If you're a germaphobe, you'll love these 40 clever things on Amazon

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Hand washing has practically become an indoor sport for me, but for some people, staying on the squeaky side of clean has always been a priority. So if you're passionate about hygiene, have I got a list for you: a whole slew of clever things on Amazon that self-proclaimed "germaphobes" will love.

These cleaning and hygiene products are so much more than hand soap and sanitizing wipes. In particular, I'm loving how sanitizing UV light shows up in so many places. (It's like black light had an older, more serious cousin that suddenly developed superpowers. How could you not love it?) You'll find the technology not only in this sterilizing box that zaps your smartphone, but you'll also find it in items like this self-cleaning water bottle and this portable toothbrush sanitizing case that keeps your bristles clean when you're not brushing.

You'll even be able to travel in hygienic comfort, thanks to items like this airplane kit that establishes a barrier between you and in-cabin surfaces. It includes a seat cover, tray table cover, and face masks for ultimate peace of mind. So get ready to press "Add to Cart" on these super clever products: You're not just buying cleanliness, you're investing in some peace of mind.


This toilet seat lifter so you don't have to make contact

You'll never have to touch the toilet seat again, thanks to this best-selling handle lifter. It installs easily with sturdy peel-and-stick adhesive and fits onto all kinds of toilet seats, including flat, curved, and recessed. Each order comes with two lifters so you can place one on the lid, too.


This UV sanitizing box for your phone & other small items

Sanitize your smartphone, your keys, your AirPods, masks, and so much more with this device that uses the power of UV light. With 360-degree disinfection, it makes it easy to give your small items a quick cleaning in just six minutes. And unlike with cleaning fluids and paper towels, the UV light reaches tight nooks and crannies.


A small-but-mighty air sanitizer

At only 7 inches, this air sanitizer is small but powerfully effective when it comes to reducing airborne germs. The UV light targets viruses as well as unwanted odors from cooking, pets, and much more. Also great for eliminating mold spores and mildew, this unit will run for up to a year before needing a replacement bulb.


The utensils that are great for eating on the go

When you're chowing down on the go, do it with the peace of mind that comes from having your own utensils. Crafted from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the set comes with a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, and two reusable straws, along with a cleaning brush. You can pack them all in the included carrying case. Choose from colors like black, gold, and metallic blue.


A pillowcase with antimicrobial silver to fight acne

Made from long-staple cotton, this pillowcase is infused with antimicrobial silver to fight any acne-causing germs that may be lingering on your pillow. It's also designed to prevent mold and mildew, making this a good option for anyone dealing with allergies. The antimicrobial silver won't wash out, even after multiple cleanings.


This clip that keeps your bag off dirty floors

Throw this clip in your backpack and then use it any time you need to keep your bag up off the floor — when you're in coffee shops and public bathrooms, for example. Available in seven finishes, it's designed to hold up to 33 pounds of weight.


An automatic soap dispenser for hands-free use

Get your hands clean in the most hygienic way possible with this automatic soap dispenser. It has an infrared sensor that detects your hands, and there's a control switch that lets you adjust how much is soap is dispensed each time. With a sleek, modern design, this battery-powered dispenser can be wall mounted or used on your countertop for convenience and versatility.


These sanitizing wipes you'll want to take everywhere

Whether you're disinfecting at home, the office, or while traveling, these disinfecting wipes are an easy way to get rid of germs. The individually wrapped packets are easy to keep in your bag or glove box, and each wipe eliminates 99.9% of contaminants on hard surfaces. Use these on door knobs, desktops, tray tables, and more.


A water bottle that cleans itself with UV light

If you rely on a favorite water bottle for daily use and seldom wash it, it might be time to ask yourself just how clean it really is. This self-cleaning water bottle takes that question out of the equation. The cap is outfitted with a UV light that purifies the inside of the bottle in just two minutes. Plus, the bottle itself is made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel for durability and temperature retention.


This antimicrobial shower curtain liner that resists mildew

Keep your bathroom clean and mildew-free with this antimicrobial shower curtain liner. It comes in three different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your shower, and it's made of thick PEVA material that's completely waterproof. On top of that, it features three magnets along the bottom and 12 rust-resistant grommets to keep it in place.


The toothbrush case that sanitizes with UV light

When you're taking your toothbrush on the road, a case is a great way to keep it clean, but this one takes things a step further, using UV light to sanitize your brush when it's stored away. Ideal for both travel and home use, it features an auto-on function so that it immediately begins sanitizing when you insert a brush, and then turns off after five minutes, leaving the bristles and handle squeaky clean.


These silicone scrubbers that won't get mildewy in your sink

Chuck out nasty smelling sponges and get these silicone scrubbers instead. Since they're made from non-porous silicone, they won't get moldy or mildewy, which means they'll last longer and remain fresh. Effective on pots and pans yet gentle on delicate glassware, the scrubbers are also dishwasher-safe, so you can give them a thorough clean now and then.


A mattress cover that blocks dust mites & allergens

You'll sleep a little more soundly at night when you have this hypoallergenic mattress cover that shields you from dust mites and germs. The soft cotton cover breathable to keep you cool, and it's backed with a noiseless waterproof coating to keep your mattress dry. Available in a wide variety of sizes, it's designed to fit even ultra-deep mattresses.


This genius gadget that turns any faucet into a water fountain

Made from BPA-free rubber, this gadget allows you to drink safely from any faucet by turning it instantly into a water fountain. Simply squeeze the device onto the tap, and it allows water to flow through normally, but when you're ready to drink, close off the bottom nozzle to redirect the flow, creating a fountain. It's pocket-sized, meaning you can take it with you on the go.


These lids that keep germs and bugs out of your beverages

Whether you want to keep your coffee safe from airborne pollutants or are just trying to keep bugs out of your lemonade, these cup covers can keep your drinks safe. Resembling tiny umbrellas, they're made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, and since they're heat-resistant, you can use them to warm up your beverage in the microwave.


A tool for opening doors & pressing buttons

With this this useful tool, you can open doors, use the ATM, and punch buttons on elevators, all without having to use your hands. The small tool features a hook on one side for opening doors, and a pointed end on the other for pressing buttons. It even has an embedded stylus for use on touch screens. Put it on your keychain, and you'll never be without it.


A bamboo cutting board with color-coded mats to prevent cross-contamination

Keep foods safe from cross-contamination with this cutting board that comes with six color-coded mats. Each mat is labeled for use with foods like vegetables, chicken, and beef, while the main cutting board is crafted from eco-sustainable bamboo that looks good enough to use for presentation. (Hello, cheese board.)


These soap sheets that are perfect for camping & road trips

Ideal for hand washing when you're camping or road tripping, these portable soap sheets are compact and easy to stash in your backpack or glove compartment. They offer a good lather for scrubbing, and the three-pack comes with three scents: lavender, tea tree, and sweet orange. Once you're done with the soap, the eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable.


The clip-on pod that protects your toothbrush

This toothbrush cover keeps your brush clean and sanitary with the help of the plant-based ingredient thymol. It clips onto your toothbrush head (and is compatible with electric toothbrushes) and is effective for up to three months. Plus, the cover allows air to circulate around your brush, so that it dries quickly. Get four with each order.


These washable microfiber gloves that make cleaning so much easier

These microfiber gloves make it a breeze to clean and dust surfaces, without wasting a ton of paper towels. This pack includes a set of gloves and a set of mitts, both made from soft microfiber that attracts dust without scratching your surfaces. Best of all, when you're done cleaning, these gloves can be tossed in the wash.


These charcoal bags that naturally deodorize without the use of fragrance

These natural linen deodorizer bags are filled with bamboo charcoal to absorb odors and excess moisture without the need for sprays or fragrances. They're compact and great for use inside smelly sneakers, near the litter box, or in the bottom of your gym bag, and can last up to two years — simply put them outside in the sun for a few hours once a month to "recharge."


A hand sanitizer with aloe to add hydration

This travel-sized hand sanitizer uses plant-based ingredients, and instead of smelling clinical, it has a pleasant "coastal surf" scent. It effectively obliterates 99.9% if germs, and thanks to the addition of aloe, it leaves skin soft and moisturized. Best of all, it's free from parabens and synthetic fragrances.


The silicone toilet brush that rinses clean & doesn't harbor germs

If the thought of a dirty toilet brush sends shivers up your spine, you'll love this toilet brush with germ-resistant silicone bristles. The soft but flexible bristles also clean deeply without scratching and rinse more easily than standard bristles. It's paired with a brush holder, so you can store it neatly away.


A car air purifier that uses chemistry to battle odor

Plug this air purifier into your car's socket to quickly clear up any unpleasant smells. It works by generating negative ions that neutralize odor-causing particles on contact, so you get a clean-smelling car, without having to use an air freshener.


These shelf liners that keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer

Made from cushiony, porous material, these shelf liners not only keep the inside of your fridge clean, they also help promote air circulation around your produce so that your fruits and vegetables stay fresh. They're waterproof and can easily be trimmed to get a custom fit, and they wash easily when needed, so upkeep is a breeze.


The complete travel kit that keeps your airplane seat germ-free

If you're traveling by plane or train, you can do it safely with this travel kit that includes a seat cover, two tray table covers, two face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. It's everything you need to get from point A to point B safely, and the seat cover can be thrown away or washed in your machine for convenient reuse.


This sleeping bag liner that's also handy for hotel rools

Made from a lightweight, breathable material this sleeping bag liner gives you an extra layer of protection from dirt and bugs, and extends the life of your sleeping bag. Also great for sleeping in hotels or at your friend's place, it's like a giant pillowcase that machine washes easily.


These shoe covers keep you from tracking dirt & germs inside

Protect your floors and keep dirt and grime contained with these shoe covers. Ultra-durable, they slip on and off easily and feature elastic openings for a secure fit. Wear them while you're on questionable ground, then throw them away before entering your home or office to dispose of potential allergens, bacteria, and dirt.


The drill attachments that let you power clean your home

Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, these brush attachments can be secured to your drill, so you can lay on the power for tough-to-scrub areas. The nylon bristles won't scratch delicate fixtures, and the kit comes with three brushes to take on the task at hand, as well as an extender that gives you additional reach in tight spaces.


This stainless steel reusable straw that collapses for portability

We're all on the reusable straw bandwagon, and there's no doubt that using them is an important way to help curb plastic waste. This straw is crafted from stainless steel so you can put it in the dishwasher (heck, you could even boil it if you want), and it collapses for maximum portability. Plus, it comes with a travel case, cleaning brush, and carabiner.


This meat thermometer that ensures your food is fully cooked

Make sure meats and other foods are fully cooked with this kitchen thermometer that features a stainless steel probe and an easy-to-read digital display. Great for making candy as well, the extra-long probe keeps your hands away from the heat while you get an instant readout that's available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.


A garbage can for your car that's waterproof & stays put

Keep your car clean and uncluttered with this garbage can that features a secure lid opening, so that what you put inside stays inside, no matter how many tight turns you take. This trash can is waterproof and comes with an adjustable strap, so that you can attach it to your center console or the car headrest for convenient use.


These fridge deodorizers that are made with natural bamboo

Move over, baking soda, there's a new odor eliminator in town: these Fridge Ninja packets. They use natural bamboo charcoal to attract, trap, and eliminate the particles that cause unpleasant odors in your refrigerator and freezer. Longer lasting than baking soda, they also help control the humidity in your fridge, which extends the freshness of your produce.


This shower filter that helps remove fluoride & chlorine

Improve the quality of your water with this shower head filter. It's simple to install and is designed to offer a universal fit for most shower setups. In addition to removing things like chlorine and fluoride from your water, it also helps improve your water pressure for a steady flow.


The pet hair removers that whisk away fur

This pet hair remover set makes it easy for dog and cat owners to stay on top of fur left behind by four-legged friends. Both the travel-sized brush and the large brush are covered with a fabric that attracts and clings to pet hair for easy removal. The set also includes a unique self-cleaning base that removes hair from the brushes, so they're ready to use again.


This combination air purifier & UV sanitizer

This air purifier and sanitizer uses a HEPA filter, charcoal filter, and UV light to get rid of germs, odors, pollutants, and dust, while also eliminating airborne germs. In other words, it won't just leave air clean and fresh, but truly hygienic, too. It features three operating speeds and works for rooms up to 150 square feet in size.


The barrier tape that shields you from high-touch surfaces

This barrier tape can be used to shield your hands from high-touch hard surfaces, like shopping carts, door handles, and the nozzle when you're pumping gas. The perforated sheets tear off easily and mold to any surface. They're designed for quick application and come off without leaving any residue behind.


A trash can with touchless operation and an odor-absorbing filter

Made with fingerprint-proof stainless steel, this trash can features an infrared sensor that automatically opens the lid when it senses motion, so you never have to make contact. It also features an activated carbon filter to keep your garbage free from unpleasant odors, which means you won't have to take the garbage out ASAP after cooking fish.


This self-cleaning litter box that also has odor protection

The solution to mess and odors, this self-cleaning litter box features an automatic rake that sifts through the litter and transfers waste to a tight-sealing receptacle every time your cat uses it. (You only have to empty the receptacle every seven days.) The box is also loaded with carbon filters to keep odor at bay, and the high sides keep litter from being kicked out while the paw-cleaning ramp prevents litter from being tracked around the house.


This anti-acne pillow spray with tea tree oil & lavender

This pillow spray is formulated with a blend of essential oils, like tea tree, lavender, and peppermint to help minimize breakouts (while also providing a soothing smell). On top of that, it can also be used to tackle odors on other things like blankets, curtains, and more (just be careful using essential oils around your pets as certain ones can be toxic to animals).