The best stuff to watch with your friends on Netflix Party

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Keep an eye out for these movie recs

Keep an eye out for these movie recs

Keep an eye out for these movie recs

Keep an eye out for these movie recs

Andrew Garfield sees grief as a beautiful thing

The actor spoke about his late mother and how he sang her “unfinished song” in his new movie ‘Tick, Tick... Boom.’

The rumors are true: Keanu Reeves is exactly as great as you thought

A new cover story confirms the actor is the only good man.

The Harry Potter cast is going back to Hogwarts, without J.K. Rowling

A new special will reunite the cast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic franchise's first film.

How James Corden sang his way out of America's hearts

The petition to keep him out of ‘Wicked’ is just the latest sign that people are tired.

Dwayne Johnson vows to never use real guns on set again

Hopefully more studios will do the same after the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins.

The good Reverend Cardi B offered to officiate Kal Penn's wedding

We would like an invite, please.

Halle Berry's all-woman 'Bruised' soundtrack is inclusive feminism in action

Stories by and for women deserve to have music that matches.

Buckle up for six months of Lady Gaga being extra

She has already revealed that she is a combat journalist who spoke in a Russian accent for nine months.

Tucker Carlson’s new Jan. 6 documentary looks utterly unhinged

If you’re wondering whether the words “false flag” come up, the answer is yes.

The new 'Toy Story' spinoff looks a lot like another movie about stars and wars

The new Buzz Lightyear vehicle looks stunning, but also like another cynical franchise builder.

The 'Tiger King 2' trailer teases more unnecessary mayhem

Netflix is about to shove more Joe Exotic down our throats whether we like it or not.

No one actually knows what the hell is happening in ‘Dune’

But these memes might provide a bit of clarity.

Netflix's CEO made his priority clear — and it's not trans lives

Ted Sarandos said that Netflix believes “content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.” But he's forgetting about one thing.

Hollywood’s next big drama might be its own labor fight

One of the largest entertainment unions has authorized a strike as early as next week if contract negotiations fail.

Kumail Nanjiani and the complexities of male body image in Hollywood

The fitness journey of the comedian turned action star says a lot about body image in Hollywood.

Monica Lewinsky is the activist we don’t deserve, but desperately need

Once tabloid fodder, she has reemerged a powerful force for good.

What's hot in TV

What's hot in TV

What's hot in TV

What's hot in TV

The ‘Fresh Prince’ remake risks tarnishing what the show always had

"Bel-Air," a so-called dramatic retelling of the classic sitcom, is a pointless exercise in recreating what was already a moving show.

‘Succession’ destroys democracy with a power orgy

The 1% selects the next president by fucking each other over.

‘Pam & Tommy’ asks us to reconsider one of the most infamous scandals of the ‘90s

The show will continue the TV trend of reexamining how the ‘90s treated women.

With U.S. troops now withdrawn from Afghanistan, conservatives have found a new theater of war to obsess over.

10 Hanukkah TV specials that pair perfectly with latkes and jelly donuts

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these classic TV episodes, including ‘A Rugrats Chanukah’ and SNL’s Hanukkah Harry.

RZA on the sacred art of protecting Black stories

RZA shares how he uses television, film, and strategy to preserve the legacies of himself and the Wu-Tang Clan.

‘Love Life’ is reinventing the romcom for a new generation

The show understands that old romance norms have evolved.

How James Corden sang his way out of America's hearts

The petition to keep him out of ‘Wicked’ is just the latest sign that people are tired.

Can 'Squid Game' Season 2 replicate the addictive quality of Season 1?

The creator has been left with "no choice" but to continue working on the show

On ‘Succession,’ everything is for sale, even family

Last night’s episode proves The Roys will put a price tag on anything.

‘The Righteous Gemstones’ take corporate christianity to new heights in season 2 trailer

Everyone wants to know WWTGD.

‘Insecure’ reminds us of the existential dread of a dating profile

Why this week's episode of 'Insecure' triggered the serially single among us

There are some pretty important things going on at the office today, but Mitt Romney did some Ted Lasso cosplay instead.

10 new shows that will get you through another winter

It’s time to hunker down.

The ‘Squid Game’ creator better be getting paid out the ass for season 2

Despite the show generating roughly $900 million for Netflix, Hwang Dong-hyuk says he’s still “not that rich.”

Emmett Till's mother was more than her grief — she was a world changer

ABC’s Women of the Movement series will tell the story of the mother of the Civil Rights Movement