Cardi B interviewed Bernie Sanders on Instagram Live and it was better than CNN

Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

We hear there might be an opening at CNN and have the perfect candidate to take over for Chris Cuomo: Cardi B. The rapper and lovably outspoken personality interviewed Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night, broadcasting their chat on Twitter and Instagram Live.

Things started out light. “I want you to take a look at my nails. How’re they doing?” Bernie asked, to which Cardi responded: “They’re looking very quarantine. I can tell you’ve been in quarantine for a while now.”

But the duo quickly pivoted to politics, with Cardi B expressing the dismay she (and many fans) felt when Sanders dropped out of the presidential race last Wednesday. Bernie endorsed Joe Biden on Monday; Elizabeth Warren followed suit just this morning.

"A lot of people like the youth, they don’t rock with Joe Biden, because he’s conservative," Cardi said during her chat with Sanders. "I want you to explain to my platform, why are you endorsing him?"

Sanders replied that he’d vowed to support whichever Democrat prevailed in the race, and Trump is “a bad-news guy that has got to be defeated.” Cardi B endorsed Biden too, pointing out she couldn’t imagine America after another four years with “45” as commander in chief.

The unlikely friendship between a 78-year-old politician and a 27-year-old rapper is really cute. Cardi B called Sanders “Uncle Bernie” when he picked up her FaceTime, waving his hands around like a teen on TikTok.

Cardi is inherently entertaining; she has personality for miles. She’s also smart, outspoken, informed about politics and other real-world issues, and directly in touch with 62.6 million followers on Instagram. Seriously, she’s been DMing with tons of them about their coronavirus hardships and sending fans stimulus checks. Cardi talked about the impact these conversations have had on her psyche in the last few days at the start of her broadcast, before calling Bernie.

Somebody ought to give Cardi B a Sunday morning politics show already. Or hire her at CNN. We could use more levity on TV news these days, when everything is doom and gloom 24/7. Cardi B behind an anchor’s desk, with her day-glo hair, perfectly contoured cheekbones and six-inch-long acrylics is exactly the sort of glitch in the matrix I want to see right now.