The 8 best men's underwear for hot weather

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When the air is hot and humidity levels are high, the right pair of underwear will remain virtually undetectable — which is how it should be. The best men's underwear for hot weather is better suited for handling moisture, friction, and heat. Granted, since the vast majority of brands are marketed as "cooling," it can be difficult to tell the gimmicks from the worthwhile options.

What to consider when choosing a pair of underwear

First, you'll need to pinpoint a style, and it seems the age-old boxers versus briefs debate is about more than mere fashion. Science has shown that men who wear looser-fitting underwear have a higher sperm concentration and overall count; this is due to the fact that the scrotum is designed to remain at a distance from the rest of the body in order to retain a cooler temperature.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you should stop wearing briefs and trunks altogether; it just means that, especially in warmer weather, breathable fabrics and cooling qualities are paramount in tighter-fitting styles. Overall, loose boxers will be the coolest but also the most likely to chafe due to excess fabric.

Once you've narrowed down your preferred style, the next biggest factor will be material choice. Bamboo is likely the best natural fabric because it's highly absorbent yet quick-drying and soft. For that reason, it's a good choice for those with skin sensitivities who find cotton too stifling. Fibers like modal and polyamide are close seconds in terms of cooling qualities, and they can be either synthetic, natural, or a mix of the two. Finally, some brands utilize polyester or other entirely-synthetic fabrics, which can help with temperature control so long as they feature mesh or similar ventilating weaves.

With all that in mind, these are eight of the best men's underwear choices for hot weather.


The cooling boxers with a relaxed fit

When it comes to preserving your body's natural temperature, loose-fitting boxer briefs are the best option. The extra fabric typically means they're not a good fit for athletic activities, but Chill Boys cooling boxers are the best hot-weather pick for sleeping, traveling, relaxing, running errands, and going out.

They're made from high-performance polyester that's woven into a ventilating mesh construction. As a result, they're quick-drying, breathable, and resistant to moisture and odors. The tag-free design and large fly keep things especially comfortable.

One reviewer wrote: "I work in a very hot environment where it is easily 100+ degrees on some days. These briefs are perfect. They fit snug and eliminate a lot of moisture/sweat [...] They are also great for preventing chafing if you walk/run around a lot."

Sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Colors: 3


The moisture-wicking boxer briefs

To most people, the phrase "hot weather" translates to sweat. If your top priority is keeping everything dry and cool, David Archy quick-dry boxer briefs are your best bet. They're made from a polyamide mesh, which allows for both optimal ventilation and moisture-wicking. They're available both with and without a fly, and their mid-thigh fit absorbs sweat over a larger surface area but dries three times faster than cotton. Get them in three-packs of varying colors.

One reviewer wrote: "I love these David Archy underwear. They are made out of polyester and I am dry and cool down there even on a really hot day, or if I am working in the yard. They fit well, and when you put them on, you immediately feel cool and comfortable."

Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Colors: 21


The cooling briefs

Briefs are typically the most likely to trap heat, since they're the tightest-fitting men's underwear. That said, if they're your preferred style, the UnderGents CloudSoft brief is specifically designed to remain as cool and comfortable as possible.

Instead of denser fabrics like cotton or polyester, they're made from a plant-based micro-modal that wicks away moisture and breathes with improved air permeability; the fabric is also great when it comes to preventing unwanted odors. Finally, when compared to other brands, the looser fit allows for more hanging room, which is a feature that buyers appreciate.

One reviewer wrote: "Best briefs I've [ever worn]. Light and comfortable. Great pouch design ... I don't sweat in these briefs and they don't ride up!"

Sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Colors: 9


The bamboo boxer briefs

As previously discussed, bamboo is one of the best cooling natural fabrics. That's because it's extremely absorbent to wick away moisture but also dries very quickly and has a silky-soft feel. Eyushijia boxer briefs are woven from 95% bamboo fiber and contain 5% spandex to allow for a body-conforming stretch. Basically, they've earned a 4.3-star overall rating because they're so unbelievably comfortable — even in stifling weather.

One reviewer wrote: "I have tried many different brands and these by far are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. They fit nice and snug and the elastic is firm but not super tight. The material dries very quickly, I sweat easily and wearing these all day in 100 degree heat in Texas weather they never bothered me. I never have to adjust or feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend these."

Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Colors: 7


The boxer briefs with a long inseam

Polyester typically has a slick, frictionless feel — and when constructed correctly, can help to prevent chafing and discomfort. These adidas Sport Performance Mesh boxer briefs come in a pack of three and have several great features that help to minimize chafing during movement. They feature a light, form-fitting mesh fabric that wicks moisture, a tagless waistband, smooth stitching, and leg holes that are designed to resist riding up. They're also longer than the average boxer briefs to offer more protection and thigh coverage.

One reviewer wrote: "they ended up being extremely comfortable and they stay relatively cool as well. It can only be so cool in this Florida summer but it does as it says!"

Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Colors: 6


The 4-pack of briefs for under $20

Quality cooling underwear can cost upwards of $15 for a single style, but Fruit of the Loom's breathable four-pack comes out to just over $4 a pair. It's made from 91% cotton and contains some spandex for a skin-friendly stretch, but the special micro-mesh fabric helps to wick moisture and improve heat distribution.

If briefs aren't your go-to style, this brand offers great deals on three other popular fits: standard boxer briefs, long-leg boxer briefs, and short-leg boxer briefs.

One reviewer wrote: "Definitely notice a difference. Less sweating and it's easier to keep cool. Hit almost 90 degrees today and didn't even get sweaty!"

Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Colors: 1


The big and tall boxer briefs with temperature control

For those looking for a larger option with cooling capabilities, the Zonbailon big boxer brief is one of the most popular products in the men's big and tall underwear category. These boxer briefs are made with cooling, quick-drying bamboo fabric, have a tagless design, and are made to stay put throughout the day.

One reviewer wrote: "I love them, especially on hot and humid days. Nice soft feel, and they don't get baggy and stretched out as the day goes on. Nice cool feel, and I've already ordered more."

Sizes: Medium — 3X-Large (Big and Tall) | Colors: 9


The sporty bikini

The Jockey performance sport bikini is well-suited for high-intensity workouts because it's moisture-wicking, made from a cooling mesh fabric, and has built-in odor control. Its moderate coverage functions as a jock-strap in the front to keep everything in place, but the wider back absorbs more moisture to prevent chafing. Finally, the low-rise waistband won't show over that of athletic shorts. Get it in 12 different colors, from basic shades to bright patterns.

One reviewer wrote: "This is an athletic brief. Breathable, comfortable, and a little showy. Highly recommended for crossfit/running or [any] activity in which one needs much support (you know were) and freedom to move."

Sizes: Small — X-Large | Colors: 12

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