These are the best white T-shirts for guys, according to tons of Amazon reviewers


A white T-shirt is perhaps the most basic article of clothing in your wardrobe, not to mention the most versatile. Still, when shopping for the best white T-shirts for men, the process isn't quite as simple as it initially seems. Different styles and fabrics serve different purposes, so it helps to narrow down your needs before you click that "add to cart" button.

First, consider the shirt's primary use. Are you looking for an undershirt to absorb sweat, or a slim-fit V-neck that you can wear to the bar? Maybe you're looking for something that's well-suited for all of the above — and those do exist — but fabric-choice is going to be paramount here. Most standard T-shirts are made from 100-percent cotton, which makes them comfortable, breathable, and easy to care for. That said, if you're looking for something that's capable of fighting odors and wicking extreme moisture, fabrics like bamboo, polyester, or treated cotton are likely better choices.

Next, think about the style. Even the most basic T-shirts have varying style options to consider, including the neckline, length, and fit. For the most part, style is subjective and will depend on your preferences, but in some cases, it's a matter of practicality. For example, V-necks are often better-suited for use as undershirts because you won't see the neckline beneath a collar. Similarly, you'll also want to look for longer shirts with a tighter fit and flatter seams, so it can be tucked in without excess fabric or visible lines. If you're looking for the best shirts for travel, some are actually resistant to stains, moisture, and wrinkles. Finally, for a more elevated take on the basic T-shirt, opt for a Henley neck or a front pocket to provide some visual appeal.

With all of the aforementioned in mind, here are 10 of the best men's T-shirts in virtually every category.


The best quality T-shirt for men

There are countless reasons why Goodthreads' The Perfect Crewneck is in fact considered "the perfect shirt" among reviewers. For one, it's made from 100-percent cotton for soft comfort and breathability. For another, its classic crewneck, wide selection of sizes, and optimized fit are designed to suit most wearers, and you can opt for or against a front pocket.

According to reviewers, these shirts can be dried in the machine without major shrinking, and "get softer with every wash." They're also thin enough for use an undershirt, but thick enough to be worn alone. Finally, at $12 a shirt, they're surprisingly affordable — but some still say they rival Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren in terms of quality and fit.

  • Available sizes: XS — 3XL


The best value

If you're looking for several highly-rated T-shirts at an incredible price, look no further than the Gildan's multipack. These shirts are made from 100-percent cotton, and their flat seams and tagless design are "really soft and comfortable," according to buyers. Most importantly, they're available in packs of up to 12, and can cost as little as $2 a shirt. Still, reviewers have given them a 4.3-star rating due to the quality, fit, and low-maintenance care.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL


The most comfortable option

Unlike your average T-shirt, the Texere luxury V-neck is made primarily from bamboo viscose. As a result, it's extremely breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable: "Softest shirt ever," one reviewer raves. "I will probably wear one of these in a different color everyday."

They're also offered in a longer fit for taller people or those who prefer to tuck, and they're hypoallergenic and more resistant to odors when compared to other fabric choices. As a result, they make for great undershirts, but they're opaque enough to be worn alone, as well.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL tall


The slim-fit option

Slim-fit T-shirts are ideal for those looking for a more form-fitting option, and Jockey's crewnecks have reviewers raving: "By far the best T-shirts out there. The stretch conforms to the body doesn't stick to clothes. Light so you don't sweat and just a great fit!" These are made from cotton, but unlike other options, they also feature 5-percent spandex for added stretch and comfort.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL


The athletic tee

For those looking for a T-shirt that can stand up to jogs, gym sessions, and sports games, the DRIEQUIP athletic T-shirt is the way to go. Since it's made from polyester and features a special interlocking weave, this shirt is much more efficient than cotton when it comes to wicking moisture and staying cool. It's also tagless, stretchy, and chafe-resistant, so you can feel free to move. (Even though this shirt is marketed as "Big and Tall," it also comes in regular sizes, as well.)

  • Available sizes: XS — 4X tall


The V-neck undershirt

In terms of an all-around great V-neck, Fruit of the Loom has got you covered — especially if you're in need of a reliable undershirt. Even though it's made from 100-percent cotton, its subtle ribbed weave conforms to your body and actually stays tucked into pants when you move. The V-shaped neckline is also slightly deeper than most to remain invisible under collars. As a result, reviewers say, "This is amazingly simple in its perfection, but I've long struggled when purchasing undershirts ... This is what you need."

  • Available sizes: S — 3XL tall


The Henley shirt

Henley shirts are still considered tees because of their collarless design and casual appearance — but they're characterized by the buttons up the front, which give it an elevated, polo-like style.

This Henley T-shirt from Boisouey is one of the best available. It's made from primarily cotton, but has some added spandex for optimal stretch and comfort. The moderate fit isn't as slim as others, but has reviewers saying, "I really like the shape of this shirt for the price."

  • Available sizes: S — XL


The pocket T-shirts

Front pockets add style and practicality to your favorite T-shirt. This set of three from Jerzees has a 4.3-star rating because of its reinforced seams, lay-flat collar, and cotton-polyester blend. They're extremely soft and relaxed for comfort, and reviewers are saying things like, "I own 15 of these now," and "Finally... pocket T-shirts that actually fit me."

  • Available sizes: S — 4XL


The sweat-proof undershirt

For those whose primary concern is sweat control, these Thompson Tee's are not your average T-shirts. They're made from combed cotton (which is better-suited for sweat-wicking), but they're also created with built-in sweat pads for ample absorption and protection.

Even though they're non-bulky and slim-fitting under clothes, reviewers say, "Also after I bought and tested my first one, I bought [five] additional in different colors and styles. I'm finally able to wear [a lot] of clothes I stopped wearing because the sweat would show too much."

  • Available sizes: XS — 3XL


The one that's great for travel

Maybe you're headed on a vacation, backpacking trip, or festival tour — or maybe you just don't get to your laundry as much as you'd like. Either way, the Ably Apparel Tourist shirt has ample features that keep it cleaner for longer. It's made from 100-percent cotton, but the fabric has been treated with a special eco-friendly technology called Filium.

Thanks to the Filium activation, this shirt repels stains, liquids, and odors. It also dries much more quickly if you're traveling somewhere without a dryer, and since it doesn't need to be laundered nearly as much as your average T-shirt, you can get multiple days of wear out of it. "Still water repellent and smell resistant after a few washes and 25 or so days of wear," says one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: S — 3XL

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