If you're lazy but want your home to look good, you'll love these clever, easy upgrades

You’ll barely have to lift a finger thanks to these genius products.

ByVeronika Kero
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You don’t need to hire professionals or spend tons of cash to completely transform the look and feel of your home — there are tons of clever, easy ways to make a huge impact on a budget. Everything on this list can be installed in just minutes, and it all costs $40 or less (with many items under $10). Reviewers love these upgrades for the extra storage space they create and how easy they make it to organize even the messiest rooms. And because there’s something for every room in the house — even the garage — you can upgrade every corner of your home.


These expandable dividers to organize your drawers

Use these expandable drawer dividers to keep kitchen, bathroom, or junk drawers organized. While they’re made of strong and durable bamboo, their ends are covered with foam pads to protect your furniture from getting scratched. Because they can be adjusted to be between 17 and 22 inches long, they can be fit both horizontally and vertically in most drawers. Plus, they come in three different finishes.


A set of shatterproof bins with a 4.7-star overall rating

Not only will these shatterproof organizer bins make it easier to find things in your fridge, but they will also keep your shelves leak-free. The set includes six bins: two wide, two narrow, an egg holder with a lid, and a can organizer. The highly rated pieces can be stacked when not in use and fit neatly next to each other to de-clutter.


This closet organizer with pull-out drawers & mesh pockets

If you find yourself lacking drawer space but have 12 inches of room on the rod in a closet, this hanging closet organizer offers a ton of organization options. It has 10 different compartments, including five pull-out drawers. Plus, there are four mesh pockets on two sides so you can see belongings at a glance. It’s also available in gray and a shorter version within the listing.


A set of airtight food storage containers with customizable labels

For a more uniform and chic pantry, transfer all your dried goods into these airtight, BPA-free food storage containers. This six-pack comes in several sizes to hold different kinds of foods and all sizes can neatly stack on top of one another. Plus, they come with chalkboard labels and a marker.


A stain- & wrinkle-resistant bedsheet set made with cooling bamboo

Made from a bamboo and microfiber blend, these highly rated bed sheets are luxuriously soft and cooling. The breathable fabric is also durable; it resists stains, fading, and wrinkles. Pick between 13 colors like navy, cream, olive, and gold. “So soft, so comfy and worth every penny. I’ve tried so many different sheets (fabrics and thread counts) and they don’t compare,” wrote one fan.


This sturdy wall-mounted organizer that can hold up to 11 tools

To clear your garage, mudroom, or closet floor of rakes, shovels, and brooms, pick up this wall-mounted tool organizer. It has six hooks and five clamps to hold a total of 35 pounds of equipment. Each clamp has a non-slip grip and it comes with screws and anchors for hassle-free installation.


A stylish charging station & organizer made of solid pine

This wooden nightstand charging station has space for everything; slide a wire through the bottom to charge your phone or tablet (ridges keep devices in place), display your watches on the two side grooves, store your wallet below, hang your sunglasses on the top hook, and keep your change or other small items in the side tray. Plus, the natural grain will be easy to match to any bedroom decor.


This non-slip sponge holder that can bend to fit your sink or faucet

This deceptively simple silicone sponge holder features a non-slip coating over a flexible wire, allowing you to change the shape of the long handle for a firm grip around your faucet or sink walls. The base is perforated to avoid moisture buildup and to allow drainage. It comes in four colors in the listing.


An adorable utensil rest that can also be used to release steam

As functional as it is cute, this silicone utensil rest can save your countertops from a sticky mess by holding almost any kind of kitchen tool. It can also be used to hold up the lid of a pot to allow steam to release. The silicone material is heat-resistant and it’s also available in teal in the listing.


This powerful pumice stone toilet cleaner that won’t scratch porcelain

Featuring fine-grit pumice, this toilet bowl cleaner provides a deeper clean than ordinary bristles. It can remove hardware stains, limescale, calcium deposits, rust, mildew, and more from toilet bowls, tubs, sinks, tiles, and other porcelain or ceramic surfaces. Despite its scrubbing power, it doesn’t leave scratches behind, and it comes with a ventilated storage case to dry properly (and hygienically).


An under-cabinet coffee pod holder that can be installed 2 ways

Declutter your counters, cabinets, and drawers, and make it easy to see what you have available with this under-cabinet coffee pod holder. It holds up to 12 K-Cups and stays out of sight by attaching via the included adhesive tape or screws. “Super sleek and easy to use and assemble. I used the adhesive strips [...] I have no worry that it will fall,” wrote one shopper.


This elegant weighted marble-print resin paper towel holder

With a marble-print resin weighted base, this paper towel holder is a budget-friendly item that is a major upgrade. It has a solid, stable base and rubber pads underneath to keep it from scratching your counters. “Looks great. Nice sturdy base. [...] Very easy to remove the empty roll and put on a new one.,” wrote one reviewer.


An easy-to-store, bristle-free grill cleaner for 4 different grill rod types

To keep your grill performing well and free of built-up char, use this solid brass grill scraper before the next round of burgers and steaks. Featuring a compact and bristle-free design, the tool has grooved edges with different shapes to wrap around the rods of your grill for optimal cleaning. You can add an optional handle to the tool as well.


This plush & absorbent bath mat with 43,000+ 5-star reviews

Available in eight sizes and 22 colors, this memory foam bath mat is a fan-favorite upgrade with a 4.5-star overall rating from over 58,000 reviewers. It’s nearly 1 inch thick with a plush, velvety surface, and thanks to its superior absorbency, your floors will stay dry.


These 5-tier floating shelves that come in 8 finishes

As sleek as these floating corner shelves look when put together, they also look fabulous when separated. The set comes with five tiers, each of which can hold 11 pounds. Display picture frames or use them as a chic storage tool. They’re easy to assemble and come in eight different styles, including some wood-print finishes.


This adhesive LED light that can be mounted 2 ways

Place this battery-operated, wireless LED light anywhere you need a bit more light. It comes with heavy-duty adhesive tape and screws to offer two mounting options. Stick it inside or underneath cabinets, along your staircase, or in a dim closet. Its warm white glow is powered by three AA batteries (not included) and it’s operated with a simple tap.


A sturdy, roomy utensil holder with a 4.8-star overall rating

This sturdy stainless steel utensil holder is a reviewer favorite with an overall 4.8-star rating. It has a 7-inch diameter, giving you more than enough room to store all your cooking essentials. And because it’s dishwasher-safe, it’s easy to keep it looking sleek and shiny. One reviewer raved about how spacious it is, writing, “It holds all of my oversized spoons and spatulas with room to spare.”


A pack of rug corner grippers with renewable gel pads

To prevent your rugs from curling and leading to tripping, attach these rug corner grippers to your carpets and runners. They have patches of sticky gel (that can be renewed to use over and over again) to secure the fabric to the floor below. To make it easy to clean around and under your rug, the tip is covered in plush EVA foam, so it can easily be lifted.


These dishwasher-safe stove burner covers that can be trimmed to fit

Instead of having to scrub your stovetop after cooking, use this pack of eight stove burner covers for easy cleanup. The thick protectors can be trimmed to fit and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. They’re resistant to food, grease, and water, and they can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Some weatherproof storage straps so you can hang everything up

Whether you have a clunky tool that can’t fit on the hook on your wall or a set of cables that keep unraveling, this set of six storage straps in three sizes makes it easy to neatly stored bulky or irregular items. They’re made of an industrial-strength fabric that can hold up to 50 pounds. They are also weatherproof so they can be used outdoors as well.


These tiered, slide-out storage bins with removable dividers

These slide-out storage bins are so versatile; use them in the kitchen to keep your potatoes and onions at hand and well-ventilated, or put them under your bathroom sink to organize toiletries and other essentials. Each of the two tiers is perforated for airflow and they come with removable dividers to further organize. The baskets are removable for easier access to their contents. There’s even a spot to label each level with a dry-erase marker (not included).


This 2-pack of under-bed storage containers for less than $7 each

Made of lightweight and breathable fabric, each of the under-bed storage containers in this pack of two lets you stow 39.27 gallons of out-of-season clothes (or bedding) out of sight. Each has a clear plastic cover that unzips from three of the four sides so you have easy access and a clear view of the contents. They feature reinforced handles and are just six inches tall. They’re also available in gray and brown within the listing.


These large glass carafes that come with stay-fresh lids

While this glass carafe set is chic enough to save for backyard get-togethers and dinner parties, they’re also convenient for everyday use. Their slim shape makes them easy to hold and the included plastic lids protect against spills and keep your beverages fresh. Each carafe holds one liter.


A deep, stylish serving bowl made of acacia wood

This food-safe wooden serving bowl has a beautiful wave design and it’s 12 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep to hold plenty of salad or potatoes. It features acacia wood to give it durability and style. One shopper raved, “This is almost too pretty to use. The shape is interesting in the best possible way.” It can also be used as a fruit bowl.


This $9 wood repair kit to fill in scratches & scuffs in tons of shades

To fill in scratches and cover up scuffs on your wood furniture or floors, add this popular wood repair kit to your cart. It comes with six markers and six wax crayons that come in a wide range of colors like mahogany and cherry that can be mixed to match your wood. It also includes a sharpener for the crayons and a buffing cloth.


This set of colorful nesting bowls with a 4.8-star overall rating

In addition to the four bowls that come in different sizes, this nine-pack of nesting bowls also comes with a colander, sieve, and five measuring spoons. They all (even the spoons) have built-in handles and non-slip bases so that spills and accidents are kept to a minimum. The bowls have handy spouts for drip-free pouring and all pieces are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.


A set of 2 sleek shower caddies that install with damage-free adhesive

This stainless steel shower caddy comes with two separate shelves (each of which can hold 15 pounds), so you can pile in products. There’s no drilling necessary; just stick the strong adhesive back to marble, steel, tiles, glass, or mirrors. Plus, they’re rustproof and include four hooks so you can hang your loofah and razor in a convenient spot. The set is also available in four metallic finishes within the listing.


This lidded cable organizer box big enough to hold a 6-outlet surge protector

This cable organizer box is an easy upgrade that can declutter an end table or desk. It has openings on each side for running wires from any direction, while the sleek bamboo lid keeps everything out of sight. It also has a non-slip base so that it remains secure no matter what surface you place it on. There’s also a black option in the listing.


These self-adhesive corkboard tiles that come in 5 color schemes

Create a personalized display with this eight-pack of corkboard tiles. They can be arranged separately or together, and they have an adhesive backing and a thick felt core that will securely hold up any papers or photos. They’re available in five color schemes within the listing.


A magnetic key rack that can hold 4+ pounds (& can also be screwed in)

The back of this steel key rack is magnetic, so it can snap onto your fridge, a metal door, or any other metal surface near the front of your home — it also comes with hardware so that it can be screwed into other surfaces. It has six hooks in addition to a convenient shelf on top to hold small objects and it can support over 4.4 pounds in total. It’s also available in black within the listing.


These self-draining soap dishes for less than $3 each

To prevent puddles and avoid wasting bar soap, grab this set of two self-draining soap dishes. The set is made of non-slip silicone that will stay in place and they feature slanted grooves that allow water to instantly drain back into the sink. This pack comes with two pieces, making them each just over $2.


An over-the-door cabinet organizer that can hold up to 5 cutting boards or baking sheets

Instead of overcrowding your cabinets with clunky cutting boards and cookie sheets, line up them in this over-the-door organizer. It’s made of strong alloy steel and has foam-padded hooks to avoid damaging your cabinet. It also comes with screws so that it can be mounted to the wall. It can also be used to hold plastic wrap, foil, and other drawer-clogging items.


This innovative flower vase for easy trimming & draining

With just a twist, the bottom half of this water-draining vase can pop right off, giving you easy access to stems for a trim. Plus, you can empty old water and refill the container without taking out the entire bouquet and making a mess. The vase is available in six different colors (and two sizes) in the listing.


This useful rolling organizer rack that helps you use awkward corners

At just 5 inches wide, this rolling organizer rack can fit into the slimmest gaps around your home. Roll it between your washer and dryer for quick access to all your cleaning supplies or hide it between your sink and toilet to store extra body washes and shampoos. It has three shelves and features fast snap-together assembly.


A chic bamboo plant stand with 2 heights and an adjustable width

This bamboo plant stand can be used flipped upside down or right side up to provide an eight- or 12-inch boost for any planter with a width of up to 12 inches and it can hold up to 150 pounds. The plant stand has a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon. One shopper wrote, “It feels sturdy, was very easy to assemble, and packaged well. I also appreciate that it's sustainable and that a tree is planted with every stand purchase.”


This sleek game controller stand with adjustable heights

Instead of leaving everything in a jumbled mess, use this game controller stand to tidy up your TV stand or desk. It has three different levels with adjustable heights. Each of the hooks swivels 360 degrees and has a built-in cutout for wires so that it can double as a minimalist charging stand.


A 3-pack of bamboo cutting boards with a convenient holder

Upgrade from worn plastic cutting boards to this three-pack of bamboo cutting boards that come with a slotted holder for storing them vertically. Each board has raised edges to prevent juices from reaching your clean counter and non-slip feet to keep it from sliding around as you prepare meals. They even have side handles built in so that it’s not a hassle to move from the sink to the garbage to the stove.


A set of stick-on under-desk sliding drawers to minimize clutter

If your workspace came without drawers or you simply need more storage space, attach these under-desk sliding drawers in just minutes. They have a strong adhesive backing that keeps them hidden underneath your work surfaceand they smoothly pull out to store small supplies. A larger set is available within the listing.


A genius window track cleaner with a comfortable handle

Instead of ruining your sponges or hurting your hands trying to get into tight spaces, use this clever window track cleaner to focus on the details of your home. Attached to the ergonomic handle is a scouring sponge that is thin enough (with pointed edges) to get into every little corner. The kit comes with four sponge replacements, a mini cleaning brush, and a mini dustpan to collect dirt and debris.


A trim-to-fit shower door seal to cut down on leaks

If you’re sick of leaving puddles in the bathroom after a shower, you need this shower door seal. Its thick PVC material can be cut to fit your shower and it installs by sliding right onto the bottom of your shower door. The set comes with three pieces.


This wall outlet shelf that can hold up to 10 pounds

No need to worry if you have an outlet that’s in an inconvenient spot; this wall outlet shelf makes it easy to charge your phone or set up a speaker even without a nearby surface. It replaces the outlet cover and has an opening towards the back to feed wires through. It can hold up to 10 pounds.


This multi-shelf countertop corner shelf that comes in 6 finishes

This countertop organizer shelf can declutter any corner in your kitchen or bathroom. The bottom level swivels 180 degrees, enabling it to either the unit to be used straight or in a corner. Each shelf is made of smooth bamboo that has rounded corners. Each shelf can hold up to 15 pounds and they feature metal legs with non-slip feet. It also comes with an optional row of four hooks that screws onto one end of the middle shelf.


This solid wood storage cube that can be stacked

You may want to pick up more than one of these wooden storage cubes; they have a surprisingly budget-friendly price point for solid wood and can be stacked on top of one another. Despite being made of solid wood, the cube weighs less than three pounds and its built-in handles make it easy to carry.


A 15-hook rail hanger that has so many uses

Whether you use it in the kitchen for pots and pans, the entryway for coats, or the garage for tools, this 15-hook wall mount is sure to come in handy. It’s made of powder-coated iron and can hold up to 22 pounds. The hooks can be moved or removed to fit what you’re storing on them.


A magnetic shelf that comes in 6 finishes for extra kitchen storage

To keep your favorite ingredients handy, grab this magnetic stovetop shelf. It’s made of stainless steel that attaches to the top of your stove (without tools) and gives you 30 extra inches of storage space. Its magnets are encased in silicone so they won’t scratch or damage your stove. It comes in six different finishes within the listing to match your stove.


This sandwich bag organizer that can be mounted on a wall

Declutter your kitchen cabinets and drawers with this sandwich bag organizer that has four separate slots for gallon-, snack-, sandwich-, and quart-size bags. The box is made of smooth and durable bamboo and has brackets on the back so it can also be mounted on a wall.


A lightweight lid organizer with 25,000+ 5-star reviews

This popular lid organizer comes with five dividers (with adjustable placement) so that you can pile in lids of different shapes and sizes. The center channel on the bottom of the tray even stops round lids from rolling around. Different sizes are available within the listing to store more lids as well.


An 8-piece bath towel set that comes in several different colors & patterns

Toss your mismatched and worn towels and replace them with this 100% cotton towel set. It comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. They’re thick, soft, and absorbent and they come in several different colors and patterns in the listing to give your bathroom a new look. They even have a special tag that tells you when they need replacing.


A 3-pack of flexible, battery-powered LED light strips

Add light anywhere with these LED light strips that are powered by a compact battery pack, eliminating the need to place it near an outlet. Each of the strips in this three-pack is 3 feet long and completely waterproof. They’re also flexible, so you can wrap them around your headboard or shape them to follow each step on your staircase.


This durable hanging bag holder with 6 removable hooks

While this hanging bag holder comes with six hooks, you can remove as many as you want for a custom storage solution. Each hook can hold over two pounds and it can be used for hats as well. It can be hung on a nail but also comes with additional pieces so that it can hang in your closet or over a door.