William E. Ketchum III

William E. Ketchum III is the Senior Culture Editor at Mic, where he oversees coverage that interrogates how arts, entertainment, celebrity, and Internet culture interact with the real world. That goes from analyzing how the latest album or film lands in context of nationwide protests, asking why YouTubers are risking their lives for views, to making sense of how memes are becoming wallet-busting NFTs. His nearly 20-year career began while he was studying journalism at Michigan State University. Since then, he has built his foundation on thoughtful, expert analysis of hip-hop, while also covering TV, film, tech, and social justice. His work has been published in Vulture, GQ, Complex, Billboard, Guardian, Ebony, and more. He has also provided commentary on NPR and BBC radio, and has worked directly with record companies to tell their artists' stories. He was most recently deputy editor at VIBE, but has also had roles at Okayplayer and Revolt TV. When William isn’t working, he’s losing his voice while cheering on NBA basketball, losing track of time while diving into podcasts and YouTube rabbitholes, struggling to catch his breath while laughing at comedy specials, and grimacing at his bank account after buying games for his Nintendo Switch. You can follow William E. Ketchum III on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at @WEKetchum.