The cheapest, easiest home upgrades that'll impress the hell out of people

Make a big impact on a budget.

ByVeronika Kero and Lauren Beach
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It’s easier than you realize to impress guests. It’s often the small but thoughtful additions that they notice, and these cheap and easy home upgrades will have them asking, “Where’d you get that?” Scroll on to see organizers that will streamline your closet and pantry, trim-to-fit oven liners that look custom-made, and a stylish set of biodegradable dishcloths that replace a whopping 150 rolls of paper towels to boot. The gems listed below are all less than $35 and everything is easy enough for you to install yourself.


This matching 19-piece kitchen utensil set for less than $25

Not only does this kitchen utensil set come with 19 different tools that are all made out of durable silicone-tipped wood, but it also comes with a sturdy holder to keep them all in. The silicone makes these tools safe to use on any type of pan (including nonstick) and most tools feature a hole for hanging. The set also comes with silicone pot holders. Choose from three colors in the listing.


This pack of durable cutting boards with non-slip feet

With this three-pack of cutting boards, you’ll always have the right cutting surface at hand when prepping a meal. The set comes with plastic boards, each in a different size and with nonslip handles and feet. They won’t splinter, crack, or peel, and they’re safe to clean in the top rack of the dishwasher.


An easy-to-install wireless doorbell with 50 chimes & 4 volume levels

With a range of up to 1,000 feet, you can place the receiver that comes with this wireless doorbell just about anywhere in your home. Meanwhile, the transmitter is weatherproof and can operate in temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose between 50 chimes and four volume levels without worrying about replacing the battery for three years.


These self-adhesive shower hooks that hold up to 7 pounds

You can use this pack of four shower hooks vertically or horizontally to hold your towel, loofah, razor, and more. Because they can hold nearly 7 pounds each, you may even want to use them in other rooms to hold jackets and keys. They have an adhesive backing and a sleek matte finish that will modernize your home. They’re also available in white.


A 12-inch turntable with removable dividers

Whether you keep it in your cabinet or fridge for more organized storage or out in the open so your guests have easy access to snacks, this 12-inch turntable will get a ton of use. It’s made of shatter-resistant plastic and has a nonskid base so jars and bottles don’t tumble over as you spin it 360 degrees. It has optional dividers to create up to four sections.


A heat-resistant silicone mat that’s so versatile

This 24-by-18-inch silicone mat is so versatile. It has raised edges to hold back spills and deep grooves to maximize airflow for drying dishes, and it’s heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit for setting down hot cookware. Its nonslip surface is also useful for keeping tools handy and protecting surfaces while working on a DIY project.


A chrome paper towel holder that reviewers say exceeds expectations

This chrome paper towel holder is made of durable metal with a sleek design that will be at home in any kitchen. One shopper wrote: “I truly wasn't expecting much given the low price point. [...] This product more than exceeded my expectations. It's solid and durable. The design is modern but simple.”


A set of stainless steel mixing bowls that come with matching airtight lids

While this pack of mixing bowls comes in five different sizes, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing a ton of space. They nest and come with matching airtight lids that will come in handy when saving leftovers or chilling dough in the freezer. They’re dishwasher safe, too.


This outlet extender with a shelf that can support up to 10 pounds

Equipped with five three-prong outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port, you can keep all your devices in one place with this outlet extender. It eliminates messy cords all over the house and provides surge protection as well. Plus, the built-in shelf can support up to 10 pounds and it has a built-in nightlight that can be turned on and off manually.


A 2-tier organizer with bins that can be lifted out

It’s easy to see why this two-tier organizer has a 4.6-star overall rating. Its slide-out baskets can be lifted out and carried around the house for convenience and they even have adjustable dividers to create tidy sections. The organizer is available in other colors in the listing, as well as multipacks.


A cold brew coffee maker that has a leakproof lid

Thanks to the included funnel and measuring scoop, you won’t end up spilling grounds all over your countertop when using this cold brew coffee maker. Just fill the ultra-fine mesh filter to trap all sediments, add cool water, and let it chill for eight to 24 hours. The leakproof lid locks in freshness for up to three weeks.


This low-profile bath mat that absorbs water in seconds

Thanks to its smooth upper layer, this bath mat causes water to quickly disappear and it prevents dirt and hair from attaching to its surface. Plus, it has a rubber backing that will keep it in place — even on a wet floor. One reviewer wrote, “They're rubbery, just soft enough for bare, wet feet, easy to vacuum and spray down, and they look good on almost any floor you put them.” Choose from several colors and sizes in the listing.


This lint remover with more than 112,000 5-star reviews

Made with nylon rolling pins, this popular lint remover eliminates the need to deal with sticky pads. Simply roll it over upholstery and clothes to instantly remove lint, fur, and hair. It won’t snag fabric and is easy to empty into the trash with the press of a button.


These sleek plastic storage bins with a 4.8-star overall rating

Made of BPA- and chlorine-free plastic, these storage bins can be used all over the house and are even safe to use for food. The construction is shatterproof and easy to wipe clean with soap and water. And because they have built-in handles, you won’t have trouble carrying them around the house.


A sleek plastic bag holder that can be mounted on the wall

Instead of letting extra grocery bags make a mess of your cabinets or drawers, store them in this plastic bag holder. Made of sleek and shiny stainless steel, it won’t disrupt your decor as you mount it on the wall or inside of a cabinet. All hardware is included and it’s easy to install.


These biodegradable dishcloths that can be washed & reused 100 times

Made of a cotton-cellulose blend that’s machine-washable, these reusable dishcloths will make your home more eco-friendly and save you money. Each cloth in this 10-pack can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels. Wet them for a streak-free shine on delicate surfaces or keep them dry to scrub tough buildup on dishes.


Some remote-controlled wireless LED lights that can be set on a timer

Put these wireless battery-powered LED lights anywhere you want to add lighting without using an outlet. You can choose to use heavy-duty adhesive or screws, both of which are included. The three-pack comes with a remote control so you can turn them on and off and put them on a 15-, 30-, 60-, or 120-minute timer.


A pair of silicone oven mitts that come in 2 lengths

These silicone oven mitts will keep not only your hands protected as you cook and bake but your forearms as well. They’re made generously long (13.7 inches) so that hot steam or rods don’t reach your skin. While the exterior is made of a flexible (and textured) silicone, the interior is lined with cotton. A longer version (14.7 inches) is also available in the listing, as are several color choices.


These glass food storage containers with airtight lids

Thanks to their airtight lids that feature rubber gaskets, you can keep sauces, dips, and even dressings in these food storage containers. This microwave-, fridge-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe six-pack is made of borosilicate glass and each one can hold up to 5 ounces.


A 25-piece set of organizer bins with nonslip bottoms

This set of organizer bins comes with 25 pieces in four different sizes, all of which have ridged interiors to keep your items from slipping and sliding. For extra grip, the pack also comes with nonslip rubber pads that can be attached to the outer corners. The set has an impressive 4.8-star overall rating and each piece costs less than a dollar.


These chic & functional apothecary jars that come with white & clear labels

With the four apothecary jars in this pack, you’ll be able to eliminate the boring original packaging of a lot of your daily essentials. The body is made of thick drop-resistant plastic while the lid is made of smooth bamboo. The set comes with clear and white labels for customization.


A pair of convenient pantry organizers that can also be used in closets & bathrooms

With three strong metal hooks, you can trust this over-the-door pantry organizer to hold all your essentials. Fill the 24 pockets of one with condiments and sauces and because the set comes with two organizers, use the other for shampoo and lotion bottles in the bathroom — or in a closet. Reviewers also report that it can be hung on the wall thanks to the holes at the top.


These high-quality glass carafes with protective lids

Each of these glass carafes has a 1-liter capacity and they come with matching lids to keep your cocktail mix or juice fresh. Thanks to their narrow neck, they’re easy to pour without spilling. One shopper wrote, “I love that they are heavy glass and won't tip easily. [...] I also love that they have lids, so flies cannot get near your drinks or fall in.”


A convenient rolling caddy that can hold up to 30 pounds

The back wheels on this rolling caddy make it easy to take out from under your sink or kitchen cabinets. It comes with two adjustable dividers so you can separate products or produce as needed and an optional hanging basket that can be removed if you don’t need the extra storage.


A waterproof door mat that comes in 2 sizes & 6 colors

This nonslip doormat can be used both indoors and out thanks to its water-resistant design. Its classic plaid design will complement any part of your home while locking in dirt and liquid so that nothing is dragged onto your floors. It’s available in six colors and two sizes in the listing to match your decor. “It stays in place, easy to wash machine and good color,” wrote one reviewer.


This extendable colander for hands-free draining

Extend this over-the-sink colander from 14 to 19 inches, set it in the sink, and concentrate on pouring food through it. It has six pre-set lengths to prevent it from sliding, it can withstand up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s available in several colors in the listing.


A pack of organizers with 64 spots for underwear & socks

To quickly find what you’re looking for, keep your intimates in one of these underwear organizers. Between the three that come in this pack, there are 64 cells in which you can keep something as light as no-show socks to something as thick as winter socks. They can collapse for compact storage when not being used.


These silicone-tipped kitchen tongs that are just $4 each

You won’t have to worry about cross-contamination with this three-pack of kitchen tongs. Each of the three sizes has a durable stainless steel body that is covered in silicone grips. Plus, there’s a loop on the end so they can be hung up to store.


Some nonstick oven liners that can also be used in your air fryer, toaster & grill

Made of thick Teflon (that can be trimmed to fit your appliance), this two-pack of oven liners protects the bottom level of your oven from drips and crumbs. When it’s time to clean, all you have to do is slide it out and empty the collection into the trash. Each piece can be reused and can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also be trimmed to fit in your grill, air fryer, or microwave.


An adjustable box organizer that can support up to 20 pounds

Instead of haphazardly piling your aluminum foil and plastic wrap on top of each other, keep them neat and tidy with this box organizer. It has sturdy nonslip feet to support the three levels (two of which can be adjusted in height). In total, it can hold up to 20 pounds.


These rug corner grippers that work indoors & out

If you have a rug that’s always out of place or won’t stop curling at the edges, add these rug corner grippers to your cart. They feature a weatherproof adhesive that works both inside and out, and they will keep your rug in place on hardwood, carpet, tile, stone, and more.


A 6-pack of collapsible storage cubes with 74,000+ 5-star reviews

With sewn-in handles on two sides of each of the storage cubes in this pack of six, it’s easy to move them from room to room. The lightweight fabric also allows everything put inside to breathe. When empty, collapse them flat for storage. They’re available in several colors and two sizes in the listing.


This sleek cable management box that comes in 2 sizes & 3 colors

Clean up the messy cords and power strips behind your desk and beside your TV with this sleek cable management box. The small size (shown above) can hold an 11-inch power strip and features ventilation along the lid and multiple cutouts for feeding cords in and out. It’s also available in large for power strips up to 13.4 inches long, as well as two other colors.


A toothbrush holder with a removable bottom & divider for easy cleaning

This stainless steel-accented toothbrush holder has lots of features that set it apart from your average model: It has removable dividers, as well as a detachable bottom for drainage and easy cleaning. The bottom is nonslip to keep it in place on your counter and it’s also available in white in the listing, as well as a larger size in stainless steel.


This versatile kitchen rack with a 4.7-star overall rating

This versatile kitchen tool holder can be used to store cutting boards, pot lids, cookbooks, kitchen utensils like a ladle or spatula, and more. The rack is made of heavy-duty metal and has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon. One fan wrote, “I like the quality of the product, solid and stable on the counter. We have a pretty big and heavy wooden chopping board and it holds very well.” A white version is also available in the listing.


A highly rated expandable bamboo drawer organizer

This bamboo drawer organizer expands from 13.2 to 20 inches wide to fit any standard drawer. The organizer has six slots before it’s expanded and eight once fully expanded and it’s 2 inches deep to hold kitchen tools and cutlery with ease. The bottom has nonslip feet to keep it steady in a moving drawer. One reviewer wrote, “I bought four different storage units, This by far is the best. Was shocked to see dove-tail connections for the corners[...] that type of connection is much stronger and is used in higher end drawers /furniture.”


These stackable bins that reviewers use all over the house

Use this two-pack of stackable wire baskets to corral items in your pantry, laundry room, closet, and more. The baskets are 17 inches wide and a 13-inch version is also available in the listing. One reviewer wrote, “These work perfectly for [...] snacks & other items. No more trying to slide plastic bins in & out. [...] Have already purchased another set to use in either my pantry, garage, or hall closet. Easy assembly, stack easily, covers so the 'feet' don't scratch my cabinets & they don't slide. Plus PLENTY of space and easy access.”


These glass foaming soap dispensers that let you use less soap

Elevate your bathroom and save money on soap by buying refill-size versions of your favorite brand and pouring it into these sleek glass foaming soap dispensers. Reviewers say the set also works well with hand soap tablets and castile-based foaming soaps as well. “Such a smooth motion to dispense. [...] Never have they tipped or fallen over during dispensing, very sturdy,” wrote one fan.


These bamboo storage bag organizers that come with labels

Make better use of drawer and cabinet space with these bamboo storage bag organizers that let you eliminate packaging for a sleeker look. The set comes with four organizers and 21 labels for customization. Unlike one-piece storage solutions, this set allows you to find the right fit for your space. Choose from several colors in the listing.


A roomy cotton basket that comes in lots of great shades

For less than $30, this large cotton rope basket with a 4.8-star overall rating can hold spare pillows and blankets next to the couch or your robe and slippers beside your bed. Thanks to its built-in handles, reviewers also use it as a hamper. It’s available in 17 color combinations including green and white, gray and white, and black and camel.


This popular anti-fatigue mat with nearly half an inch of cushioning

At almost half an inch thick, this anti-fatigue mat can relieve stress on your joints in the kitchen while doing dishes or in your office under your standing desk. It’s available in several colors and sizes in the listing and features a beveled edge to prevent tripping and it’s water resistant, too.


These precise glass olive oil & vinegar bottles with personalizable labels

Save the hassle of cleaning measuring spoons with this glass olive oil and vinegar dispensing set that features easy-to-read measurements on the bottles. The set includes two 17-ounce bottles, two precise spouts with dust caps and flip tops, a funnel for easy filling, a set of personalizable labels, and plug-in stoppers and sealing caps.


A set of airtight cereal containers designed for easy pouring

This set of three 3.6-quart cereal containers is designed to keep your favorite brands fresh and easy to pour into a bowl when you’re half awake. Each lid has a rubber freshness seal to keep them airtight and a round pouring spout, as well as ergonomic indents that make them easy to grip. The BPA-free containers have measurement markings on the side and come with customizable chalkboard labels and a white chalk marker.


This $7 stainless steel spoon rest & pot lid holder

Save time wiping down your counters with this $7 spoon rest and pot lid holder. Made of stainless steel, it has earned a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon. One shopper commented, “No longer [wasting] paper towels to protect my counter from hot utensils and drips.”


This stackable egg container that has a 4.7-star overall rating

With this egg container, you no longer need to worry about accidentally cracking eggs in the fridge. The organizer features a drawer for easy access and inside there are 18 divots to keep the eggs secure until you’re ready to use them in a recipe. Thanks to its sturdy roof, it can be stacked for even more storage. A 12-egg version is also available in the listing.