Democrats Must Fight Back Against Republican Abuse of Power Or It Will Succeed


Jobs and health care are at the core of this election. Democrats, independents, as well as some Republicans should be voting Democrat in this election because of the opposition's behavior over the last few years, which continues today.

Job growth could be much faster today and Mitt Romney and Republicans should love "Obamacare," the Affordable Care Act. Jobs and health care are being used as a political tool. If this method is successful the country is in danger.  

These damaging tactics will be repeated next time someone wants power during a financial crisis. 

I am an independent. I have voted Republican more times than for Democrats. This article goes into very specific and exhaustive detail about why I have switched sides. Today, I fight for the Democrats. 

My mission is to reveal how Republicans are slowing down recovery to try to capture the White House and seats in Congress.  

This is unacceptable. We must make certain that Republican leaders face consequences for this action.

My mission is to reveal that Romney's team wrote the Affordable Care Act. Romney passed all the core elements into law in Massachusetts as governor. Then Romney went around promoting the individual mandate and other parts of the law nationally.    

This is unacceptable. All the best ideas are in that law. We must make certain that Romney and Republicans face consequences for their mass deception of the American public. Or, deception at all levels will be the chosen method forwards.

These practices must stop.  

During any recession or crisis, all should be working together intensely to get America back on it's feet as fast as possible. Anything less is unpatriotic.

Please, unpackage sections of data in my articles and write your own shorter articles exploring these topics more succinctly. Use my article for the research.  Hopefully, you can include this information from the broader picture when you write stories as the news happen.

(This helps make certain we don't lose the forest for the trees!)

American health is in crisis. People's lives and livelihood are on the line. Life and death matters are at hand. All Americans and our leadership should be focused with honesty and integrity on being part of the solution.

Cooperation on job creation and working to improve American health should be American leaders' and citizens' number one duty. America needs to fight hard for more good jobs and health.

This will not be handed to us.

Republicans are blocking forward motion on jobs and health care in a reckless and irresponsible way that harms Americans and this article will show you how. I provide links to my previous articles, which go into much greater depth.  

Bottom line: Republicans burnt the house down. Eight years of their leadership in the White House and Congress ravaged the American economy. Now, they blocked all Democratic efforts to grow jobs.  When jobs reports come out, Republicans are ready to pounce - almost cheering at how their obstruction has held back the recovery. Flooding the airwaves with blame that Democrats do not deserve.  

Now, after burning the house down, blocking all jobs legislation, and trying to make health care "Obama's Waterloo," they complain that Democrats haven't repaired Republican damage to the economy fast enough.

Inform yourself deeply, or we go back to policies that blew up the economy in the first place.

Inform yourself deeply, so that next time you see a bad jobs number, you know just how we get here and you hold Republicans responsible.

My previous articles are linked in this one piece to help bring together the full picture at once.

Republican leaders' actions are a betrayal of America and they must face consequences. 

If you have any doubts about the top political priority of Republicans, they have been crystal clear on this. Their top political priority is not to build a successful economy. It is not to see that Americans get jobs, or health care costs are lowered, or millions more Americans are covered, or the worst insurance company abuses end.  No.  

Watch Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate as he stated their top political priority after the previous election.

What methods could be employed to deny Obama a second term?  

1. Block jobs growth and cause a downward trend prior to the election.

2. Obama's approval rating is tied to beliefs about where the economy is today. From the moment Obama's took place until now 4,500,000 jobs have been added. This is a great success. To get Obama out of office they now tell you things are much worse than they really are. They are lowering American confidence in the economy because it lowers Obama's approval.  

View a Gallup Poll showing the tie between economic confidence and Presidential job approval.

Lower economic confidence will slow spending and hiring right through the election and then all the sudden economy will pop forwards - the moment the negative messaging ends - no matter who is elected.  

3. When Obama brings hope and change - bring fear of change and doubt of the approach.

- Millions of Americans probably hate the Affordable Care Act because they believe government death panels will kill grandma.  Did this ever happen? Or, was it a complete fabrication to destroy public opinion of a law that will benefit Americans tremendously?  

Was threatening the death of your grandmother an effective way to create fear and doubt about Obama's health care legislation?

- The "birther," movement was about bringing fear and doubt about Obama. The aim was to associate him with Saddam Hussein by illustrating that his full name is "Barrack Hussein Obama." The second aim was to convince people he was Muslim, while we were at war with Islamic extremists. The third aim was to say, "This guy isn't one of us, you can't trust him." That is where the birth certificate came in.  

Did it work? Huge percentages of people in Republican states believe Obama is Muslim, not American, and out to destroy America.  

[Pew Research: 31% - Republicans Believe Obama is a Muslim 2009 and 2010 polls]

[Analysis of a recent poll by Public Policy Polling: March 12th 2012. 52% of GOP in Mississippi say Obama is Muslim. 45% in Alabama - where only 14% believe he is Christian - his actual religion]

[Public Policy Polling complete results.]

This was a setup. It helped Americans trust Republicans more on any attack they made against the President's policies.

Did it bring fear and doubt? Check out the explosion of gun sales since Obama took office.  Republicans convinced their constituents that the enemy took the White House and would destroy America.  

Here is an image that has been shared by Ammoland. They supply guns and ammunition. 

And here is a chart of background checks as people apply to purchase guns. Some people get one background check and buy 3, 5, or 10 guns. (Note: Exact measures of how many guns are sold annually are hard to come by.  The number of background checks seems to be the best measure of the trend of overall buying activity.)  

They trigger this further by saying that Obama wants to take away your guns.

I've stopped calling for bipartisanship on issues for this reason. Republicans took this so far that they can't work with Obama, or they will lose their seats in Congress. Working with Obama in the eyes of constituents is working with the enemy who came to destroy America.  

4. By showing you how far Romney had to flip-flop to attack Obamacare, you will become aware that something underhanded and deceptive on health care is taking place.

Job Growth Could be Much Faster Today

Republicans gained seats in the last election by promising to focus on jobs. They have done the opposite. They have blocked 19 pieces of common sense jobs legislation that is filled with tax cuts and other demand creating policies. Employers hire workers to meet customer demand for their services.  Five sales people won't be on the floor in a shop if one is sufficient to cover the single customer shopping. Republicans blocked everything that would accelerate demand, or help grow the economy prior to the election.

During a financial crisis nearly as deep as the great depression this is the most unpatriotic of all behavior.  Democrats. You must fight back. 

If this works, then during the next crisis, whomever is in the minority will slow down the recovery so that they can gain more power.  This strategy will become the norm.

The time to block all rewards and accelerate consequences for this action is NOW.

Read my articles closely and watch what Republicans have done to block recovery.  

I go into careful detail with charts, data, and videos of the leaders as actions took place.

Democrats' stimulus was hugely successful and Republicans didn't want more success.     

Article: Republicans are Killing Job Creation and Recovery. Republicans must face consequences for blocking recovery. If rewarded, this is the future of American political strategy.

     2.  The American Economy is primed for expansion. We could already have rapid growth today.            

Article: Tax Cuts for Small Business and The Middle Class Will Spur Job Creation  Republicans will get all credit for creating a rapid expansion because the economy is already setup to pop.  Republicans will make tax cuts that they blocked under Obama and the economy will soar.  Credit for recovery will then go to the wrong people. The people who blocked recovery. 

     3. Filibustering debate on all jobs measures was the mechanism Republicans used. This prevents   having to explain on the floor of Congress why they are against tax cuts for small businesses and all Americans. The technique blew up Obama's core jobs legislation that economists of all variety said would have added millions of jobs by now.                                                                   

Article: Unemployment is High by Republican Design as GOP Sabotaged Obama's Job Proposals.    Either we hold Republicans accountable today for holding back the recovery, or slowing recovery         will be method number one in the next crisis.

       4. Republicans have now blocked more than 19 jobs bills. Every bill that came up. Some bills are   the same as Republicans proposed in previous recessions. The same individuals who block them now.  They blocked another meant to help jobs return to America from overseas just a few days prior to this writing.                                                                                                    

Article: Senate Republicans Block Another Jobs Bill, Face Backlash From American Public. 

The backlash starts with you. Become informed. Get beyond the talking points. Turn off your TV and study a little economic data. You will be confident that the policies passed by our president did help.  All the rest were blocked so Obama couldn't help too much for Republicans taste.

Wake up. Obama did a fantastic job. Republicans destroyed anything that would boost jobs numbers.  The direction of the jobs trend determines election outcomes. Political consultants know this. By blocking all jobs measures Republicans have assured a downward trend leading up to the election.

Job creation levels have been manipulated by Republicans to gain more power.

We must lock arms together and STOP this abuse of power.

We must become very vocal about what happened, or these unpatriotic actions will be rewarded.

Romney and Republicans should love Obamacare

1. Romney wrote, passed into law as governor, and promoted nationally all elements of Obamacare that he now attacks. Romney ran his previous presidential campaign trying to nationalize his health care plan.

Yes, Romney's team wrote Obamacare.

Romney has made the most enormous flip-flop and I detail it in video of Romney himself.  

Essentially, the core of the Romney campaign's mission - to repeal Obamacare - is a fraud.

Article: Romney Flip Flops on Health Care, Opposes the Very Plan That He Proposed

2. They attack the law and scare people about it being socialism. However, private insurance companies are carrying out capitalist - socialism. Insurance itself is a socialist principle. The Affordable Care Act actually reduces socialism in the system through some pretty bold and positive changes. The ACA also enhances capitalism and free-market competition. 

I go into detail here.

Article: Obamacare Protects the Free Market: Why Repealing It Would Mean a Return to Socialism

3. Women receive some incredible benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Women today are being charged 150% of what men are. The ACA fixes that and makes the system more equitable. This and many other benefits for women is why every woman should fight to keep the ACA in place.

Article: Affordable Care Act Helps Women Earn the Jobs They Deserve

4. Young adults are now allowed to stay on their parents insurance because of the ACA. Repealing it means 3 million young adults who went from uninsured to insured, will go right back to being uninsured if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Article: 3 Million Millennials Say Thank You to the Supreme Court for Upholding Obamacare

These are the kinds of major things that are at stake with this legislation.

Republicans are attacking Obama on health care relentlessly. While I am a big fan of the law, which is fully detailed at  with a timeline of when things roll out, and all the benefits you will receive are listed in one place, my greatest concern is what the Republicans have done here.

They have orchestrated a fraudulent attack, full of misleading information, on the very law they proposed.

(Go back to the video of Mitch McConnell at the beginning of this article. In the background you see That is a conservative organization called the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation invented the individual mandate.)

If you observe the Republican line of attack on the, "complete government take-over of health care," ask yourself a question: if Obama had passed single-payer, government run health care, would the attacks being made today fit perfectly?  

Well, they would.  

Obama passed a centrist plan, copied a Republican plan, and used free-market principles as a pathway to universal coverage. Obama did not pass a single-payer, government run health care system, but Republicans attack him as though he did.  

They are working very hard to fool you to create a false reality that you will believe long enough to give them more power, and to scare enough Obama supporters too, so that they will be upset with the president's performance.

The upcoming "fiscal cliff," is the most manufactured crisis in history

All these uncertainty-generating elements were timed to occur right after the election. Each of these elements are fixable. To assure maximum uncertainty prior to the election Republicans timed a perfect storm to hit America right after the election. All is completely solvable. This is a slow motion manufactured crisis.

The "fiscal cliff," is merely a political tool to scare all business leaders out of hiring prior to the election.  It is working too.  

This is the capstone achievement of Republican's mission to slow job growth prior to the election so Barrack Obama will lose the White House and Democrats will lose seats in Congress and the Republican philosophy will dominate America again. 

Now that you are aware of this giant setup you must work tirelessly to stop it.

That is why I am here.  

That is why I have researched so deeply and provided so much video evidence.

That is why I have provided all through my articles links to the exact jobs and economic reports that I cite as evidence.

This writing is too complicated to communicate with everyone.

The purpose is for you to know that data and evidence supports your conviction to fight for Barack Obama and the Democrats.  

I watched this data as it came out.

I watched these leaders while the actions occurred.

I was collecting info and putting it together in my personal blog over the past several years.

Now the full picture has become visible and I am relaying what I learned to you.

Please, take action. Support the efforts of the Democrats. Donate money. Educate voters. Do whatever you can to make sure Republicans are punished for their behavior.

If you speak to one voter and bring them to the Democrats side in this election, you are doing the right thing.

Democrats are worthy of more power, but they must improve too.

People assume that because I support Democrats in this election cycle I am a liberal. This is not true. I am independent and I vote for who I believe is best for America.

While liberals may have some good ideas, now is the time to focus on making existing ideas highly successful. If government is the answer, make sure programs work highly effectively.  Don't be afraid of the public seeing flaws in programs. Show them that government is in a constant state of improvement and there are real benefits to individual Americans.

Streamline programs, maximize the benefits, and promote the success. This set of actions will keep Democrats in power.  

I firmly believe in cooperation. Prosperity comes from working together to the benefit of all.  I'm saying you, should find a way to help a friend, or a neighbor. You should organize to support small business leaders in your area who provide crucial services and are struggling. Get people behind those businesses, buying those services. Government leaders should try to find ways to work together. We must move beyond attack dog politics.

Cooperation is the key to success.

Complex problems exist that require carefully crafted, nuanced solutions. Talking points don't do any of this justice. We must go deeper.     

Through data and videos of leaders at key moments, I've attempted to provide that deeper analysis.  Sometimes, what I find bothers me so much that I will go on the attack.  

This is one of those times.

My request of you

Please, study my writing closely.  Get informed on what has happened.  Spend more time reviewing my writing in these articles than anything else. Turn off the TV for a little while and dig into the videos and economic data that I posted here.  

Once you work through the data and watch the videos I am certain you will feel as angry at Republicans as I do today. I feel so deceived. I feel cheated.

I feel like their actions hurt my business and hurt my life.  They hurt yours too.

I don't want these methods to be employed in future attempts to gain power.

I want elections where we speak about the details of the actual issues.

I don't want a country where the art is to convince the uninformed how to vote for you.

I want an America where people study the issues closely, look at data, watch the actions of their leaders, and hold either side accountable for what they have done.

Help me work towards this more just America where we go into depth on the issues.

Help me work towards a more just America where the top priority in the next election will be towards boosting America forwards - rather than ripping America down just long enough.

Help me work towards an America where the leaders who perpetuated these deceptions are out of office.

Help me work towards an America where we can have meaningful health care reform without it being a death wish to someone's political career.

Help me work towards an America where honesty and integrity prevail.

Help me work towards an America where leaders are not allowed to freely attack laws simply because their opponent wrote it.

Help me work towards an America where those who cooperate to help build common prosperity in America are rewarded.

This article is a complete reveal of the game Republicans have been playing with your head and the American economy.  

The time to stop this is now. 

We must fiercely oppose this form of slash and burn politics before it solidly roots in and becomes the way America operates indefinitely.  

Fight for the Democrats in this election.

Fight against the deceptions on health care reform.

Fight against deceptions about how the economy got where it is.

Republicans declared war on Obama and the Democrats - and thus, the American economy.

The time to fight back is now.

Support Democrats through donations.

Support Democrats by joining and leading efforts in their groups.

Support Democrats by learning the truth behind Republican deception.

Support Democrats by phone banking, or registering like minded voters.

America needs you.

Our future path is either one based on doing what is best for America, or doing what is best to gain power.

We should be very careful who we should award power too.

We should award power to those who are doing best for America.

Support and fight for the Democrats in this election.

The time for you to take action - is NOW.

Please begin by sharing this article with as many people as you can.

Take a moment and share this on Facebook, or twitter, or with other Democrats so all can understand how we got here.

Republicans entire mission over the last two years was to hamper recovery long enough for them to gain power.

The time for public backlash against Republicans is NOW.