The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

The "Adulting" Handbook

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

For your wellbeing

13 gifts for anyone living with anxiety


Will Smith is forgiving himself for “being human,” eight months after The Slap

"Hurt people hurt people."

What we can learn from that cringey Girl Meets World autism clip

An old scene from the Boy Meets World spinoff is going viral on TikTok.

What's the "right" way to discuss eating disorders?

The controversy around Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" music video missed the point.

Former Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas says Nickelodeon hasn’t apologized to her

She's been speaking out about her experiences as a child actor.

Disney has its first plus-size protagonist — but it's bittersweet

Not everyone is thrilled about 'Reflect,' Disney's new short animated film.

Jonah Hill's new movie takes you inside his therapy sessions

Watch the star with his therapist in the Stutz trailer.

The beautiful complexity of being Asian Latino

“You have this whole other culture that’s a part of you. It’s an elite club where so few of us exist.”

Young people are using drugs as escapism more than ever before

A new report suggests the kids aren’t alright.

Paris Hilton says she was sexually abused at a “troubled teen” boarding school

The star and several other survivors opened up about their experiences in a new report.

Watch Selena Gomez talk candidly about her mental health in an emotional new video

The Only Murders in the Building star released the trailer for her upcoming documentary, My Mind & Me.

Your job's benefits policy could actually kill you

A new study suggests that not having paid sick time results in increased mortality.

Why you should get to know your “shadow” self

Experts explain how confronting your darkest impulses can help you grow as a person.

Why young people of color are getting the hell out of the U.S.

“Something clicked for plenty of Black Americans like myself. We asked ourselves, ‘What are we actually doing here?’”

Magic mushrooms could help you quit drinking, according to a study

What can’t shrooms do?

Teens on TikTok are fighting fatphobia one video at a time

Gen Zers turned a body-shaming trend on its head.

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

Develop a good relationship

Does getting married really help you financially?

Experts explain the financial perks of marriage versus singledom.

Will I lose my friends if I don’t have kids?

Plus: Am I really ready to abandon the life I built? And, how do I overcome resenting my friend?

Mimi Zhu’s Be Not Afraid of Love is a love letter to their queer community

Zhu penned their debut book after surviving an abusive relationship — and relearning how to love.

Swiping left on this one.

Will mixing sex with work ruin my career?

Mic’s tarot expert, Khalila Douze, takes to the cards to answer.

What it's like to date with HIV

“I'm still worthy, and I can respect myself while also respecting others.”

Psychedelics gave me the courage to take charge of my romantic life

I made a major relationship decision while on shrooms, and I’d do it again.

You might literally sniff out the people you like, according to science

Turns out we’re not so different from dogs.

It's time to normalize solo polyamory

Having relationships and being single don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

A new Tennessee bill would eliminate age requirements for hetero marriages

Um, yikes?

This money habit could make you happier in your relationship

It led to “higher levels of satisfaction, harmony and commitment,” according to new research.

An absolute beginner's guide to BDSM

Curious about BDSM? Start with these expert tips on safely incorporating it into your relationship.

Pegging for beginners: A comprehensive guide

Sex experts share tips, clear up misconceptions, and get you ready for a hole new world.

The weird heartbreak of being ghosted by an ex

Am I not even worth a friendship?

The complexity of having (or being) a platonic sugar daddy

Does it matter if one friend constantly foots the bill?

The best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends

Screw heart-shaped chocolate boxes. They deserve the good stuff.

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

Get your finances in check

A procrastinator’s guide to filing your taxes (late)

April 18 doesn't have to be scary.


Slacker’s Syllabus: Ethical Investing

Slacker’s Syllabus: Retirement planning for millennials and Gen Z

What your boss really thinks about the possibility of WFH forever

There is a good billionaire now

Wanting to start a family motivated us to pay off $126K in a year

My $65K in debt actually helped me live better — and I paid it off in 5 years

A “life audit” helped me pay off nearly 70k in loans

A young person's guide to post-pandemic spending and saving

A newbie's guide to filing your taxes

It's rough out there for BIPOC entrepreneurs. Here are 8 ways to fund your business

I paid down 50K in student debt. Here's how I pulled it off

A financial expert's guide to paying off bills that piled up during the pandemic

Of course the GameStop movie is already happening

AOC talking GameStop stonks on Twitch is peak 2021

What the hell is going on with GameStop and Wall Street?