over 7,000 seeds, you’ll be able to use this bag for years if you have a smaller garden. Since it has a zippered bag, storage will be no problem.


Add extra ambiance with a warm outdoor firepit

Andriy Boyko, a lead masonry expert at A.O. Handy Inc., believes a fire pit is a nice addition to “create an outdoor gathering site.” Plus it serves a second purpose. When you gather around it, it’s “also a terrific way to keep [a] chilly evening comfortable,” Boyko adds.

This ceramic tabletop firepit is not only an inexpensive choice for decor, but great for your garden or patio by providing up to an hour of continuous burn time. It’s especially good for making s’mores and comes with a protective safety cover that will quickly extinguish your flame.


Put a quick coat of paint to refresh furniture

Boyko is a fan of changing up color schemes to give off the impression of a renovation. “Refinish old outdoor furniture with a coat of paint or swap out cushions for inexpensive options,” he suggests. This easy-to-use paint is safe for wood indoors and outside. In fact, one reviewer says, “I've used this paint on all sorts of projects from picture frames to furniture and outdoor decor. I've had nothing but compliments on choices of color and results. Can't ask for more.”


Add a focal point to your backyard that will bring it all together

This solar fountain makes for a great garden focal point, as well as a great place for your bird friends to take a quick bath. As Boyko notes, items like a “decorative fountain, birdbath, or ornamental sculpture” will help “add visual interest and draw the eye to become your outdoor piece." This fountain has a lot going for it — it’s easy to install, needs minimal maintenance, and has seven different spray patterns to choose from. When the sun comes out, it’ll do the hard work for you. It’d also be a good addition to a small pond if your backyard happens to have one.


Add a few potted plants outside to add some visual appeal

“Add [color], texture, and height with a variety of potted plants, having a mix of different sizes and shapes,” suggests Boyko. This pack of three ceramic planters is a great place to start —not only do they have gorgeous color and texture, but they also have drainage holes and matching detached overflow dishes. They’re a great way to add additional visual appeal both inside and out.


Brighten up blank space outside with wreaths, art, or wall-hangings for extra curb appeal

Consider adding these brick clips to line your garden space to hang up wreaths, art, or anything else that can add some ambiance to your outdoor decor. According to Boyko, it’s essential to spruce up “blank walls or fences with outdoor art or wall hangings for some needed curb appeal,” and these hooks will make the process much easier. Each can secure up to 25 pounds, and you don’t need tools like a drill for installation.


Create a space to rest & enjoy nature with this outdoor hammock

“String up a hammock between two trees for the ultimate napping and relaxation space. Now that’s tranquility on a budget,” says Boyko. It’s a solid suggestion, especially if you’re hoping to get more fresh air this season. This hammock is an exceptionally good choice to get started; crafted from nylon and durable enough to support 400 pounds, it’s inexpensive, comes in over 15 shades, and is easy to set up. With thousands of reviews to back it up, this hammock currently holds an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of five stars.


Revamp rusty outdoor furniture with spray paint

Mike Falahee, the president of Marygrove, believes that it’s important to bring new life to old lawn chairs — even if they’ve seen better days. "You can even use your old-rusted seating arrangement,” Falahee notes. “All thanks to spray paint, this is a hack I’ve been doing for years. Getting a white spray paint and rolling it all over those rusting chairs and tables, makes it nothing less than a new one.” This textured spray paint is available in six colors, including white, and should get the job done perfectly. It’s made from an oil-based formula that’s weather and corrosion-resistant and has been crafted to keep its color even when facing the elements.


Protect the fabric of your outdoor furniture from the harsh elements with this spray

Speaking of avoiding the elements, you may also want to invest in this sun and water shield that’ll help prevent UV fading on fabrics. This shield is perfect for outdoor furniture, and can even work on materials like leather and suede. It helps fabrics become water-repellant and goes on in just one coat. With over 20,000 five-star reviews to back it up, this bottle is sure to extend the life of your patio and deck chairs and sofas.


Protect young plants from pesky intruders with these wire cloches

Bunnies and squirrels may be sweet, but they’re also a threat to your garden, which is why Mantis Planting’s garden design and seed farmer, Nisha Maxwell, depends on wire cloches like these. “If you protect [smaller plants] now, you will have a lush healthy garden through the summer and fall,” says Maxwell. She especially loves the way these are designed, “because you can secure them to the ground and open them conveniently from the top to harvest. The 1-inch mesh is also small enough to prevent cabbage loopers and most lizards, but allows in the bees for pollination,” Maxwell adds. You can buy them in packs of four or six.