A Trump-supporting teen tried to dox Cardi B, so she sent a private investigator to his house

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B doesn’t much care what people have to say about her on the internet. But when trolls cross the line and threaten the physical safety of her and her loved ones, they'd better beware. One Trump supporter learned this lesson the hard way, after he attempted to dox Cardi B and subsequently brought the rapper’s wrath down upon his own household.

As Cardi B noted in a recent Instagram Live, her outspoken support for liberal politicians like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made her a target for alt-right trolls. Her hit single celebrating female sexuality and “WAPs” everywhere hasn’t exactly endeared the rapper to conservatives, either.

“They be making fun of me. I ignore them. I don’t give a fuck,” Cardi B explained on Instagram. But when the trolling gets threatening, that’s another story: “Let me tell you something. Shit gets so intense that a Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home, to put my house on fire,” the rapper divulged.

Fortunately, in this instance, Cardi B turned the tables on her online attacker and found him IRL. “I literally hired a private investigator, and serve them with a warrant and arrest this boy. This boy was a fucking teenager. His parents were shook,” she said.

It’s all kind of funny, imagining the whimpering teen and his shocked parents being served papers by one of the most famous and powerful musicians in the world. On the other hand, this incident is indicative of the conservative vitriol Cardi B has put up with lately, as she’s gotten more invested in politics.

Republican commentator Candace Owens recently labeled Cardi B “dumb” and “illiterate.” Last month, another conservative commentator, DeAnna Lorraine, said the world needed less women like Cardi B and more like Melania Trump. The rapper stuck up for herself on Instagram: “It’s not a secret I use my platform to encourage people to vote. I love politics,” Cardi B said.

It’s not in the rapper’s “job description” per se to advocate for Democrats, but her enthusiasm is undoubtedly reaching a whole contingent of potential voters that Joe Biden may not be able to court himself. For that reason, we’re grateful for Cardi B’s extracurricular campaigning. And before anyone tries to dox her again, heed the warning she doled out to that other teen, with the flabbergasted parents, who’s probably now grounded till at least 2024.