This Sexist Tinder Creep Just Became the Poster Boy for Male Entitlement


It doesn't matter if a man is as rich as Donald Trump or as broke as MC Hammer — when a woman says no, it means no. 

And yet, even in 2014, some would-be male suitors desperately cling to the idea that women only exist as on-demand sexual objects who should automatically respond to their wealth, status and good looks. That's after a woman makes it abundantly clear that what she actually wants is for him to leave her alone.

For proof, look no further than these Tinder messages, posted online by a woman who got fed up with the unwanted advances of an apparently entitled, rich, white financier from Atlanta who thinks the world revolves around his net worth, "good looks" and so-called "man meat."

The jerk in question, a man identified only as Tom in the screenshots, begins by asking the unidentified woman about her evening plans. He wants to cook together, but the meal du jour doesn't sound very appetizing: "You can put my meat in your mouth."

Not surprisingly, the woman asks this amateur chef to stop messaging her, which is when poor Tom acts like a sexist manchild and throws what can only be described as a tantrum with a healthy dose of harassment.

Here you have a woman who politely yet firmly makes it clear that she no longer wants to communicate with Tom, nor does she care for any of his sexual advances. But Tom feels as though she is being "rude" and tells her to "apologize" for daring to assert her autonomy in the situation. This is a woman in control of her body and she knows it. That threatens the entitlement and misogyny that men everywhere like Tom have been programmed to believe is OK. It's not.

Even when she assures him, again politely, that it isn't disrespect, she just no longer wants to talk to him, Tom begins verbally assaulting her, claiming that she should "know her place in the dating game." This place, in Tom's world, is down somewhere near his feet.

If that weren't enough, Tom also tries to use his allegedly vast earning power to shame and belittle her, despite the fact that American women still don't get equal pay for equal work

Proving he's as adept at body-shaming as he is at classism, Tom also begins taking photos from the woman's Facebook profile to poke fun at her "second chin." He writes that she looks like an "alien" because her "eyes are too far apart" in one of her photos. It's the same logic that justifies the beauty and fashion industry's rampant problem with Photoshopping women's natural bodies into reinforcing unrealistic body image standards, such as thigh gaps and skin lightening

Oh, and did we mention that he's a tad bit racist

While this is clearly an extreme case, these types of attitudes are more pervasive than one might think. Indeed, Tom represents thousands upon thousands of men who believe they're entitled to women's bodies, whether it's for a dinner, a date or even sex, a logic that lies at the very foundation of rape culture. Even self-identified "good" guys like Cee-Lo Green don't seem to get it.

It's not about women thinking that they're too high and mighty to accept the unwanted advances of men who are interested in them. It's about misogynist, sexist and entitled men — men like Tom — who just don't know how to take "no" for an answer

Image Credit (all): Imgur

h/t Jezebel via Cooper Fleishman