These popular hiking sunglasses offer UV protection on the trail — & they’re available on Amazon

best hiking sunglasses
ByClaire Epting

Nothing beats a beautiful hike in the great outdoors, but it’s important to protect your eyes while doing so. The best hiking sunglasses have polarized UV400 lenses to shield your eyes from UV rays and reduce glare. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles, from sporty options to retro round frames, so you can find a pair you love slipping on your head before you venture into the wild.

When selecting the best pair of sunglasses for hiking, you’ll want to look for UV400 lenses that provide full protection from nearly 100% of ultraviolet rays. (The dark tint of sunglasses without UV protection can actually cause your pupils to dilate, thereby defeating the purpose of guarding your eyes.) A polarized coating will also filter reflective light and eliminate glare, which is vital when hiking near bodies of water or in snowy environments. The lens color makes a difference as well, especially if you want to fully enjoy your surroundings while you trek. Gray lenses offer a view that's most similar to nature, but if you plan to hike on an overcast day, amber and brown lenses will boost the contrast of your vision. On the other hand, green lenses do a great job of balancing light and reducing glare, making them ideal for sunny-day adventures.

Of course, you should choose a pair that’s not only functional, but also fits your personal style. A rectangular lens offers a more athletic feel, while rounded lenses give off a vintage vibe. And if you're planning on some serious mountaineering, you may want to consider a classic pair of heavy-duty glasses with leather shields on either side. Below, I’ve rounded up the best hiking sunglasses on Amazon for your next outdoor excursion.

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The basic ones

These classic sports sunglasses offer UV400 protection for eyes, with polarized, five-layer lenses that have a mirrored surface for even more glare reduction. The frames and temples are made of flexible plastic, with two holes on either side for ventilation, and the spring design helps ensure break resistance. These glasses come at an affordable price point, and are available in several lens colors to fit your surroundings. You also get a carrying case, strap, cleaning cloth, and a small pouch included with the shades.

One reviewer wrote: “This pair of glasses fit very well and do not slide on my head. They are a great value for the money. I hiked with them through Tent Rock National Monument - went over a lot of rocks. They did not fall off once. Wonderful light protection.”

  • Available colors: 19

The classic ones

With lightweight plastic frames and stainless steel temples, these highly rated, vintage-inspired sunglasses look great both on and off the hiking trail. They have a rounded shape with UV400 lenses that protect your eyes, but they're not polarized, so they're best suited to days when you're not concerned about glare coming off snow or a body of water. They're not as heavy-duty as some of the other options on this list, but their overall aesthetic is perfect for those wanting some versatile shades with a laid-back style. Not to mention, they come in a ton of different colors. You'll also get a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth to keep them looking fresh.

One reviewer wrote: “Needed an inexpensive pair for hiking and daily use. These are absolutely awesome! The polarization is top quality and the frames are lightweight and fit my head perfectly. Sun protection is legit and helped reduce glare on a bright winter hike.”

  • Available colors: 22

The retro-inspired ones

Available in over 30 lens and frame color combinations, these are some of the best sunglasses for hiking and everyday use. The polarized, shatterproof lenses offer UV400 protection, filtering out UVA and UVB light while reducing glare. With an acetate frame and aluminum temples, these glasses have a classic rectangular shape with a slightly retro vibe. They're incredibly lightweight and comfortable, so you can wear them for long periods of time without them feeling heavy on your face. You'll also get a carrying case, pouch, and cleaning cloth, so you can bring them anywhere. At such a reasonable price point, you can even pick out a few different colors.

One reviewer wrote: “I lose and break sunglasses more than anyone, actually if I could subscribe and save to these things I would. For the price they are super nice looking and the UV/Polarization work great for being outdoors a lot!”

  • Available colors: 34

The impact-resistant ones

These sleek sunglasses have polarized UV400 lenses that are impact- and scratch-resistant, which means you can take them on rugged trails without fear of permanent damage should you drop them. The frames are made from a metal alloy material, giving them a streamlined appearance and a lightweight feel, and the two silicone pads provide extra comfort on the bridge of your nose. Restoring true color and eliminating scattered light, these are highly effective lenses that come at a reasonable price. They also come with a carabiner, pouch, and cleaning cloth.

One reviewer wrote: “One of the best pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. Optically gorgeous - sharp and glare-free vision. [...] Specifically these glasses are great for hiking and bike riding, because they're wrap-around and don't let much peripheral light in.”

  • Available colors: 11

The ones with interchangeable lenses

If you're looking for a versatile pair of hiking sunglasses that suit a variety of terrains and climates, look no further than these ones from Torege. They come with three interchangeable UV400 protective lenses in different colors: a revo lens for reducing glare and improving contrast on both sunny and overcast days, a polarized lens for reducing glare in snow or near bodies of water, and a yellow lens for enhancing contrast in low-light conditions. The rimless plastic frame design allows for a clear lower field of vision, and two holes on either side keep your head ventilated. Plus, you'll also get a hard carrying case, a soft pouch, a strap, and a lens wipe.

One reviewer wrote: “All I can say is that I am amazed at the quality of these glasses for a fraction of the cost of "name-brand" styles. [...] They came with a whole slew of interchangeable lens, a great carrying case, and lens cleaner, everyone that sees me in them comments on how great they look.”

  • Available colors: 10

The aviators

For those who prefer an aviator shape, these sunglasses are the way to go. The polarized UV400 lenses protect your eyes while cutting glare, and the frames and temples are constructed from a lightweight metal alloy material for a barely-there feel. For even more comfort, you can adjust the side hinges to fit your specific face shape. Not only do they come with a cleaning cloth and carrying pouch, but you'll also get a bolt driver for tightening up the hinges over time.

One reviewer wrote: “Bought these for a tropical vacation and couldn't be happier with my choice. The tint is perfect for me, just enough to cut out annoying glare but not terribly dark. Went on a lot of hikes during the trip and loved how secure they were while sweating and moving around a lot.”

  • Available colors: 10

The budget 3-pack

With this value pack of sunglasses, you get three different shades at a budget-friendly price point. The anti-reflective, polarized lenses boast UV400 protection, while the lightweight plastic frames rest easy on your head without weighing your face down. If you're prone to losing your sunglasses, this pack of three pairs is a great investment. Plus, depending on which color combo you get, you can switch up the shade of your lenses to suit the day's weather conditions.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these so I wouldn't break or lose my nice pairs when fishing, hiking, and other physical activities. They work just as well as $200 glasses.”

  • Available color combos: 31

The wind-resistant ones with padded frames

If your hiking conditions are likely to be windy, you should check out this pair of sunglasses with foam padding around the plastic frames to keep them firmly (but comfortably) in place. Designed for motorcyclists, they also block dust and sand while reducing the chance of fogging. The UV400 lenses are polarized and mirrored, blocking UV rays while reducing glare. You'll also get a foldable carrying case and pouch for easy storage.

One reviewer wrote: “My eyes are very sensitive to sun and wind. Hardly any wind gets in my eyes and they are very dark so when it's super sunny they do the job.”

  • Available colors: 6

The ones for serious mountaineering

Designed for backcountry performance, the Julbo Vermont Classic sunglasses are a cult-favorite investment that just may be worth the price. The best mountaineering sunglasses for more extreme conditions, they block 100% of UV rays and are outfitted with leather side shields to keep out wind and snow. Originally designed for use on glaciers, the glasses come in two lens options: the Spectron 3, which blocks out 87% of visible light and is designed for sunny to partly cloudy days, and the Spectron 4, which is suitable for all weather conditions but not polarized (so best for days when glare is not a concern). The metal temples are covered in a rubber material that keeps them firmly planted on your head, and the glasses have an overall vintage aesthetic that's decidedly cool.

One reviewer wrote: “I wear these out on colder hikes such as winter expeditions in New Hampshire and hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Every time I wear them people are always asking me where I got them so that they can snag a pair because [their] vintage look just never gets old. But aside from being a compliment-magnet, these are genuinely amazing lenses that put many sunglasses to shame with how clear and HD they feel.”

  • Available colors: 5

The ones for trail running

With an aerodynamic design inspired by aircraft technology, these slim sunglasses are ideal for taking a run down a hiking trail on a sunny day — and Amazon reviewers swear they don't bounce, no matter the terrain. Their light plastic frames and temples are non-obtrusive and comfortable, with side holes for promoting airflow and reducing sweat buildup. The UV400 lenses are polarized, with a protective coating for further glare reduction. They come with a hard carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

One reviewer wrote: “These sunglasses were just what I was looking for to wear while running. They are lightweight, fit snug (but don't cause discomfort around the ears) and don't bounce around, and sit away from your face so that sweat doesn't drip down the insides. These are my new go-to sunglasses for runs on sunny days.”

  • Available colors: 9