These 45 products are so helpful around the house, you'll use them every day

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There are some things we do every single day that are just a little bit harder than they have to be. Think of those tiny annoyances like drying dishes, clearing off counter space, or looking high and low for your keys. Heck, even turning on lights or the coffee pot can be a pain! Luckily, finding items that aren’t simply functional and affordable but actually ease up your home routine are a lot easier to come by than you may think. When you stumble across products that make your life easier, that’s when you know you’ve gotten true value.

One of the biggest daily time sucks is cooking, but there are cooking appliances and utensils that make meal prep a breeze like a hands-free, clip-on strainer or a versatile veggie chopper. There are also a ton of affordable smart gadgets that can upgrade everything from light switches to toilets to lamps.

Some of these products are absolute must-haves to incorporate into your everyday routine. Others are a bit more novelty but still provide superb value when it comes to being useful. But these items all have one thing in common: once you have them, you will wonder how you ever managed your home every day without them.


This hanging trash can that makes cleaning convenient

This hanging mini trash can conveniently hangs in a drawer on the countertop, so you can simply brush food scraps and crumbs into the bin while you’re cooking, saving you the time and effort of walking back and forth to the trash can. Just line it with a grocery bag, slide in your trash, and throw out the entire bag of scraps when you’re done cooking. You can collapse this trash can when you’re done for space saving storage.


This Bluetooth tracker that locates misplaced items

Save time finding keys, wallets, phones, and other easily misplaced items with this small, smart tracking device. This Bluetooth tile is capable of locating items near and far. Utilize the Tile app to find your lost item, and it will ping the object if it’s within 200 feet. If it’s outside that range, the app will show you the item’s last location.


This sink rack that rolls up for easy storage

This flexible, roll-up dish rack is made from a rust-resistant, food-safe, durable silicone-wrapped steel, and can withstand heats up to 400 degrees. The rubber-coated edges firmly grip the edges of the sink, ensuring the rack doesn’t slide around while your dishes drip dry. Amazon shoppers love this dish rack; it has over 23,500 reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating.


A smart button pusher that turns everyday items into high-tech gadgets

This universal SwitchBot button pusher is an easy, hands-free way to make your home “smart” without totally replacing the things around your house. Attach the button pusher to buttons or rocker switches around your house, and sync the device with your phone or smart home assistant hub. Now, you can control your coffee maker, lights, fans, or anything else that has a button with simple voice commands. The SwitchBot also comes with a built-in timer option so it can function without a smart phone or home assistant hub.


A stand-up wireless charger that charges three things at once

This black wireless charging station holds and charges your smart phone, watch, or wireless earbuds — and it can even do all three at the same time. The LED indicating light makes it easy to tell the status of the device(s) charging, and the heat dissipation holes make it so the charger doesn’t overheat while it’s at work. This device is compatible with most brands and devices.


This garment steamer you can take anywhere

This handheld clothing steamer is an easy-to-use alternative to an iron and has a massive following on Amazon, with over 38,000 five-star reviews. The container holds 240 milliliters of water, which allows you to steam garments, curtains, or anything else for 15 continuous minutes. It has a 9-foot power cord and is lightweight, making it a great portable option when traveling to keep clothes looking fresh.


This handy heat sealing tool that keeps your snacks fresh

This handheld heated sealer allows you to reseal packages of chips, half-eaten candy bars, pet food, and other groceries in three to five seconds. Storing leftover food and snacks directly in the bags in which they came helps you to reduce excess plastic use. This small device also helps save cabinet space, since you can ditch bag clips, plastic food storage containers, zip-top bags, and other bulky storage containers.


A convenient bedside cubby organizer

Store and access numerous items by your bedside with this four-pocketed organizer. This caddy lets you simply reach your hand down to your side to grab your phone, the remote, water bottle, or whatever else you need at night from the two mesh and two cloth pockets. Slide the flattened panel side between the bottom of the mattress and your bed frame, and it is ready to be used. This hanging organizer can also be used on a couch or chair.

  • Available colors: 14


These silicone garlic peelers that save you time and energy

This two pack of garlic peelers makes it so easy to take off that pesky, papery, outer layer. To use, slide a few cloves into the tube and then gently press down and roll the peelers back and forth for a few seconds. Shake out the pieces of garlic and peels and there you go; it really is that simple!

  • Available colors: 8


This mini vacuum that can catch all the crumbs

This miniature, portable vacuum is capable of cleaning up a variety of tough-to-reach and small spaces. This cordless, battery-powered device can operate for up to 90 minutes of continuous cleaning use, allowing you to sweep up crumbs and dirt from tables, counters, desks, and other small surfaces. There is also a nozzle feature that also makes it easy to clean items like keyboards.


A clever magnet that marks your dishes as clean or dirty

This handy dandy dishwasher magnet slides, letting you mark whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty. No more guessing or yelling to your family members or roommates to figure out if the dishes are clean or not. It’s just that easy — and the 4.8-star rating on Amazon proves this easy gadget works.

  • Available colors: 2


This kit that keeps stainless steel appliances shiny

Wipe greasy fingerprints, watermarks, and other residue off your appliances with the stainless steel cleaning duo. This is the top-selling brand on the market thanks to its pH-neutral formula and great value. The cleaning kit will not only remove smudges and other dirt particles, but also leave a nice polished shine, helping to prevent further messes.


A heavy-duty shoe rack to clear up floor space

This four-tiered shoe rack is a great organizational way to store your shoes away while still being able to access them with ease. A real space saver, this rack can hold 20 pairs of shoes, and each rack can withstand 30 pounds. There is also the option to remove the panels, allowing you to easily store boots or other taller shoes.

  • Available colors: 2


This versatile food chopper that makes meal prep easy

Speed up food prep time with this multifunctional vegetable chopper. This multipurpose tool has different inserts that can be swapped out for the size or type of blade you need, allowing you to cube potatoes, dice onions, or spiralize squash in seconds. The base is covered in a nonslip material that will keep the plastic container from sliding around the counter while being used. Additional attachments also turn this chopper into a juicer, egg slicer, and vegetable peeler.


This dough scraper that actually has so many uses

This easy-grip cooking tool is great for scraping and chopping an assortment of ingredients. Its handle is made from a nonslip material and the blade is stainless steel. Use it to quickly and easily chop vegetables or to section off pieces of dough. Heck, this diverse utensil is even great for cutting through butter. When it needs to be cleaned, simply toss it in the dishwasher.


A set of four washable place mats for the table

These tableware place mats add sleek elegance to a simple weeknight meal or a small dinner party with friends. The woven material ensures long lasting durability and is easy to clean for the inevitable spill. They come in a set of four and measure 12 by 18 inches, providing ample space for a simple or more intricate dinner setting.

  • Available colors: 35


These burner covers that help keep a stovetop clean

These protective, reusable burner covers help keep your stove clean from unavoidable grease stains, sauce spills, and water overflows from cooking. These teflon-coated silicone protectors can be cut to properly fit your stove and are easily cleaned with hot, soapy water.


A compact broom that lets you clean awkward spaces

This small dustpan and broom set is perfect for cleaning up minor messes and spills. The brush is designed with a pointed head, allowing it to reach into corners and other tricky spaces. The dustpan has a rubber bumper across the front so it rests flat against the floor for maximum efficiency. Its compact size also makes it easy to store when not being used.


This silicone mat that keeps cooking utensils off the counter

Keep your kitchen countertops free from drips and other messes with the help of this silicone utensil holder. Designed with four slots that can fit tons of different utensils and a slip-free square-shaped base, excess sauce or liquid easily comes off a spoon or spatula and drips into the tray. It comes ready to use and with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Available colors: 16


This automatic soap dispenser that’s completely touch-free

With a infrared motion sensor that detects your hands are near, this automatic soap dispenser is an easy way to help keep your hands as clean as can be. The soap output is adjustable up to five levels — and the tough, waterproof base works to keep the battery compartment safe. Plus, the sleek design is sure to look great in any bathroom.


A gadget that makes it beyond easy to open jars

This easy-open lid apparatus makes getting jars and screw-cap bottles open a snap. You can easily install this tool under a counter or table to keep it out of eyesight, yet have it be easily accessible. The V-shaped opener allows you to open everything from large jam jars large to small bottles of water or medicine bottles. Reviewers claim this gadget can open factory-sealed, childproof, tamper-proof, and super sticky jars.


A hands-free, wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser

This automatic toothpaste dispenser that mounts to your wall disburses the perfect amount of toothpaste on every use. Easily install this wall mounted dispenser by cleaning the area in which you want to place it and then firmly press the adhesive back onto the flat surface. To get toothpaste, place the head of the brush under in the dispensing hole and let the device do its thing.


This bamboo cutting board that keeps food separated

This sizeable bamboo cutting board is equipped with three built-in food trays, so you can scoop your chopped ingredients out of the way. Made of 100% natural bamboo and BPA-free, this board also saves counter and dishwasher space since you won’t need to keep tons of bowls nearby to store your prepped food.


These smart lightbulbs that can match your vibe

These smart, color-changing LED bulbs can be controlled either by a smartphone app or your voice, whichever lines up more with your needs. In addition to being able to sync up with timers or a schedule, these bulbs can also observe and track your use of energy in real time, allowing you to see how much electricity is being used and adjust accordingly. With over 16 million color combinations, you can set different styles of timers, making you see the potential of lightbulbs in a new light.


A handheld food slicer that makes cutting easier than ever

This portable food slicer is marketed as an egg slicer, but it can do so much more than that. Cutting up tomatoes, bananas, mushrooms, and other soft fruits and vegetables is easier thanks to this slicer’s nine stainless steel blades and handheld design (but you can also use it on the counter, if you prefer). It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


A cookbook stand with a 4.8-star rating on Amazon

This bamboo book stand makes cooking and baking a cinch. In addition to propping up your cookbook or tablet, there are two clips on the front, which allow the stand to hold onto single recipe sheets and secure cookbooks. This stand can be adjusted to five different angles, so you can look at your recipes with ease.


This LED desk lamp that’s also a wireless charger

This portable LED desk lamp has five distinct modes of lighting and levels of brightness, so you can find the perfect setting to suit your needs. There is also the option to set an automatic timer that will turn the lamp off after either 30 or 60 minutes of use, making it a good nightlight for kids. Beyond the handy light, this lamp can be used as a wireless charger, so you can easily power up your devices without the hassle of needing a USB chord.


This genius silicone clip-on strainer

This silicone clip-on strainer uses two industrial strength clips on the sides to attach to your cooking vessel, meaning you don’t need someone else to hold a strainer or worry about your food falling out as you try to aim for a traditional strainer. Once the clip is securely fastened in place, simple tilt the pot or pan to the side in order to strain out any unnecessary liquid. The silicone is also super easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

  • Available colors: 3


This handheld squeegee that cleans tons of surfaces

Use this all-purpose squeegee with a small handle to easily grip and maneuver when cleaning. It can be helpful in keeping shower walls free of mold and mildew by wiping down the walls after rinsing off. You can also use it to clear off steam from mirrors or squeegee off cleaning spray. The rubber blade comes in three different sizes and leaves behind a streak-free surface.


A hair catcher and strainer that protects your drains

This TubShroom drain protector prevents hair and grime from clogging drains, saving you time, energy, and resources by not having to snake the drain or use liquid cleaners to get the water flowing properly again. Instead, just wipe your TubShroom clean. This hair catcher is designed to fit inside any standard sized bathtub drain, keeping it out of sight while doing the job.


This set of silicone basting brushes that make slathering on sauce a breeze

This set of two basting brushes gives you plenty of options for how use them while cooking and baking. These brushes are grill safe, so sauce up ribs or baste some wings while they’re cooking with ease. You can even use this basting brush to glaze a cake. The handle is made from stainless steel and the bristles are silicone, so these are safe to use on food, can withstand high temperatures, and are easy to clean.


This water filtration system that attaches to your faucet

Get water that tastes better and is cleaner with this Basic Brita water system. This specific filtration system saves fridge space by attaching directly to the kitchen faucet. Each filter gets around 100 gallons of use for clean water before needing replaced, and when the filter needs replaced, the indicator light will let you know it is time.


This bamboo pizza paddle that helps make the perfect pie

Use this wooden pizza paddle to cook the perfect pizza at home. Prepare your pizza with ease on this board, and when the oven is ready, grab the handle and slide the pie into the oven or onto the grill to cook. You can use the board to remove the pizza when it is finished cooking as well. This paddle board isn’t just for pizzas — it can be used as a charcuterie board or general serving platter for dinner parties.


An automated pet food dispenser with programmable meal times

Pre-program your pet’s meal times and meal sizes with this automated pet feeder. A 10-second, personalized message can even be recorded to alert your pet that it is meal time. This device is compatible with dry kibble or pellets and can hold up to 5 liters of food — or enough to feed two cats at the same time.


A rolling laundry cart with two heavy-duty bags

This mobile laundry cart on wheels makes laundry time a cinch. Sort out clothes that need to be washed on different cycles or keep towels and bedding separate. Each storage bag can hold 11 pounds of clothing and other washable materials and are can be removed, so you can tote your laundry bags around if need be.


An LED mirror alarm clock with an easy-to-read screen

This digital alarm with mirror display is the perfect way to upgrade your clock. It’s practical yet chic, with an easy-to-read, reflective LED display and three levels of brightness that you can set yourself or automatically adjust. As a bonus feature, this clock is equipped with two USB ports for charging your phone and other devices.


Some handheld flashlights that are almost impossible to break

This two-pack of LED GearLight flashlights are practically indestructible. According to the manufacturer, they can be submerged in water, frozen, dropped 10 feet, or even run over by a truck and still work like new. Each light has five modes of lighting and can illuminate objects up to 1,000 feet away, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


A 39-piece toolkit with a case for easy storage

This household toolkit contains all of the general tools you need for small home improvement tasks and fixes. Each tool is plated in chrome, making them extremely durable against high heat and corrosion. The inside of the case is molded to securely hold each tool in its particular place, so it’s easy to find the tool you need each time.

  • Available colors: 5


This accessory set that is a must for candle lovers

Keep your candles looking fresh and pristine with this three-piece accessory set. Each package comes with a flame snuffer, wick trimmer, and dipper. The tools are made of stainless steel, ensuring quality use for years to come. In additional to being functional, these tools are also beautifully designed and come in an artistic, decorative box.

  • Available colors: 3


This cleaning spray that removes red wine stains fast

Any wine lover needs to grab a bottle of this red wine stain removing spray to handle any accidental messes. Instantly eliminate wine stains that would otherwise be a hassle to try and clean. It works wonders on clothing, rugs, furniture upholstery, and more. Made from a completely biodegradable formula, this spray is tough on stains yet gentle on your fabrics.


A scraping brush for the grill that puts your old one to shame

This scraping grill brush is designed with a three pronged head, which helps it cut through grease and grime on the grill more quickly and efficiently than other brushes and scrapers. The 18-inch handle is the perfect length, too, it keeps your hands and arms away from the hot grill but still gives you enough power to effectively clean. Use this powerful brush on multiple types of grills; it’s suitable for porcelain, stainless steel, and infrared units.


These remote control covers that glow in the dark

These silicone slip covers for your remote control come with a glow-in-the-dark technology, making it easy to find your remote in dimmed lighting. This case also protects the remote from scratches and dust, while providing extra grip so you’re less likely to drop it.


A gadget that makes the *best* breakfast sandwiches

This single portion breakfast sandwich maker will take your breakfast game to a whole new level. Instead of messing up several pans to cook your eggs and meat and toast your bread, just add your sandwich components to the trays and let your machine do the work. This even assembles your sandwich for you; once the indicator light turns off, slide out the egg plate, grab your sammie, and enjoy!


A pet hair removal tool that’s endlessly reusable

This rolling hair removal device is a great eco-friendly alternative to the sticky tape lint rollers. This reusable, efficient tool can remove all kinds of hair, fur, and lint from clothes and furniture and claims to do so with just one pass through. This hair remover is easy to clean, too. The hair goes into an attached dustbin that empties out with the press of a button, and the surface can be wiped clean with a soft, wet towel.


A colorful nightlight for your toilet

These motion-activated LED toilet nightlights are a perfect way to keep your outlet space free while providing guiding light when it’s dark. There are 16 color options you can pick from to set, or there is also a rotating colors mode. Aside from being able to select the color, you can also change the brightness on these lights to make them as bright or as dim as you want.