Drake thought a pandemic was the perfect time to show off his $100 million mansion

Screenshot by Mic via YouTube

While artists like Frank Ocean have dropped somber, reflective music during the pandemic — heck, last week Lady Gaga postponed her new album, Chromatica, because “it just doesn’t feel right” to release an album in a time of crisis — Drake has gone in an entirely different direction. And it feels pretty tasteless!

The rapper/singer, who fancies himself the king of Toronto, dropped his new single “Toosie Slide” on Friday, April 3, along with a DIY-style video filmed inside his gargantuan, opulent $100 million mansion — where Drake is also riding out coronavirus.

Drake’s new song and its accompanying dance moves are tailor-made for the internet — embarrassingly, self-consciously so. Pitchfork’s review of the track snarked, “Out of boredom, paranoia or desperation, he’s made a song to push a dance designed for TikTok virality.” (It’s kind of working, for the record.)

But that’s not the part that’s so… icky. The whole “Toosie Slide” video is a musical MTV Cribs-style tour of Drake’s massive home — at a time when a lot of his fans aren’t sure if they’ll make rent in the next few months. When JLo posted a video of her family “sheltering” at Alex Rodriguez’s Miami mansion, the internet let out a collective howl. “Time to eat at the rich and post the recipes on TikTok,” was the general sentiment.

Screenshot by Mic via YouTube

That message, evidently, hasn’t permeated the wall of 20-foot security trees that reportedly surround Drake’s house. Guys, he spent $1 million on the trees alone. Nobody has whispered, “People are fed up with elites,” in Drake’s ear as he “dances like Michael Jack-son” amidst his Grammys and Moon Men. Y’all, there’s an Andy Warhol painting of Chairman Mao in his living room, and Sotheby’s sold one of those babies for $47.5 million in 2015.

Drake is so invested in winning on TikTok that he's completely lost touch with reality. Good grief.

Screenshot by Mic via YouTube