Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford attend the 11th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala at Los Angeles Count...
Reading the Room
ByKhalila Douze

How do I deal with judgment over my relationship age gap?

What to do when everyone has an opinion on your love life.

Credit where it's due
ByIan Kumamoto

Immigrant families have been doing TikTok's 'hot girl walk' for ages

It’s not just a stress-relieving health hack, it’s a staple of immigrant family connection.

Love and Business
ByGrace Gavilanes

These queer Latina business owners went from Etsy to Target in seven years

The married duo behind those viral “Latina power” shirts share their No. 1 piece of advice for success in a white, cis, male-dominated world.

Awards Season
ByGrace Gavilanes

The highs and lows of the 2023 Oscar nominations

Michelle Yeoh makes history, Rihanna’s on the EGOT trail, but the Academy still took one big step backward.

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

June Diane Raphael is proving celebrity activism doesn’t have to be cringey

The Grace and Frankie star talked to Mic about pro-vaccine thirst traps, building sacred spaces, and her love of “messy women.”

"You always want to try to make things better”: Bianca Belair is bringing Black pride to the WWE

The wrestling entertainment company has a history of bigotry, but Belair — and her ponytail Destiny — are set on changing perceptions.

Yvonne Orji isn’t slowing down after ‘Insecure’

The comedian and actress is following up her role on the iconic series with new specials and platforming other African talent.

Perfume Genius has always been the king of queer pop

For nearly a decade, Mike Hadreas has been unapologetically himself during an era of LGBTQ progress.

Kendrick Sampson is just as skeptical about celebrity activists as you are

The Insecure actor isn't ready to rest.

Natasha Rothwell is punching up

The writer, actor, director, and comedian wants to use comedy as a force for good.

Davido used his celebrity to give Nigeria hope

When his song became the anthem of the #ENDSars movement, the artist didn't back down from the political moment.

Honk if you won’t hate crime Jenny Yang!

The labor organizer turned standup comedian is here to destroy “fried-rice comedy” once and for all.

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Earth to Humans 🌍

Earth to Humans 🌍

Earth to Humans 🌍

Earth to Humans 🌍

The Inflation Reduction Act is officially in effect. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

With millions of dollars in financial incentives, Biden's landmark bill is actually a pretty sweet deal.

Why these brands are skipping Black Friday

Some things are more important than sales.

7 documentaries that will fire you up to save the planet

The planet is burning, but these films will help you find purpose in action.

In what world is Kourtney Kardashian the face of sustainable living?

Kardashian was just named “sustainability advisor” for fast fashion brand Boohoo, and the move stinks of greenwashing.

5 good news stories about climate change

It’s giving optimism.

Kim Kardashian’s “realistic” approach to climate change isn’t enough

The mogul's response to how she's reacting to global warming is emblematic of the clueless liberal posturing of the uber wealthy.

The hottest September day on Earth was just recorded in Death Valley

California’s brutal heat wave led to unthinkable temperatures in the desert valley.

5 good news stories about climate change

It’s giving optimism.

A terrifying hailstorm left devastation across drought-dry Spain

“The hail only fell for 10 minutes, but it was 10 minutes of terror.”

California’s power grid could have a major meltdown this week

Ahead of expected scorching temperatures, the state’s grid operator warned that things might go dark.

We need to end the TikTok “Keep or Return” trend

Please, for the love of the planet, just stop.

“Zombie ice” near Greenland is a catastrophe waiting to happen

The giant ice sheets are doomed to melt — bringing with them devastating sea level rise.

Relic Watch: A running list of stuff exposed by our drying bodies of water

Nazi war ships, Buddhist statues, human remains ... what else will worldwide droughts reveal?

The monsoon destruction in Pakistan right now is climate inequality laid bare

Industrialized nations have led the warming of our planet. But developing ones will pay the price.

5 good news stories about climate change

It’s giving optimism.

This Utah coal plant could be the first to convert to hydrogen energy

Here’s how rural Utahns and the L.A. government teamed up to bring a coal plant into the future.

ByCaroline Goldstein

Shop tennis champ Sloane Stephens' go-to gear for on & off the court

FP Movement just announced an epic partnership with the Grand Slam champion.

Police Brutality

The Tyre Nichols footage will soon be everywhere. Here's how to mentally prepare.

Self Love

Sam Smith recalled being spat at on the street after coming out as nonbinary

Get cooked

This popular TikTok chef left his prosecutor job after old, racist tweets resurfaced


This hallucinogen is looking pretty promising for depression treatment

Immigrants did it first

Immigrant families have been doing the TikTok-famous 'hot girl walk' for ages

Sky Daddy Blues

Pope Francis called anti-gay laws "unjust" — but don't celebrate just yet

Health Habits

These activities may boost your memory and brain function

Not Punk

Paramore's Hayley Williams called out NOFX singer Fat Mike for being a total creep (allegedly)

Awards Season

The highs and lows of the 2023 Oscar nominations

Reading the Room

How do I deal with judgment over my relationship age gap?

Free the Nipple

Meta might actually let you Free the Nipple


Rust will reportedly finish filming amid Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges

Stop AAPI Hate

How to help the Monterey Park, California AAPI community right now


These clever, cheap things cut so many of your annoying everyday problems in half

Way better than Sea World

Dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River, and it’s a good thing