Reconstruction of an extinct Dodo bird. (Photo by: David Tipling/Education Images/Universal Images G...
Playing God
ByRhyma Castillo

Scientists think they can “Jurassic Park” the dodo

A genetic engineering startup is working to "de-extinct" the flightless bird, centuries after it disappeared.


This hallucinogen is looking pretty promising for depression treatment

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Health Habits

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Touch Grass

These two lifestyle tweaks might actually keep the doctor (and meds) away

Bringing a cake to share at the party
Like Harry Styles said

Feeling anxious? Try doing something nice for someone else.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Smell Therapy Herbal Treatment

We may finally know why some people with COVID lose their sense of smell

A doctor or scientist in the COVID-19 medical vaccine research and development laboratory holds a sy...
Vaccines FTW

Researchers just made a breakthrough with a skin cancer vaccine

Still image from 'Before the Flood' documentary with Leonardo DiCaprio
Save the Planet

7 documentaries that will fire you up to save the planet

A cow in a field on a sunny day.

5 good news stories about climate change

Telescopes pointed at a star studded sky.

Scientists found two new “super-Earth” planets

Five lanes of cars stuck in a traffic jam

5 good news stories about climate change

Russian COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine and Syringe Concept Image. 3d illustration.

Everything you need to know about the Omicron COVID booster

Surface of Earth planet in deep space

Scientists are going to launch a space balloon to sweep for alien particles

A typical Greenlandic fishing boat in front of the huge icebergs of the  (Ilullisat) Icefjord, Disko...

“Zombie ice” near Greenland is a catastrophe waiting to happen


This Utah coal plant could be the first to convert to hydrogen energy

A variety of magic mushrooms and people who use them.

Magic mushrooms could help you quit drinking, according to a study