The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

Do I need to take care of my aging parents if they didn't take care of me?

For queer folks — or anyone who has a fraught relationship with their parents — the answer is complicated.

Conservatives are already leaning on conspiracy theories to explain the Illinois parade shooting

Police don’t know why a gunman killed six and injured dozens more at a July 4 parade — but the tinfoil hat brigade has some ideas.

How did being “cunty” become cool in the queer community?

There’s a fine line between “throwing shade” and verbal abuse.

The pandemic changed our perception of time, according to a new study

A psychological phenomenon called time expansion made the days feel never ending.

Stop calling reality TV a “guilty pleasure”

Binge-watching Real Housewives can be good for you, actually.

Why is this allegedly sentient chatbot making me so emotional?

A psychologist explains why our response to Google's existential AI bot says more about us than it does about AI.

Can the vagus nerve help us cope with trauma?

Stimulating this complex nerve can be key to healing. Experts explain how.

How to tell if group therapy is right for you

Getting vulnerable with strangers may seem scary, but it’s less intimidating than you may assume.

"Good vibes only" just might save your life

It turns out anxiety and existential dread are not the key to longevity, per a new study.

The expert’s guide to sleeping on a plane

Tips straight from a doctor.

What does a healthy relationship with our past look like?

On her podcast, Laura Leigh Abby shares how she finally moved past her past. Here's how you can, too.

Your most deranged dreams could be making you more creative, according to science

Even when we think we’re totally unconscious, our brains are hard at work.

Ashley Judd confirms that Naomi Judd died by suicide

The singer discussed her mother’s struggle with mental illness in a new interview.

Do I have post-pandemic PTSD?

Some of us are more scarred than others. But what's the difference between fear and an actual disorder?

Selma Blair gets candid about childhood alcoholism, abuse, and her MS diagnosis in a new memoir

“I had so much shame and blame. I'm grateful I felt safe enough to put it on the page," she told People.

"Dopamine dressing" is our new post-pandemic salve

The emotional impact of color, according to science.

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

You might literally sniff out the people you like, according to science

Turns out we’re not so different from dogs.

It's time to normalize solo polyamory

Having relationships and being single don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

A new Tennessee bill would eliminate age requirements for hetero marriages

Um, yikes?

This money habit could make you happier in your relationship

It led to “higher levels of satisfaction, harmony and commitment,” according to new research.

An absolute beginner's guide to BDSM

Curious about BDSM? Start with these expert tips on safely incorporating it into your relationship.

Pegging for beginners: A comprehensive guide

Sex experts share tips, clear up misconceptions, and get you ready for a hole new world.

The weird heartbreak of being ghosted by an ex

Am I not even worth a friendship?

The complexity of having (or being) a platonic sugar daddy

Does it matter if one friend constantly foots the bill?

The best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends

Screw heart-shaped chocolate boxes. They deserve the good stuff.

Can Grindr become more than "just a hookup app"?

The pandemic inarguably transformed the way the community uses the platform.

Should friends go to therapy together?

Couples go to therapy. Why can’t close platonic relationships be treated with the same care?

The emotional rollercoaster of passing as cis-het

I do sometimes enjoy the perks of cis-het privilege, but I don’t actually want to pay the price of passing for straight or female.

How to be considerate of your very offline partner

Remember consent? It's a thing on social media too.

‘Love Life’ is reinventing the romcom for a new generation

The show understands that old romance norms have evolved.

“We’re totally doing it!”

Kristen Stewart just got engaged to her screenwriting girlfriend, Dylan Meyers

Did the pandemic kill the big wedding?

After a year of freedom from expensive weddings, many guests are now saying “no”.

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

A procrastinator’s guide to filing your taxes (late)

April 18 doesn't have to be scary.


Slacker’s Syllabus: Ethical Investing

Slacker’s Syllabus: Retirement planning for millennials and Gen Z

What your boss really thinks about the possibility of WFH forever

There is a good billionaire now

Wanting to start a family motivated us to pay off $126K in a year

My $65K in debt actually helped me live better — and I paid it off in 5 years

A “life audit” helped me pay off nearly 70k in loans

A young person's guide to post-pandemic spending and saving

A newbie's guide to filing your taxes

It's rough out there for BIPOC entrepreneurs. Here are 8 ways to fund your business

I paid down 50K in student debt. Here's how I pulled it off

A financial expert's guide to paying off bills that piled up during the pandemic

Of course the GameStop movie is already happening

AOC talking GameStop stonks on Twitch is peak 2021

What the hell is going on with GameStop and Wall Street?