Throwing Shade
ByIan Kumamoto

How did being “cunty” become cool in the queer community?

There’s a fine line between "throwing shade" and verbal abuse.

ByNiki McGloster

The “King of Reality TV” Carlos King is coming for the late-night crown

The veteran producer behind The Real Housewives franchise discusses launching his own reality TV empire and being the first openly gay Black man to host a late-night show.

People in Los Angeles protest the Supreme Court's decision to overturn 'Roe v. Wade' on June 27, 202...
ByVanessa Taylor

Where is the post-Roe outrage?

It might feel like there’s a lack of protests after the Supreme Court’s decision, but immediate outrage is only a match for a much larger blaze.

Young redhead girl with freckles looking at her smartphone on the sofa in her living room, relaxed, ...
ByAJ Dellinger

How to hide your abortion

With abortion now a crime in several states, it’s essential you keep your data and communications out of the wrong hands.

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

June Diane Raphael is proving celebrity activism doesn’t have to be cringey

The Grace and Frankie star talked to Mic about pro-vaccine thirst traps, building sacred spaces, and her love of “messy women.”

"You always want to try to make things better”: Bianca Belair is bringing Black pride to the WWE

The wrestling entertainment company has a history of bigotry, but Belair — and her ponytail Destiny — are set on changing perceptions.

Yvonne Orji isn’t slowing down after ‘Insecure’

The comedian and actress is following up her role on the iconic series with new specials and platforming other African talent.

Perfume Genius has always been the king of queer pop

For nearly a decade, Mike Hadreas has been unapologetically himself during an era of LGBTQ progress.

Kendrick Sampson is just as skeptical about celebrity activists as you are

The Insecure actor isn't ready to rest.

Natasha Rothwell is punching up

The writer, actor, director, and comedian wants to use comedy as a force for good.

Davido used his celebrity to give Nigeria hope

When his song became the anthem of the #ENDSars movement, the artist didn't back down from the political moment.

Honk if you won’t hate crime Jenny Yang!

The labor organizer turned standup comedian is here to destroy “fried-rice comedy” once and for all.

Music Reviews

Music Reviews

Music Reviews

Music Reviews

Honestly, Nevermind is the best record Drake has ever made

The Canadian artist’s seventh album eschews celebrity gossip for engrossing dance music.

On his new album, Post Malone proves yet again he has nothing to say

On ‘Twelve Carat Toothache,’ Malone continues to conflate a superficial darkness with depth.

On The Eminem Show, the rapper sharply skewered society — but lost sight of himself

The album that closed the first stage of Eminem’s career was fueled by his steadily fraying personal life.

On Hypnos, Ravyn Lenae grapples with sex and commitment

The prodigious singer’s debut is an enchanting, coming-of-age quest into womanhood.

On Harry’s House, Styles struggles to outrun his influences

The singer’s third album is at its most compelling when the stakes are lowest.

On Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, Kendrick Lamar begs you to put your phone down

The Compton rapper’s fifth album is a rumination on technology and trauma.

20 years ago, Cam'ron came home

Come Home With Me was the moment that everything came together for Cam — and rap changed forever as a result.

Ella Mai is trying to inject the romance back into R&B

Four years later, the singer proves she's retained the optimism of her doe-eyed debut.

Jack Harlow’s new album is painfully indistinct

The Louisville rapper’s second album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, is a hollow Drake imitation.

Kehlani seeks renewal in blue water road

The artist is beloved for confessional lyrics, but their third studio album asks listeners to put the pieces together instead.

Future is at his best when he’s experimental and unpredictable

Future’s ‘I Never Liked You’ is an uneven installment in a steady catalog.

Ralfy the Plug’s Skateboard P is cryptic but defiant

Even after his brother Drakeo the Ruler’s death, Ralfy continues to hone his singular style.

On Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry, refinement is the name of the game

Pusha T calls on Kanye and Pharrell to double down on what he does best.

On Pluto, Future proved to be one of the most transformative artists of his generation

Ten years later, it’s clear that Future has delivered on the promise of his studio debut.

Syd trades bravado for vulnerability on Broken Hearts Club

On her sophomore album, the artist finds euphoria despite being in the thick of a breakup.

Vince Staples finds quiet, meditative brilliance on Ramona Park Broke My Heart

The rapper’s second album in eight months successfully continues a slow shift in tone from the start of his career.

Slacker’s Syllabus

Slacker’s Syllabus

Slacker’s Syllabus

Slacker’s Syllabus

What we know about Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia

The WNBA superstar was stopped at a Moscow-area airport in February. Details are sparse.

Slacker’s Syllabus: Trigger Laws

Slacker’s Syllabus: Asthma Alley

Slacker’s Syllabus: Predictive Policing

Slacker’s Syllabus: The Great Replacement Theory

Slacker’s Syllabus: Harm Reduction

Slacker’s Syllabus: Alexei Navalny

Slacker’s Syllabus: E-carceration

Slacker’s Syllabus: Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Slacker’s Syllabus: NATO

Slacker’s Syllabus: Misinformation and Disinformation

Slacker’s Syllabus: Ketanji Brown Jackson

Slacker’s Syllabus: How vaping can impact your health

Slacker’s Syllabus: Delta-8-THC

Slacker’s Syllabus: The Russia-Ukraine conflict

Slacker’s Syllabus: Inflation

Nothing But The Hits

Nothing But The Hits

Nothing But The Hits

Nothing But The Hits

Who gets to tell Emmett Till's story?

Students are protesting an opera they claim centers white guilt. The show’s creators completely disagree.

Why so many people have the exact same drug trip

I thought I was the only one who transformed into Mary Magdalene while high.

Athletes are the future of the labor movement

We’re not used to seeing athletes as workers. That’s quickly changing.

How weather became the next big media battleground

In an era of non-stop climate calamity, media outlets are making a grab for viewer attention.

The world is on fire, and all I want to do is sit on a log and look at birds

With everything around me spiraling, somehow these little singing dinosaurs bring me peace.

Inside the TikTok trend shaming corporations for destroying perfectly good stuff

Welcome to Marsai Martin’s universe

As the final season of Black-ish airs, Martin sets her sights on shaping a new world for the next generation.

In defense of Disney adults

Disney World somehow allowed immigrants and other non-white Americans the room to dream in a society that robs them of that luxury.

Inside the rise of human composting and other green burial practices

The quest to save the planet doesn’t end when your life does.

Distributed Denial of Secrets is picking up where WikiLeaks left off

They say they’re a “newer generation” of the infamous leak site — and they’ve got the work to prove it.

The future of the Black rodeo

“There were always Black cowboys.”

Stop using the term ‘oriental’ to sell perfume

It’s a racist, outdated term, but some of fashion’s biggest brands are still using it to sell fragrances.

Classism and the politics of “making it” on Black Twitter

From hustle culture to $200 dates, Black Twitter's most divisive debates boil down to class disparity.

Inside the push to study sex in space

NASA is weirdly prudish when it comes to doin’ it in the final frontier. These researchers want to change that.

“I can’t f**king believe the president did this! What a s**thead!”

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How to pass as rich

It’s easier than it seems and it definitely pays off.

RZA on the sacred art of protecting Black stories

RZA shares how he uses television, film, and strategy to preserve the legacies of himself and the Wu-Tang Clan.

What would a meat-free world look like?

Spending guilt is real for BIPOC — even if we've got money

Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ is a vulnerable guidebook on self-acceptance

How to keep people's attention in a meeting, according to kindergarten teachers


The number of U.S. residents who speak English "less than very well."

Source: Census Bureau

The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood

When the pandemic ends, youth will undoubtedly be permanently changed by it, but it doesn't necessarily have to be for the worse.

Prince's 'Diamonds and Pearls' laid a daring blueprint for Black musicians

Amazon Prime Day Sale
ByBDG Commerce

Amazon sneakily released early Prime Day deals: here's what you don't want to miss

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


Garcelle Beauvais has a storied Hollywood career — but it's never been this personal


Mitch McConnell, master of undermining the rule of law, thinks Biden “undermines the rule of law”


Donald Trump Jr. really wants Jane Fonda to be more accurate with her vagina metaphors

Paid in Full

How talking about money helped me pay off $137K in loans

Throwing Shade

How did being “cunty” become cool in the queer community?


A Black detainee was paralyzed after hitting his head in a police van


Biden boldly comes out for the bare minimum to protect abortion rights

A small good thing

These videos of people power-cleaning old grime will also clean your mind


The Supreme Court just stripped the EPA of its ability to regulate emissions

Abortion is Healthcare

How to ask for abortion assistance at work


Dems want to make airlines pay up for canceled flights


R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison


A Trump appointee wants to ban TikTok


Danny Brown says he was sexually assaulted by the rapper Ninja


The pandemic changed our perception of time, according to a new study