Tory Lanez's apology texts to Megan Thee Stallion literally add insult to injury

(Tim Mosenfelder/Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Tory Lanez claimed he was wasted the night he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion twice, hitting her in both feet. Per texts viewed by TMZ, Lanez sent the “Savage” rapper a series of messages roughly 15 hours after the July 12 altercation, while Megan was still in the hospital being treated for her injuries. Lanez asked for her forgiveness and gave a flimsy explanation for his actions. "I know u prolly never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want u to know I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote, adding, “I was just too drunk.”

It’s clear from the messages something went down that Lanez regretted. But the rapper never referenced the alleged shooting or a gun, their interactions with the police, or Megan’s injuries. “None the less shit should have never happened and I can’t change what did,” Lanez texted. “I just feel horrible. Cuz I genuinely just got too drunk.”

It’s important to note this isn’t a new development in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting story, per se — TMZ just got their hands on his old texts. Lanez hasn’t publicly spoken about the alleged assault, even after Meg took to Instagram Live to name him as her attacker on August 20. The only thing Lanez clapped back about was the significant hit his career has taken since then, as reported by Forbes. The rapper inexplicably DMed HotNewHipHop last week to refute claims that his streams have dropped a whopping 40 percent since late August. “Lmao that’s such a lie. 40% where?!!” Lanez wrote, then appended, “I have twenty-seven million monthly listeners on Spotify currently.”

If worrying about his streaming numbers is a halfway accurate indication of where Lanez’s mind is at these days, that’s troubling. The Los Angeles D.A.’s office is reportedly considering charging him with assault for his role in the July 12 shooting. It’s unclear how Megan’s August 20 accusation or the texts obtained by TMZ could impact that investigation. One satisfying detail reported by the tabloid: Megan never responded to Lanez’s “sorry” texts.