Megan Thee Stallion made a compelling case for strict boundaries

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It's thrilling to see Tina Snow thriving! Megan Thee Stallion covers the new issue of Essence, talking her forthcoming album, balancing music and college, and generally giving fans an update on how she's doing these days. In portraits shot by Chrisean Rose, she's an icy blonde lady of leisure, dripping in diamonds and showing off that body-ody-ody against the background of a luxe estate.

Meg has bounced back in a major way, after taking a well-deserved break this spring. She graced us with "Thot Shit" in June, and there's more new music coming soon — though she's keeping details on the DL to guard against leaked tracks and the like. "I feel like [my new album] will be aggressive," she told Essence. "I feel like this project is definitely something very well thought out. This project is me talking my sh–, getting back comfortable with myself, getting back to the Megan that was on the come-up."

Considering the roller coaster of triumphs and tribulations she's experienced in recent years, it's great to hear Meg is feeling good and checking in with herself. The fact that she's channelling her bad bitch alter ego, Tina Snow, while doing so adds an empowering extra layer. For those unaware, Meg has described her Tina Snow persona as "the side of me that’s a little more gangster — she’s just foot down, fuck y’all."

Aside from concerts and press and new music (oh my!), Meg is slated to graduate from college this fall, with a degree in health administration from Texas Southern University. She plans to open an elder care facility. "I can't wait to get with my classmates and put everyone to work helping our grandparents," she told E! News. Thee Stallion seems like she has limitless energy. She told Essence the desire to level-up motivates her: "Every time I make a move, I’m like, 'Okay, how can we be better than Megan last month? How can we be better than Megan last year?'"

Part of the equation is setting boundaries for self preservation. "There are probably approximately four people around me on a daily basis. I don’t see a lot of people, I don’t talk to a lot of people, because I feel like it’s not good for me," Meg told Essence. "I figured out that my personal space is what keeps me balanced and it’s what keeps me centered." Just like how Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles opted out of harmful situations regardless of expectations, Megan Thee Stallion is a role model for putting herself first. All she really owes her fans is music, anyhow, and she's certainly delivering.