People with expensive-looking homes swear by these cool things under $30 on Amazon

Advice from home stagers, TikTok finds, and editor favorites, below.

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Have you ever walked through someone’s home and gotten the impression that they were more affluent than you originally thought? That impression isn’t necessarily expensive to achieve. It’s all about editing away clutter, elevating the details, and focusing on creating appealing vignettes in your space. Instead of letting your belongings dictate how your rooms look, take charge of your objects and display them artfully or store them elegantly. Meanwhile, swap out junky-looking items for tools that function well and look beautiful. People with expensive-looking homes swear by these cool things under $30 on Amazon.


This gorgeous peel-and-stick wallpaper

Don’t tolerate those boring walls a minute longer. Cover them with style you can remove. "Whether you opt for a trendy geometric design or a timeless botanical print, peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to install and even easier to remove, making it perfect for renters and homeowners alike,” says JJ Hornig, founder and home stager at Roxy Rental. This richly colored peel-and-stick wallpaper creates a posh vibe in several stunning hues. And the black and white version evokes a modern style with the same pattern.


A set of elegant pendant lights

"Illuminate your space and make a statement with stylish lighting fixtures,” says Hornig. “Swap out outdated ceiling lights or boring lamps for eye-catching pendants, chandeliers, or floor lamps that reflect your personal style." This three-pack of pendant lighting is super affordable and the minimalist style works with so many looks.


This mini chandelier for small spaces

This mini chandelier creates glamour even when you don’t have the cathedral ceilings a true chandelier requires or the budget to outfit a mansion. It is easy to install, affordable, and throws plenty of light. “Stunning and affordable,” said one reviewer. “Elevated the entire space.”


A round mirror as an accent piece

"Create the illusion of space and brighten up your home with decorative mirrors,” suggests Hornig. Hang this round mirror in an entryway, over a couch, or over the sink to bring some elegance to the decor. It comes in six sizes to fit your space or to allow for groupings. “Strategically placed mirrors can amplify natural light, visually expand small rooms, and add depth and dimension to your space,” she says.


This whimsical vanity mirror

This irregular vanity mirror is a stylish piece of sculpture that will reflect light and offer a place for people to check their look. Set it on a dresser or entry table to serve as both a piece of decorative sculpture and a functional piece. It’s small, affordable, and adorable.


A collection of sunny mirrors

These sunburst wall mirrors express happiness and the feeling of the sun on your face while they reflect light into the room and look bright and festive on the wall. Group this three pack into one outdoorsy display or scatter them strategically around the house. They come in 11 colors and patterns. One reviewer says, “The mirrors are heavyweight and beautifully crafted. They have hooks on the back to hang and even sent the screws and anchors. The gold color is bright and shiny. Definitely worth the money.”


An indoor garden

Advice from a home stager? "Not only do plants add a pop of color and texture to your space,” says Hornig, “but they also purify the air and promote a sense of well-being." This 12-pack of live houseplants in 2-inch pots makes it easy to fill your home with instant greenery that will expand into a lush, indoor garden. You don’t have to decide what plants to choose since the selection rotates but is always perfect for indoors.


These plants that never need water

If caring for a family of greenery is not your bag, though, don’t forsake this idea. This four-pack of hanging plants looks convincingly like the real thing but will never disappoint you by dying while you are away or too busy to care for them. Each is over 30 inches long and perfect for draping in a window or from a mantle.


A botany-influenced wall hanging

This wall-hanging propagation station turns all your plant cuttings into an artistic display that looks like it belongs in a Victorian botanist’s conservatory. The 15 tube vases hang from a single hook and allow you to watch the roots form on your cuttings. One reviewer says, “It is great decor for your home and it looks really cute.”


An herb garden in the kitchen

If your green thumb is up to it, this indoor herb garden starter kit will take this idea of indoor greenery a step further by making it simple to grow greens that will improve every meal. It comes with seeds to grow coriander, basil, parsley, and thyme as well as burlap pots, soil (and plant markers) to plant them in, and sheers for when they are ready to eat.


A plant stand for elevating the greenery

Once you have your greenery growing, it’s time to turn it into appealing decor. "Display your plants in stylish pots or hanging planters to enhance their visual appeal and integrate nature seamlessly into your home decor,” says Hornig. This bamboo plant stand is perfect for turning a plant into a piece of furniture. You can adjust how tall the stand is by flipping it over, so it works for large and small greenery.


These floating shelves to create wall displays

Plants look great sitting among other decorative items on a shelf, too. This set of three rustic floating shelves is perfect for transforming an empty wall into a plant display area. The three sizes group together aesthetically and they are easy to mount since the screw holes are visible.


A collection of matching plant pots

This set of elegant ceramic plant pots creates a cohesive look on a shelf, table, or windowsill. The three sizes accommodate 4- to 6-inch plants and the matching saucers protect your furniture from water. They come in five colors.


This metal plant hanger

Hang this metal plant hanger from a hook to create an artful display from one of your plants. A 5-inch pot is integrated into the metal frame. Drop a nursery pot into it or transplant your plant directly into it. It comes in four colors.


A set of 6 succulent pots

Create an array of tiny succulents in these beautiful little, ceramic-glazed succulent pots to grace any windowsill or a table near a sunny window. Each one has drain holes and a saucer to set them on. The glazing is beautiful and each one is unique. The small size is perfect for leaf cuttings.


These textured throw pillow covers

"Mix and match pillows in different sizes, shapes, and textures to add visual interest and coziness to your seating areas,” says Hornig. These textured throw pillow covers allow you to play with color and texture without spending too much money. They fit right over pillows you already own or an inexpensive pillow insert. They come in 11 sizes and 26 colors.


A set of luscious throw pillows

These deliciously soft throw pillow covers will turn your couch into a haven of cloud-like softness while the big stripes of fur create a unique look. They come in six sizes and 18 colors so you can have fun with texture and color or match the shade to a scheme you already have.


These colorful throw pillow covers

When the mood calls for color, opt for this set of four mixed-color velvet pillow covers with contrasting trim. The look they evoke — on a bed or couch — is modern and elegant. And the texture is pure luxury. You can choose from nine color schemes.


A faux fur throw blanket

And don’t forget the throw blankets! "Layer on a soft and snuggly throw blanket for an extra touch of warmth and comfort," says Hornig. This faux fur throw brings both color and plush texture to your space. And there are 18 colors to choose from so you can keep it neutral or add a punch of bold color.


This silky waffle-weave throw

This waffle-weave blanket is perfect when the weather is warmer but you want some cozy spaces in your home. The rich colors, cotton and rayon blend fabric, and texture look beautiful in the room — either as a blanket on the bed or a throw on the couch — and add the perfect layer of warmth. There are 18 colors to choose from.


These decorative storage jars

If you’ve spent even an hour on TikTok, you’ve likely made it to #homedecor, home to 4.9 million videos and counting. This section is full to the brim with so many incredible finds like the stunning glass jars recommended by lifestyle creator, Lyndsey Smith. Place your coffee supplies in these jars and leave them out on the counter as a functional display. The effect is elegant and appealing. It’s also functional because it makes finding the coffee grounds or sugar easy.


A marble butter keeper

A favorite of both Smith and reviewers, this marble butter keeper looks so elegant on counters and keeps the butter at exactly the right temperature for spreading on bread without exposing it to the room. You put water in the base, fill the lid with butter, and insert the butter into the base. It comes in black or white. One reviewer says, “This product has been a life saver. Love that it's covered and more hygienic. The marble is high quality and it looks like it cost a lot more money than I paid. Very heavy duty and the design is so chic.”


This cute desktop trash can

Upgrading your trash situation is an unexpected way to make your home look more expensive, but it’s worth your attention. TikTok creator, Julianna Claire, has racked up millions of views on her lifestyle content, and shared one of her favorite Amazon finds: this desktop trash can. It helps you keep your space clean while acting like a cute decorative item. You can set things on it and the lid pops open with a touch. It also hides your trash till you are ready to clean up the room. It comes in three sizes.


The wall charger that reduces cord clutter

A favorite amongst both Mic readers and Claire, this wall charger is the perfect way to upgrade your bedroom. Pop it into the outlet closest to your nightstand to plug in your everyday electronics — phone, watch, earbuds — without creating a snarl of wires that look messy. It has six standard outlets, two USB plugs to charge up all your gear, and a night-light to plug everything in without turning on the overhead lights.


This smart lock for drawers and cabinets

This hidden smart cabinet lock is unbelievably useful. It’s gone viral on TikTok a few times (peep the over 1 million combined views from these review videos), in part because it solves so many problems. It’s a clever no-drill solution for locking a drawer or cabinet to keep dangerous or personal items away from prying eyes or curious children. Once installed, you can open it with your phone or one of the included RFID cards.


A sanitizer for your toothbrush

Another favorite find amongst TikTok product reviewers? UV toothbrush sanitizers. There’s plenty of reason to want to bring a little more cleanliness to your toothbrush routine, and this germ shield UV toothbrush sanitizer is a perfect for the job. This model is a favorite of Julianna Claire, who praised its portability. Pop it open, drop any toothbrush into it, and wait as it cleans and sanitizes it using UV light. It can handle any type of toothbrush and runs on batteries so you can take it with you when you travel.


This TP holder with a secret stash

There are tons of elegant bathroom finds on TikTok, but one that so many people love is a toilet paper shelf, like this one from Day Moon Designs. Not only does this hold your toilet paper roll, but it also features a secret compartment for stashing personal care items or other bathroom necessities that require a touch of discretion to keep handy. Close the lid and it’s the perfect place to set your phone safely away from the water. One Amazon reviewer calls it, “Functional and chic.”


These food dispensers

A simple upgrade that makes your home feel more expensive? These food dispensers. They look great on the counter and make it easy and fun to fill a bowl with cereal or pet food bowls with kibble at the turn of the dial. This is a two-pack and each one holds 35 ounces. One reviewer says, “I love them, (it) makes me feel like I'm a hotel. Plus when my children open up (multiple) boxes of cereal, before they go bad, I can put it them in these and they will (last) longer.”


A desktop vacuum for a cleaner workspace

This mini tabletop vacuum cleaner is such a simple way to implement a little more tech into your home — and nothing screams an expensive-looking home quite like clean surfaces. This fan-favorite vacuum cleaner looks cute sitting on a table or desk and comes in six colors so you can match it to your style. And when a mess happens it is ready to help. Pick it up, turn it on, and let it clean things up. It’s easy to empty and runs on batteries.


These bold red coasters

If you’ve been following the emergence of “the unexpected red theory,” then you’ll already know: Red accents can look so chic in your home. This theory originated on TikTok, as interior decorator Taylor Migliazzo Simon says that it’s an unexpected choice that works with so many home decor styles. These silicone coasters are a great way to test this theory. They add a bright pop of red to any design without requiring much money or energy. They also protect your furniture from drink condensation and hot coffee mugs.


A plush knot of red on the couch

Drop this red knot pillow on the couch for a quick room update, tapping into the unexpected red theory while adding texture and visual interest to your space. The plush, velvety fabric is delightful to the touch, too. This is a pair and they come in two sizes (and a bunch of other colors if red’s not for you).


The silk red pillowcase that feels so luxe

Adding that unexpected pop of color to the bedroom is so easy with this silk pillowcase in bright red. It looks gorgeous and feels delicious next to your skin while imparting a feeling of luxury to your space. The Mulberry silk is great for your body, too, since it slides over skin and hair, reducing friction that can cause frizzy hair and upset skin. One reviewer says, “I have purchased several silk pillowcases in the past, and this one is by far, the best.”


These mouthwash dispensers that are super chic

Mic editor Adeline Duff recommends using decanters to transform ordinary personal care items into elegant decorative items. This mouthwash dispenser, for example, turns an ugly container into a beautiful vignette that looks appealing on the vanity. It’s labeled so there is no confusion and has a fancy dispenser to elevate the entire experience. It comes with a matching cup. This is a set of two.


This decanter for your bar

This glass decanter turns an ordinary whiskey bottle into a work of art. Or fill it with whatever you enjoy. Even big money-saving bottles look great on the bar. "This is too pretty! I put in on the front of a bar cart with a couple of pretty glasses and it looks fantastic," said one Amazon review.


A scented candle in a beautiful glass jar

And don’t forget to use candles as decor. Even when they aren’t lit, they look pretty. "I think a fancy candle always looks so chic!” says Carolyn Meynes, Mic editor. “I have a few around my home (right now) and feel like a bougie gal." This woody jasmine candle comes in a pretty glass jar with a lid. Each scent — there are seven — comes in a different color glass so you can create a grouping or dot them throughout your house.


These muted oven mitts for extra protection

"I like when people pay attention to even the most humble basics like these muted oven mitts or a minimalist cookbook stand," says Kate Miller, Mic editor. This oven mitt set comes in 22 colors so you can choose exactly how to implement this style hack. And the heat-resistant silicone exterior will keep your hands safer than the cotton ones you have been using.


A decorative cookbook stand

This pretty, simple marble cookbook stand is a lovely object d’art that can sit on your counter looking stylish. And when you need to follow a recipe it is ready to hold that page open for you. It can even double as a stand for a cutting board.


A place for all the bathroom clutter

Clearing away clutter is step one for making your space look expensive. Surfaces covered in detritus are not a good look and it makes it difficult to use the space. "I was sick of clutter in my bathroom,” says Lauren Beach, Mic editor. “This made such a difference." This tool organizer mounts to the interior of a cupboard and gives you an easy place to stash brushes, hair appliances, and more. It comes in three colors.


A pretty watering can that works better

"My houseplant watering can kept getting moldy and I replaced it with this one that's much nicer looking," says Beach. Not only is it an elegant shape with a long spout for reaching into leafy plants but the wide opening makes it easy to fill.


These wire storage baskets

"I got a wire basket like this one and roll up towels and washcloths all fancy for guests and I think it always impresses people," says Danielle Kraese, Mic editor. A wire storage basket reins in the clutter and makes it easy to create a functional display of everything from toothpaste to hand towels. This is a set of two so you can keep a backup, loaded and ready to go, in the cupboard.


An organizer for your spice drawer

Turning the chaos of a spice cabinet into an organized, easy-to-access drawer of spices looks fancy and makes prepping a meal less irritating. This expandable spice drawer organizer is the base layer. Set it into the drawer before you load in the spice jars so you can read all the labels and it all looks custom-built. "I like to think these organizers made my spice drawer look fancy,” says Allison Bolt, Mic editor.


This organizer for your shopping bags

Paying attention to details inside your cupboards, too, helps elevate your space. This shopping bag organizer, for example, turns what was once a mess of bags into an orderly display. "This made my kitchen cabinet so much nicer," says Cassandra Seale, Mic editor. It looks better and makes it easy to find the bag you need.


A pretty kettle to sit on your stove

"I love kitchenware that sits out and gives a home a lived-in feel,” says Amy Biggart, Mic editor. “A kettle or a Dutch oven placed on the stove instantly feels chic and gives the place a homier feel." This whistling tea kettle is an elegant option. Choose from three colors, and set it on a burner, ready to brew up a pot of tea whenever you need one.


A set of taper candles for setting the table

"A taper candle always strikes me as the most elegant addition to any tablescape," says Biggart. Keep this set of 10 taper candles on hand so you can set a beautiful table without rushing to the store first. Made from food-grade wax with a smokeless cotton wick, they are clean burning and pretty. They come in seven colors.


This bread board that catches all the crumbs

Make it easy and clean to cut a slice of that delicious artisan bread by setting this acacia wooden cutting board on the counter with a bread knife at the ready. "This is a very beautiful breadboard,” said one Amazon reviewer. “It catches the bread crumbs [and] looks very elegant on my counter."


These LED lights for better lighting

Lighting is often an expensive undertaking. But not with these LED lights that mount under cabinets or inside cupboards or display cases and run on batteries. These are easy to install, dimmable, controlled with a remote, and they turn off automatically. "These are absolutely amazing!” said one reviewer. “They look EXPENSIVE."


A wireless doorbell

A doorbell that sounds fancy is a great way to make your home more convenient and to boost the vibe so it feels more bougie. Having a new doorbell wired is expensive but this wireless doorbell is easy to install: Peel and stick the bell to the entry and plug in the receiver. It has over 50 chimes to choose from. "This solved my problem and made the whole doorbell look more attractive,” said one reviewer. “Now my doorbell is different from all the rest," says one reviewer.


These light strips for a better movie room

Want to boost the look of your movie room and improve your viewing experience without spending a lot of money? Peel and stick these LED strip lights to the back of your TV. They create a colorful glow of ambient light around the screen. It looks amazing and reduces the contrast so your eyes can see darks and shadows on the screen better, improving the look of everything you watch. "The visual effect looks great around the TV and the viewing has been much more enjoyable," said one reviewer.


These clear storage bins that upgrade your closet

Declutter your bedroom and closet while creating a clean visual in your storage area with these plastic storage bins. This two-pack holds everything from sweaters to shoes and lets you see what’s in them so that your gear is easy to find. "I really appreciated the size and sturdiness,” said one reviewer. “It wasn't too large, but [it] updates the look of my storage closet."


These clear bins that bring order to your pantry

"Ooohhh... I feel ORGANIZED,” said one reviewer of this two-pack of pantry organization bins that hold everything from snacks to canned goods in the fridge or pantry. “I particularly love that you can pull out the dividers to make the size compartments you want. I use one container for my Nespresso pods and another for baking goods. They are sturdy and look really nice."