Rhyma Castillo

Rhyma Castillo is a freelance news, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment reporter who is passionate about advocating for underserved communities throughout the United States. She’s covered issues in politics, immigration, environmental racism, climate change, gun violence, and more.

After graduating with an English degree from Texas A&M University, Rhyma has worked as a technical writer and test author at Educational Testing Service (ETS), a copywriter for Mightier Content, and as a Creative Operations Specialist at GoDaddy. She also has bylines as a freelancer at Mic and the San Antonio Current, where her reporting on news, politics, tech, and entertainment has been widely circulated.

Rhyma likes to keep herself busy in her free time, if only to avoid the constant feeling of existential dread (yes, she's a Virgo). She enjoys painting, drawing, cooking, hiking, climbing, gardening, playing video games, cuddling with her cat, and making music under her stage name, 0ohMamii. You can send her an email at RhymaCastillo@gmail.com, or find her on Instagram at @0ohmamii.


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