Republicans Love to Critique Obama, But Have No Economic Plans of Their Own


Capitalism. Republicans will not say the word "capitalism." They will, however, shift to the term "free-market" now. I think we should talk about capitalism.

1. Jobs

Republicans are unwilling to discuss the fact that since Obama's policies took effect 4,500,000 jobs have been added to the economy.

Perhaps they prefer to talk about their masterwork.  

In December 2008, as Republicans' work was finishing up and Bush was packing his bags, we lost 838,000 jobs.

Ya know, I just don't hear Republicans talking about the results of all their previous policies.

2. Health Care

I still don't hear Republicans willingness to talk about the details of health care reform. They chose to cut off debate, or dialog, simply by saying, "It is a tax." Or, "Government has to spend money on it."

Twenty-three percent of all government spending today is on health care. It would probably be wise to allow some reform rather than continue to make it the third rail of politics.

They seem to only want to talk about money.

3. People

I don't hear Republicans talking about how government programs, or cuts in programs impact people.  I don't hear an empathy, an understanding of other people.

I don't hear a capacity to imagine that maybe a policy will dramatically impact someone's life - positively or negatively.

They seem to want to talk about money, or how they disagree with Obama.

There is an obsession with attacking Obama.

There is an obsession with blocking debate on the issues on the floor of Congress.

There is a belief that there ideas are the only ideas and that if it isn't there way it won't benefit the economy at all. It should be attacked. It should be smeared.  It should be blocked... and debate should not even be allowed if it is not a Republican idea.

Romney could have had my vote

When the core of his campaign became about attacking health care reform.  

(And the reason I was interested in Romney was how successful his health care reform was in getting people covered.)  

(And the reason I was interested in Romney was that he followed a principle of individual responsibility and got people off government money by using a mandate.)  

Well, I saw Romney for the man he is.

I just don't think he cares about people. He is attacking the approach that is the most successful in history at getting people covered. And he was the first to do it!

View videos of Romney in my article.

For the next subject: I combine all evidence for the claims I make in one article.

You can view that here.

Republicans could have helped move the American Economy Forwards

They did not. Instead they filibustered 375 pieces of legislation without even allowing debate, 19 of which were jobs bills.  

They wouldn't even allow debate on jobs bills if it was a Democrat's idea.  

Even when the Democrats brought all former Republican ideas into the jobs bills.

Thus, I can only conclude that Republicans don't really care about helping a jobs recovery in America happen as fast as possible.

I can only conclude that Republicans really don't care if everyone has access to health care.

And I can only conclude that Republicans don't really care about people.

I never hear Republicans talk about how things impact people.

I only hear how bad Obama is. Evil Obama.  

Obama did this. Obama did that.


Let's start talking about how to add jobs to the economy.

Let's start talking about how to bring everyone into the health care system so they can get treatment.

Let's start talking about people.  

Let's begin to answer the question... how does this effect people? 

How does this benefit people?  As well as who carries some costs?

Republicans seem to feel that all investment in America is not right unless it is their idea. 

Republicans seem only willing to speak about the cost of anything. They seem to be wary of discussing the value and benefit.

Well, I guess it isn't about people's lives to Republicans.

Unless...Do you have ideas for adding jobs? 

Do you have ideas for getting everyone covered?

Do you have ideas for lowering health care costs?

Take your best shot!

Please, share this article on Facebook and Twitter so we can get as many good ideas as possible from anyone with a brain!

That is the way forwards.