Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Gaining Significant Momentum


Polling data shows that Obama's lead is widening. While there are still people who attack the president every day, many of those attacks have been shown to be false. (Well, Americans are learning that the attacks are false.) Americans are also remembering that we were losing 839,000 jobs a month when Obama took office. When the question arises of whether or not we are better off today, people are realizing that 161,000 jobs added means a 1 million job per month difference from where we started.

The more people pay close attention to the election, the more they seem to support Obama. Republicans gained no bounce after the RNC. Their rampant attacks on the president, many of which were discredited, may have really upset independents.

Previously I wrote an article about my belief that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney attacks would eventually backfire and help Obama win reelection.

Well, something is happening. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Obama is gaining forward momentum. As more and more Americans are learning about the candidates and the results Obama has achieved, they are supporting the president.  

I believe that now it is becoming okay to support the president again. Though things are not perfect, we realize how far forwards we have come. More and more, we realize that we don't want to go backwards again.  

I've been an Obama supporter ever since the 18 tax cuts he gave to small businesses. When he passed the stimulus, my business went from receiving order cancellations to a flood of new customers, which allowed me to open other businesses.

As of September 8th, Obama has a 4% lead over Romney. This is new momentum. People who support Obama are realizing it is OK to — most people do. After months of being an ardent Obama supporter and not knowing there were so many other people out there like me, this feels great.

Romney has some positive characteristics, but there are many things that are leading people away from him and the Republicans. When Americans were disgusted by Congressman Todd Akin's remarks on rape and abortion, which were too extreme for most people who were even pro-life, they later learned that Paul Ryan had co-sponsored legislation with Akin. People are realizing that we could have added two million more jobs this year had Republicans not blocked all jobs bills. Americans have seen videos of Mitt Romney calling for an individual mandate nationally, and understanding that when his core campaign message was to attack the Affordable Care Act, he was attacking a plan his former team wrote and that he called for nationally. More people are learning that the Ryan/Romney campaign has not been honest with Americans. Fact checkers are going nuts. People are beginning to know that there are real consequences when our leaders lie.

On the flip side, more and more people are realizing that Obama is actually fiscally conservative. Most of the debt that piled up during his administration was a continuation of spending from Bush policies that Republicans will not allow to end. It is becoming clear to Americans that Obama stopped an accelerating economic free fall and brought us long term steady growth.

People will soon learn that Obama's National Export Initiative is ahead of schedule to double exports. They will learn that Obama's Startup America program is helping accelerate entrepreneurial activity. And people will soon learn that Obama funded energy research that may lead to the complete replacement of gasoline with a fuel like isobutanol, which has just had its first industrial scale order sell off entirely. Now more refineries are shifting to produce it. By 2013, we may have 500 million barrels of isobutanol produced on our soil that can help replace gasoline.

As the election continues, support for Obama will continue to grow. Obviously jobs numbers will concern people, but more and more people are realizing that Republicans blocked all jobs legislation, so the responsibility is theirs. Once isobutanol takes over — and we are not shipping $700 billion overseas, but instead are buying American-made energy products — our economy will accelerate even faster. While these projects require time and patience, Obama's work is already showing results which people find worthy of giving him another four years.

As the election nears, I feel much better about supporting Obama because I know I am not alone. Support for Obama is growing by the day.