You'd be so much more comfortable all day if you only knew about these genius, cheap things

Get comfy from head to toe.

ByVeronika Kero
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Comfort comes in many forms: It can be a cushy just-right pillow, a portable neck fan to keep you cool, a convenient clip-on sofa arm table, a massager for your aching neck, and so much more. Making your home cozier is a major component of being comfortable and Amazon has tons of other ways to make your life easier. Everything from bug bites to back pain can be alleviated by adding these simple but genius home products to your cart.


This lightweight muscle roller for faster recovery

The foam trigger points on this muscle roller increase blood circulation, restore motion, and reduce stiffness and pain in your muscles after workouts. Although it features a steel-reinforced core for durability, it only weighs 8 ounces and its ergonomic handles make it easy to use. A 2-millimeter gap between rollers helps prevent hairs from being pulled, too.


A cooling bamboo blanket for less than $25

This cooling blanket is made of porous bamboo fibers for their superior moisture absorption and breathability. The silky-smooth fabric releases body heat and it’s available in eight colors and four sizes in the listing. The blanket comes with a special bag to protect it during washing.


This scalp massager that can be used in & out of the shower

This relaxing scalp massager with an ergonomic handle comes with two interchangeable silicone heads that are gentle enough to be used on wet or dry hair. It can be used to remove product buildup and dead skin and to lather up your shampoo.


A fog-free mirror for more comfortable shaving

Thanks to a water chamber in the rear of this shower mirror, it stays fog-free so you can shave in the shower when your hair is softer, helping to avoid nicks and cuts. The water-resistant double-sided tape on the back has the power to securely hold it in place without damaging your wall or tiles when removed.


A memory foam seat cushion with a removable cover

With a built-in handle and an included carrying case, it’s easy to take this memory foam seat cushion with you wherever you go. Use it in the office, car, or even in a stadium for a concert or sporting event. Its breathable nylon cover can be removed and washed for a refresh.


This wooden foot massager with 37,000+ 5-star reviews

With over 37,000 five-star reviews, this foot massager is well-loved by shoppers for relieving tension and foot pain. It’s made up of two different types of wooden acupressure nubs that are arched to mimic the natural curvature of your feet. The non-slip strips on the bottom will keep it in place as you use it under your desk or in front of your couch.


An inflatable lounger that doesn’t require a pump

No pump is required to set up this inflatable lounger; all you have to do is wave it through the air to have an instant chair for picnics, festivals, or the beach. Its plush shape can hold up to 650 pounds and it has a built-in headrest so that you’re completely supported. It comes in a ton of solid colors and prints in the listing.


This highly rated laptop stand that decreases neck strain

This sturdy yet lightweight aluminum laptop stand can support devices from 10 to 17 inches in size. It raises your laptop over 5 inches and angles it so that your screen is at eye level, reducing neck strain.


A clamp-on sofa arm table to keep your essentials in reach

With no assembly required, you can begin using this convenient sofa arm clip table as soon as it arrives. Its spring-loaded legs can fit chair and sofa arms with a width of 4 to 9 inches. The large surface has enough room to hold your remotes, coffee mugs, snacks, and more. It comes in three colors in the listing.


An anti-fatigue mat that reviewers say is a lifesaver

Whether you use a standing desk or dread doing the dishes, you can benefit from this anti-fatigue mat. It has a soft foam core that reduces stress on your muscles and joints. And because it has a non-slip bottom, it stays in place and the edges won’t curl. It comes in six colors and four sizes in the listing. One shopper commented, “So far it's been a life saver for my feet. It's thick [and] comfortable enough to stand on for hours, even without shoes.”


This natural bug bite relief tool with 49,000+ 5-star reviews

This bug bite tool uses suction to remove insect venom, saliva, and other irritants to instantly reduce itching and swelling. It works with bites or stings from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, and more. Plus, it’s compact and has a keychain hole so you can take it everywhere.


A fan-favorite cooling pillow with adjustable memory foam

If you’re picky about pillows, pick up this memory foam pillow; it features a zipper and is overstuffed so that you can remove the filling until it’s as firm or soft as you like. The exterior cover is machine washable and made of soft bamboo fibers that regulate temperature so that you’re cool but cozy all night long.


This memory foam footrest with a washable cover

You’ll be surprised by the difference after using this memory foam footrest under your desk or in front of your couch. It elevates your feet to help alleviate stress on joints and discomfort and it can be used upside down for a rocking motion. Plus, the velvety cover is removable and washable.


A portable neck fan that runs for up to 16 hours per charge

Reviewers are obsessed with this portable neck fan because as one fan wrote, “The design [...] is a stroke of genius.” It’s covered in vents for 360-degree airflow around your neck that can be adjusted between three speeds. It makes hardly any noise and runs for four to 16 hours per charge depending on what speed you choose.


This belly-sleeper pillow that relieves pressure on your spine

This slim belly-sleeper pillow relieves pressure on your back by aligning your spine and it’s filled with gel memory foam that will keep you cool, too. One shopper wrote, “Because it is so thin, it keeps me much more aligned and feels just like a thin soft layer of memory foam on my arms as I sleep. It softens for comfort but then you either get the firmness of your arms underneath it (the way I sleep) or the mattress providing the base if you don't use your arms.” A travel-size version is also available in the listing.


These clever slippers that can be frozen or heated up

These cold therapy slippers can help with a slew of problems, including soreness, arthritis, bursitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. Each soft one is filled with soft gel that can be put in the freezer or microwave depending on the kind of relief you need.


A highly rated handheld massager with a long handle

Pulsing 3,700 times per minute, this handheld massager can work out knots and reduce muscle discomfort. It comes with six different heads and an extended handle so you can target different parts of your body from your neck to your feet. And because it has a 120-minute run time per charge, you can travel without having to bring the charger along.


A pair of waterproof slippers that reviewers say is like walking on clouds

These waterproof slippers can be worn both indoors and out thanks to their durable rubber construction that molds to the shape of your feet. “Imagine what it would feel like to step into a fluffy, airy cloud. [...] I am completely blown away with how comfortable these shoes are! I don’t want to take them off, and they’re so light. [...] They don’t slip around, sturdy up and down the stairs,” wrote one fan.


This multi-angle tablet stand pillow that has several viewing angles

When you want to lounge in bed or on the couch to watch Netflix, this tablet pillow stand will be your new best friend. It has grooves on both sides so that you can adjust the angle of your screen to six different settings. It can also be used to hold a book.


These cotton sateen sheets that come in 40+ colors

With a 400 thread count, these cotton sateen sheets are breathable yet cozy so that they can be used year-round. They’ll wick away moisture and be soft on the skin and they have deep pockets so that they can fit on any mattress up to 16 inches in thickness. They’re available in 44 colors and 9 sizes.


A cooling towel that’s great for workouts, festivals, & hiking

This cooling towel brings down your body temperature by simply running it under water and placing it on your shoulders. Made of sponge-like evaporative material, it absorbs sweat and oil to keep you dry and comfortable while working out, hiking, or at festivals.


A deep-pocket mattress pad that makes any bed cozier

Before you buy a new bed, try adding this mattress pad to the one you already have. It’s filled with plush microfiber that allows for airflow so that you don’t overheat. It fits mattresses up to 21 inches thick and comes in a ton of sizes and even several different colors.


This hypoallergenic comforter with a 4.7-star overall rating

Filled with a fluffy hypoallergenic down alternative, this microfiber comforter is made with box stitching so that the interior doesn’t shift and has four corner loops so that you can easily insert it into a duvet cover. Plus, the soft material resists fading and staining. It comes in 10 colors and three sizes in the listing.


These trim-to-fit gel insoles for shock absorption

By absorbing the shock of each step, these gel insoles reduce the impact on your ankles and support your feet during walking, running, hiking, and more. The insoles can be trimmed to fit and come in two sizes in the listing to fit most feet.


An expandable monitor stand that makes working at a desk more comfortable

With three different width options (the longest of which is nearly 21 inches), this monitor stand can hold any desktop or laptop. It raises your screen over 2 inches so that you have a clear view without hunching. In addition to being able to hold up to 55 pounds, it also has a built-in pen holder, phone holder, and storage drawer underneath. It’s also available in white in the listing.


This durable microfiber blanket for the couch or bed

This fleece blanket is as durable as it is soft and it resists pilling and shedding. It’s available in a throw blanket size for your couch, as well as twin, queen, and king sizes for your bed. Pick it up in any of the 21 color options.


This portable white noise machine that can be powered 2 ways

Because it can be plugged in or run on three AA batteries, this white noise sound machine is easy to take on trips. You’ll be able to relax with its six soothing sounds (including rain, ocean, and more) no matter where you are. It’s simple to control and can be placed on a 30-, 60-, or 120-minute timer.


An absorbent memory foam bath mat that comes in lots of colors & sizes

Underneath its velvety exterior, this bath mat has nearly an inch of plush memory foam that soaks up water fast. Thanks to its nonslip bottom, it stays in place well, too. It’s available in a ton of colors and sizes in the listing to suit any bathroom.


These ergonomic wrist rests with memory foam support

Reduce discomfort and muscle pain with these ergonomic wrist rests. The set comes with a long wrist rest and mouse pad, both of which are filled with memory foam padding. One reviewer wrote, “It's very supportive. [...] The surface area is plenty big enough and it has a memory foam wrist pad that's ergonomically designed.”


This cult-favorite exfoliating shower towel

Made from tightly woven nylon, this exfoliating shower towel creates a rich lather and is long enough to be held with both hands to reach your back. The cloth gently but thoroughly scrubs away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to leave you glowing and feeling super smooth.


An LED light strip to avoid stubbing your toes

At nearly 12 feet long, this LED light strip can be run under the bottom of your bed, allowing you to find your way to the bathroom without using harsh overhead lights or stubbing your toes. The bulbs are motion activated and powered by an electric outlet, so you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries.


An ergonomic neck pillow with a soft velour cover

Whether it’s for a long-haul flight or a lengthy car ride, this neck pillow can give you the support you need. It’s filled with compressed memory foam and a layer of cooling gel. The cover can be unzipped and thrown in the washing machine, and the pillow comes with a travel bag and a sleep mask.


A mug warmer with 3 temperature settings & an extra-long cord

Thanks to its 60-inch power cord, you can use this mug warmer almost anywhere so you never have a cold cup of tea or coffee. It can be set to three different temperature settings and an auto-shutoff feature for safety. It’s available in several colors to blend with any decor.


This fun pool float that reviewers say feels like a hammock

Bring this pool float to the pool or beach; it comes in other fun shapes and features ties to connect several floats together. A repair patch kit is included as well. “Surprisingly this float is made of great quality and substantial size. Feels like you’re in a hammock. Super comfy and easy to deflate,” wrote one reviewer.


This compact desk fan with 15,000+ 5-star reviews

Weighing just 6 ounces and measuring less than five inches wide and tall, this USB-powered personal desk fan is easy to move from room to room or even throw in a bag to use at work. It has three different speed options and a 360-degree tilt rotation.


A fluffy area rug that comes in lots of sizes and colors

This budget-friendly, fluffy area rug comes in 10 sizes and 9 colors to suit any space in your home. It features a thick nonslip backing to stay firmly in place and can be cleaned with a low-power vacuum.


A quiet dehumidifier for small rooms

Able to cover up to 225 square feet, this quiet dehumidifier can help with musty smells, window condensation, and more. It has an automatic shutoff when the tank is full and a light that alerts you when it needs emptying. Plus, weighing just 16 ounces empty, it’s easy to move from room to room.


This massaging silicone foot scrubber that reviewers say feels great

Made with hundreds of bristles, this massaging foot scrubber quickly exfoliates dead skin. It’s equipped with strong suction cups to keep it in place and it can be hung from the cutout at the top to drain. A larger version is also available in the listing. “This scrubber is easy to use, maintain and keep clean, while feeling wonderful, stimulating and cleaning all parts of my feet,” wrote one fan.


A sleek air purifier to trap allergens & smoke

This air purifier can trap everything from pet dander to pollen so that you breathe more freely and sleep more comfortably. It traps allergens, odors, smoke particles, and other contaminants via a three-step filtration system. And because it has a nearly-silent motor, it won’t disrupt you as you work or sleep.


This high-density foam roller for large muscle groups

This foam roller has a firm textured surface with subtle grooves that promote circulation and relieve tension in your muscles and joints. And because it’s longer than most (18 inches, to be exact), you can cover both legs at once. It weighs less than 1 pound, making it easy to bring to the gym for post-workout relief.


An indoor insect trap that will blend in with your decor

It’s hard to relax with a fly in your face (or coffee); this sleek and modern indoor insect trap will blend with your decor and eliminate the problem. It uses an attractive UV light and sticky glue board that works for fruit flies, gnats, mosquitos, and more.


This unscented pack of foot peel masks made with fruit extracts

Getting rid of calluses and painful cracking on your feet isn’t hard using this unscented foot peel mask. It’s made from a blend of fruit acids and extracts that slough away dead skin cells to leave your heels soft in as few as six days. And because they slip on like socks and only need to be worn for one hour, you can continue walking around as you normally would.


A microwavable heating pad with a cozy fleece cover

Ease aches and relax with this neck and shoulder heating pad. It’s filled with clay beads that can be put in the freezer or microwave. The cover can be removed and washed as well.


This extra-long shoe horn that lets you avoid bending over

Protect the backs of your favorite shoes and avoid unnecessary bending by using this 15-inch shoe horn that has earned a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon. Because it’s made of high-quality metal, it’s less likely to snap than plastic versions.


A sunrise alarm clock with lots of personalized settings

This sunrise alarm clock mimics nature’s gentle wake-up call to start your day off on the right foot. It has 20 brightness levels, various color options, and seven natural sounds. Choose between having it start gradually lighting up 10, 20, or 30 minutes before you’d like to be woken.